Leeds Half Marathon

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13/05/2007 at 14:14
Just did this and compared to Reading, a bit of a killer in my opinion.

I'm guessing some people will find the "hills" flat, but compared to what I'm used to, and in the first half of the course, some were a bit of a bugger to say the least - half killed me before the 5 mile point. Nice coming down from them but there always seemed to be another one :(

Were there supposed to be sports drinks? All I saw were plastic cups, bottoles and sponges - the plastic cups were a nightmare to drink from. Took one at the second water station and immediately managed to spill half of it before I got a drop. The sponges were rather useful as I was warmer than normal and it didn't help matters.
Seemed to be some bigger gaps between some water stations too.

Shoes laces somehow opened twice even though they were treble knotted and had to, for the first time ever on a run, make a toilet stop at those porta-loos around the 9-10 miles mark.....more time wasted.

Saw one woman who look like she had hurt her hip being help, and another man around the 11 mile point who collapsed further in front of me even though he was already being help on the ground.

Plenty of support along the route, especially the last miles or so to the finish.
Wasn't overly keen on having cars going past you on a lot of the roads and some bits were narrowed by traffic cones. Liked the signs about the uneven surface - just the sort of pavements I run on in a few areas of my normal routes!

At least it stayed dry although a breeze would have helped.

Hardest part I found was the slight uphill finish - just didn't have anything left in my legs to get any real speed up so ended up finishing (chip time) in just over 1h49 - did 1h44:24 at Reading so nearly 5 mins slower.
Then again, the hills took it out of me, reasonably warm and I've hardly ran at all for the last 3 weeks due to calf problems (4 mile run on Thursday was the longest since around the 24th April) - obviously lost some fitness even with cross training :(

Now the goody bag - looked in it and though "ok where are they?" - either I got a dodgy one or there's just the t-shirt and a plastic wrapped medal in there. Would have like the medal to be handed out like at Reading - gives more of a sense of achievement.

Nice event overall, although could do with a little bit of polishing in places.
13/05/2007 at 14:15
Added: Did have a look around for people wearing green ribbins before and after the race but saw no-one.....

Nice to see Jimmy Saville there on stage.
13/05/2007 at 15:08
...not sure about the jimmy saville bit...

13/05/2007 at 16:01
now then now,
how's about that then?
13/05/2007 at 16:23
are the results posted anywhere yet?
13/05/2007 at 16:36
Not yet BD.
13/05/2007 at 16:53
Scott S, How did you get your chip time?
13/05/2007 at 17:00
Finished in about 1:45, not a PB but pretty much what I was targetting on the day.

Good to see some of you in the pub.

If anyone finds the results, let me know. I'm trying to find the team results at the moment...
13/05/2007 at 17:37
Hello hope everyone ok and don't ache too much.
Managed to finish in 2:17 which wasn't too bad i thought for my first half marathon.

That Kirkstall road does seem to go on for ever but im glad i managed in the end and the weather was ok which was a positive.
13/05/2007 at 17:54
We should all be glad that we got around before the rain came - its pouring here in Leeds now.

Not my best day out - forgot to push the stop button on crossing the line (dontcha just hate doing that). But about the two hour mark, slower than last year, but first race since breaking collarbone in Feb.

Ran to heart rate for efficiency, but the second half was ugly. Then collected what should have been a large T shirt and had a small in my bag, the fickle finger of fate again :-(

Anyone going to do the Jane Tomlinson 10k in Leeds on June 24? I was at an event that made a presentation to her a few weeks ago, standing ovation, but heart wrenching to see her looking so frail.

Well done to all of you.
13/05/2007 at 17:57
My first half and I loved it. Haven't worked out where to find my chip time yet, but came under the timer at 2.09, which I'm so pleased about. Hope everyone else is pleased with theirs?!?

Don't think the weather could have been better, cool breeze on the hills and enough sun to keep me warm in a vest top. Made it round without the loos, but was I the only one who found it hilarious on the way out of the city when all the guys just hit the bushes - not even a mile in!!! And a huge well done to the Leeds Tykes mascot who ran round in his tiger suit!

Have just spent the last 3 hours snaffling maltesers, peanuts, juice and jelly babies... so may be a little e-numbered up... but when's the next one??!?

13/05/2007 at 18:09
Tom Whiteley - not quite a chip time but what my Garmin 305 said after I started/stopped it on hitting the chip mats. Usually only a few seconds out from the official time.

Luckily I did get the correct sized t-shirt...even if it were too small, I'm sure someone I know could have fitted into it.

Must have missed that cool breeze, Whirley, unless you're referring to the last 2-3 miles or so as we approached the city centre when it did become cooler?

Missed that Leeds Tyke mascot. Suprised how few people semed to be in any sort of fancy dress compared to Reading - 3 girls as butterflies again (for some cancer charity?) but that was all I really saw.

Didn't have a clue what roads were which on the run. Also, somehow missed most of the mile markers or weren't they there? Saw 1,2 and then 11-13 but nothing else.
Knew there was a drinks station around 9.8 miles from the map and my 305.
13/05/2007 at 18:52
They were all there Scott - you must have been running too fast to see them!

I think some of them can be obscured by the Corporate Challenge runners to be honest.

I enjoyed it - perfect weather and a decent crowd to cheer everyone on. Third time I've run it and this year paced a mate round who was after a decent time - managed to get him round in a PB so he was happy. Well, he was after he nearly threw up at the end anyway.

We'd initially set off aiming for 1:35 and were on for around 1:33:30 when he announced at 9 miles that he was feeling good and fancied a go at his 1:32 PB. Fair play to him he managed it, but it'll be interesting to see how he feels tomorrow...

And yes, we were lucky with the weather - it truly is minging now and I live about a mile from the roundabout just past the 4 mile point. Thankyou running gods.
13/05/2007 at 18:55
Racing Buffalo - I'm doing the Jane Tomlinson run.

Horrible outside now, but perfect running weather earlier. We were lucky there!
13/05/2007 at 19:21
Decent enough day today.

According to the Garmin 2:01 but that includes a few seconds after then end when I forgot to switch it off but that might be cancelled out by me starting it at the wrong point! Some little way off a PB but decent enough in the circumstances.

Goodie bag sucked.

Nice to meet YP1, Stoxy, Amanda, NSC, Nicky et al after.

YP1 (respect) - I'll beat you one day.
13/05/2007 at 19:38
so, pumpkin peter, what's your problem with Sir Jimmy Saville, then?

13/05/2007 at 19:49
Ever see the Louis Theroux programme with JS?

13/05/2007 at 20:15
Hi Swittle - it's the shell suits...
13/05/2007 at 21:08
Results are up at

Pleased with my race, even if I did miss a pb by 3 seconds!
13/05/2007 at 21:09
Whoops - try again:

Results at http://www.raceahead.net
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