Leeds Half Marathon

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13/05/2007 at 21:11
I can beat you there Simon. I missed out on a PB by 1 second!!!
13/05/2007 at 21:34
Maybe if we shave off some leg hair we can beat our pbs next time.
14/05/2007 at 00:06
Treiziste, yes, I did - and I was more concerned with Theroux's performance than his subject's

hi, pumpkin peter - yep, you might have a point there but it's the person inside who counts
14/05/2007 at 08:11
Managed it in 1h48:56 according to the race results (4m32s slower than Reading)

At least it only took 1m40 to reach the start line after the gun went off compared to over 5 minutes last time!

Ended up, based on my chip time, in 1019th place.....not incredible but I'll beat that next year.

Not sure why my Garmin said 1h49:24 considering I started/stopped in on the chipmats - can't see where a 30 second difference has come from.
14/05/2007 at 09:13
Enjoyed the race yesterday. Lucky with the weather. The course was pretty good. Kept me interested for the race. Knee gave way at mile 9 and hobbled to the finish, and is strapped up now. But glad I finished the race.
14/05/2007 at 09:40
Hey how much fun was yesterday!!!

I got to the 7 mile mark at 1:08 after the killer hills and was really disheartened because i was trying for less than 2 hours!And thought there was no way i was going to make it! But then I crossed the finish at 2:06 but i was one of the starters right at the back so took a while to get across the start! Fingers crossed it was more than 6 mins.

Any one know where you can find your chip time?
14/05/2007 at 09:42
Scott, I was having the same problem with my Garmin (301). I think the problem is caused by the auto pause function. I turned it off fot this race and the time was then spot on. I had it on at Rothwell and it gave a 20 second discrepency. I also had it on for one of the John Carr Races and off for the other. It was spot on again for the one where it was turned off and 10 seconds out for the other

Seems a bit odd though that the auto pause would kick in on the races where I had it turned on.

14/05/2007 at 09:45
The organisation has just got better, i like the way they have taken on board the safety concerns on previous years with the last 3 miles. The roads blocked off and the road coned off to make a safe lane to run in. Well done Leeds!
14/05/2007 at 09:48
Last message on the previous page has a link to the chip times kiri. And my chip time was 5 mins different to my gun time so you may just be under 2 hrs.

Great to meet everyone in the pub after too.

Really pleased with my time-2:16:56! Dead chuffed as best before that was 2:14:21 on a flat course. Glad Im not the only one who thinks its hilly!! Had some snooty woman at the top of stonegate road telling everyone it was flat and easy. She had only done the two miles of the corporate challenge and when I corrected her and said the ring road was slightly hilly she seemed to be lacking in a sense of humour!!!

And the crowds did a lot of gawping and not a lot of clapping. Those who were clapping and cheering though, especially next to the abbey and at the leisure centre, did a great job. So thanks!!

14/05/2007 at 10:44
Great event... Had been told this would be a difficult half marathon to get a PB so was expecting the worst! Glad i did, the hills were a killer but the flats slightly made up for these. Ended up beating my great north PB (a flat course!) by over 4 minutes, did it in 1:36:57, well pleased with my time.

Well organised and plenty of water station's.

Will try again next year!
14/05/2007 at 10:57
Did you have your name on the back of a white t-shirt Kiri?
14/05/2007 at 11:01
I wouldnt say the great north was flat mo. Well done on your time though :-)
14/05/2007 at 11:09
That was hard work! those hills are still hurting my legs. Not the one to take on my PB, but I did and managed to beat it with a 1.43. Wish I had not, now in agony.

Can anyone recommend some nice flat runs.

Lovely day though, great support, particularly from the corporate runners, I believed J Saville was 95.

Thanks Leeds, I will never think of you as flat

14/05/2007 at 11:16
Pleased you got some support from the corpoarte runners michael!! With the exception of a notable few, we were totally ignored by every group we passed.
14/05/2007 at 11:20
Musta looked liked I needed it
14/05/2007 at 11:22
Agree Stoxy, sometimes a bit of support would have been very welcomed. My first half and I admit that the 'inclines' often felt like big hills to me, but hey, when you only go up them usually in the car it is easy to overlook them! Overall I enjoyed the experience. Hoping to find the Great North Run a bit easier though! well done to you all and may see you next year!
14/05/2007 at 11:27
Bloody hell Martin, bad luck on that time. Just to rub it in my camera misfired as I tried to photograph you at the Woodside roundabout. Glad I didn't run it now, my leg is still giving me gyp (will be at the club tomorrow but only for a pint) :~(


14/05/2007 at 11:50
lol Michael!

Seriously though I was a bit disappointed with the lack of support from the crowd generally. Most just stood and gawped and made me wonder why they had bothered getting out of bed frankly.

Lemkie-gnr is more crowded so you dont notice the inclines as much which is helpful! If you can do Leeds youll be fine at gnr. And the atmo9sphere helps make it easier too.

I will be treating myself to a fish from the fish shop for my dinner. And possibly some chips. Ooooh....

Hope your leg gets better mike. I have a v sore big toe again this morning. And I am walking like John Wayne.

14/05/2007 at 12:47
My first half marathon and I really enjoyed it. Having only ever done one 5K race before, I'm quite pleased to have got round in 2:11:24. Hopefully get a better time at GNR!

The Leeds Tykes mascott nearly did for me when he ran into my back going down hill! Wasnt too friendly when I said it was ok and made light of it either. Suppose i'd be grumpy running in that suit too!
14/05/2007 at 12:58

Boonerz-GNR is too crowded really for a good time. Great atmos though. Youll enjoy it.
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