Leicester City Marathon


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08/10/2008 at 16:16

anyone done these course b4??? is the event well organised?  

09/10/2008 at 09:30

not done the course before - this is only the 2nd year it's been held in the city. last year it was a little undulating in places which annoyed some people as they were expecting it to be completely flat.  It starts and finishes at Victoria Park so you get a fast start going down london road but that means you have an incline for the last mile back!

i'm running the full - think it should be good (it's a lot flatter than the old course which went from Caterpillar in Desford) - when i ran the old course it was really well organised with plenty of marshalls and lots of water / energy drinks available. have only heard good things about the organisation for last years event too.

Edited: 09/10/2008 at 09:31
09/10/2008 at 20:18

Has anyone recieved their race number and details yet?

09/10/2008 at 21:22
Nope.  Nothing here.
10/10/2008 at 08:17

Am getting a little bit anxious now. Have put a lot of time and effort preparing for this race. There is nothing on the event website about when the race packs are being sent out, nor is there a contact number or email address.

10/10/2008 at 08:33

not heard anything yet either - you could try contacting the helpline (0116 2318484) though i've just emailed them so will post when i get a reply.

Edited: 10/10/2008 at 08:35
10/10/2008 at 08:55

Nothing received here either.

Cutting it a bit fine aren't they?! Wouldn't have hurt to put something on the website saying when they are going to be sent out.

10/10/2008 at 11:11

Here's the reply from the organisers......

"The packs started to go out this week. As the closing date for entries is today. Everyone should receive their packs at the start of next week. In past year’s we have had to replace running numbers as many runners have lost their numbers or changed their mind etc so we send them out a week or so before the event. 

Sorry if this has caused some concern I’ll speak to the website guy to get that information on the web."

think i'll give it til tuesday then yell if still not received.

10/10/2008 at 11:35

Thanks Way2slow,

They got back to you quickly which is a good sign. I agree, give it till Tuesday then start to hassle 'em. 

10/10/2008 at 12:55

I contacted them before as I wanted to know about the chip system before I registered (way back and I know it is up now) but I called this guy then: Christian Weikert-Picker 0116 231 8431, he is the event organiser so should be able to help. 

I too was getting concerned so thanks for posting the feedback. I did look on the site so I knew I was in but would have liked to have my pack before now. 

Also looking on the site this year it only says water stops and gels at 16 mile, just in case you hadn't seen that.

See you in the crowd


10/10/2008 at 14:30

anybody else noticed that according to the official website, the route is still "subject to final approval by the authorities"

Hopefully this is the website not being up to date,  and not a potential last minute hiccup waiting to de-rail the race

10/10/2008 at 19:31

Thanks guys for the info. Hope we all get our numbers in plenty of time. Have a great race everyone.

10/10/2008 at 20:49

Hi all,

The site has now been updated, the reference to "subject to final approval by the authorities" has been removed and regarding the packs it reads:



11/10/2008 at 17:22

hi toall,

afetr reading some of the posts i too am starting to get worried as ive not recieved my number or race details yet???with only a week to go its cutting it a bit fine dont ya think!!.

would anybody be kind enough to tell me which junction of the m1  to get off at.im coming from sheffield(j 31).would it be 19 or 20..good luck to all.no pain no gain!!

11/10/2008 at 17:23
.just seen the notice-all packs for mara going out 13th oct..once again av a gud un!!!
11/10/2008 at 18:15
 Got my number this morning for the half. Come in number 1 your time is up
11/10/2008 at 21:04

M1 J 21 is your best junction but you can also come in from J 22.
12/10/2008 at 20:01

thankyou richc

16/10/2008 at 11:10
my pack was waiting for me when i got home last night   don't like the look of that velcro thing you've got to strap round your ankle (have heard it chafes a bit and can be most uncomfortable by about 20 miles) - think i'll have to experiment with sock length / wearing sweatband to stop it rubbing.
Edited: 16/10/2008 at 11:10
16/10/2008 at 19:52
hi recieved pack yesterday..all set for sunday then!!
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