Liverpool Half Marathon 2012

Run to the Mersey Beat! 18.03.12.

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19/03/2012 at 03:08
Just looking at my chip position, 543 out of ~6200 runners and my chip time against my gun time (1:35 against 1:50). I definitely need to be a bit nearer the front when the gun goes.

My own fault. Lesson learnt.
Edited: 19/03/2012 at 03:18
19/03/2012 at 07:02

There's a fine example of why the start needs to be a little more ordered.

In the results there is a  runner, with a chip time of 03:20:00 and a gun time of 03:20:18.

19/03/2012 at 07:44

Well done to Alan and all the volunteers again for making this another great race. Really enjoyed the route and well pleased with my time of 1:55. My only gripe would be the start - far to many runners packed together trying to get over the start line, but otherwise a great day. 

19/03/2012 at 08:03
As I advised earlier, we have attempted to move the start / finish to the Pier Head but it has been possible to do so. I am aware the small start area but would say

With an bigger start area we can manage the runners better, however, I would add that whatever system we put in place some runners will choose to ignore!!!!!

We will be able to move the start / finish area next as I have agreement with the Liverpool Museum to use their land to pass through.

As for the course being 'dull' I never understand that. It's a race not a sight seeing tour.

19/03/2012 at 08:14


Please don't take these observations as criticism - I had a great time and would definitely do it again.

You did a tremendous job and should be more than happy.

Plus - Princes Park, Sefton Park, Otterspool Park and the River Front, dull? Nope

19/03/2012 at 08:22
Orbutt - I tend to ignore criticism as you can't please everyone all the time. If you look at what we have achieved over the last four years - it nearly disappeared altogether in 2008! - then we have ourselves a fantastic Half Marathon event. The improvements have come about through keen observation, improved resources and the fact that if you didn't know, I am a runner myself. So I know what runners expect from an event.

i think what some people overlook is the fact that I am constantly reviewing the events and looking for improvement. That won't change for any event we deliver.

I think the HM yesterday was the best we have delivered so far. That said, it will be better next year. It seems everyone enjoyed the day yesterday which is great.
19/03/2012 at 08:31
Yesterday was my first ever race and I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was great and the route was too. Mile 11 - 12 seemed to go on forever and I didn't finish in under 2 hours as hoped but that's something to aim for next year! Thanks to all those who organised this and the other runners who kept me going at the end....I was running on empty at the finish line!
19/03/2012 at 09:00

Alan - I forgot to say, Mrs O used the text system and was very impressed with it. Really quick results.

Another great initiative.

19/03/2012 at 09:04
Glad Mrs O used it AND it worked!
19/03/2012 at 09:09

My first time running this event and only my third half, was aiming to better my 1:58 from Helsby and managed a 1:49 so well pleased with that.

 Little bit chaotic at the start, but did get there late and had to fight the spectators a bit to get round to the starting pen, but my own fault really. 

 Perfect weather, so pleased there was no headwind for the last few miles along the front, I was finished at 11 miles but knew I could get under the 1:50 so plodded on. Sat in the grandstand watching everyone come in for about an hour,  some great efforts ther.

 Didn't miss a goody bag, all I want at the end is a medal/t-shirt & water.

 Great day, be back next year.

cougie    pirate
19/03/2012 at 09:31
You will always get people starting in the wrong place. Maybe the PA could highlight the importance of starting in the right place ?
If you're in good time you can get to the right place though. I did see quite a few people on their way to the start as we were running.

Did anyone else think mile 7 was slightly long ? I seemed to lose 45 secs there but made it up by mile 8 ? Could have been me though.

Loved the race - once it was finished.
19/03/2012 at 09:38

Loved the race ... course was great and conditions could not have been better, and really please to run under 1:40 for the first time.

Marshalling and crowds were great. This IS a PB course!

As per comments above, the start could have been organised a little better, but then Helsby is the same!

Great effort. Thanks Run Liverpool!

19/03/2012 at 10:34

Had a great run, loved it. I ran it last year for my first ever Half marathon, now looking forward to next year. I loved the Tee, I feel the same about so called goody bags (no need)

I would however like to purchase another tee if Poss.

Thanks for all your hard work.

19/03/2012 at 10:49
I enjoyed my second liverpool half. i was another who started to far back . Gun time 02.14.48 - chip time 02.01.08. Will definately start further up next year. Great event well done all involved. Glad the t shirt wasn't that orange colour of last year.
19/03/2012 at 11:03
Great race,really enjoyed it and got a new pb.1.34.23 chip time.Muffin i was the pirate that shouted to you going up the hill.Hope you had a good race.
19/03/2012 at 11:38
The start of this years Liverpool Half Marathon was very congested to say the least. Is there any truth that the course was too long???  a friends Garmin measured 21.49 KM....the course should be 21.1 KM. It was also a different course than was advertised. I would also hope that the price of entry doesn't escalate as it has done every year to something very pricey.
19/03/2012 at 11:48

This was my first half marathon and I absolutley loved it.  I thought it was a great course and the weather couldn't have been better. The crowds at the end were fantastic and really helped give me that extra push!

Finished the course in 1 hour and 42 minutes which I was extremley pleased with!

I agree, didn't need a goody bag I was happy with my T-Shirt and Medal!!

Looking forward to the Festival of Running next xx

cougie    pirate
19/03/2012 at 11:51
My GPS seemed pretty much bang on. Your friends is only 1.8% out - isn't that within the Garmin accuracy - assuming they ran the perfect line - which they probably didn't.

I thought the race was excellent value for money - especially with the technical tee.
19/03/2012 at 11:53

Barrie, My Garmin measured 13.16mile instead of 13.11. When I did Helsby in Jan it measured 13.08. I think a lot depends on whether you take the inside lane around corners, etc... Certainly if it was longer than 13.11mile, it was only marginally so.

Forget to say earlier, but amazing t-shirt. So much better than the cotton one we got when running the marathon in October. I thought, given the quality of t-shirt, I think it was good value for money!

19/03/2012 at 12:03
T-Shirt is excellent! the event gets better every year. As for the course's only what a friend's Garmin measured. A few extra metres doesn't bother me. I just hope the organisers can keep the price down for next year. Well done to the organisers though. They seem to be coping very well with the increased numbers. Maybe a staggered start for next year to keep the congestion down.
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