Loch Ness Marathon 2013

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01/06/2013 at 13:48

These conversion tables work on the basiss that you are adequately trained for the distance, if you slip more and more slower than target as the distance rises, you need to work on endurance, not speed. Runnig 1 mile  ( or even 5k) quicker is not going to get you round that marathon- long slow distance- and doubles if you can do them ( running 2 days in a row to get used to tired legs) are the answer, speed work is pretty much a luxury that you can't afford too often, as it makes you too tired to do the long runs.

I did my first 10k of the year 2 days ago- a masive shock running at that pace ( I've done 1 mara, and 1 56 mile ultra this year, but no fast stuff). Oddly, I was only a few seconds slower in the 10k race than lst year, so missing the speed work hasn't harmed me any- I suspct that the 10k race will be my entire speed work for this month (I have another ultra next month).

I might do a little speed work in the 6 weeks or so before LN, but for now I'm working on endurance base.

02/06/2013 at 01:27

I hear you tricialitt and my feeble attempts at PB's in training for shorter distances are just done for fun (not trainning specifiacally for them). My thoughts were as my Marathon training progresses I should get a little faster at the short runs as well (have goals of sub 30 and 60 for the 5k and 10k).

A newbie here and in danger of over analysing things I think and going back to some easy HADDing I think and just do the odd 80% of WHR run but more hill reps (up and down).

Kudos on the Ultra! it's on my list of 'things to do before I ....' but will see  Oh, I thought doubles were 2 runs in one day? 


02/06/2013 at 12:54

Yes, sorry- I should have said "back to backs", not doubles. The ultra's are easier than they sound, as you go so slow that you walk large chunks of them ( at least, at my end of the field you do- my only aim is to beat the sweeper- although in most ultras , running with the sweeper is also a good option!).

Going back to HADD style base trainig, and just doing a few sharpening runs in august/ sept is a very valid plan, and roughly what I'll be doing as I have the Clyde Stride in july- I can't really do a conventional marathon plan when that is 11 weeks before LN. Most conventional plans that are written for us slower guys (I'm still struggling to stay below 4:15) start from too low a mileage, and build too fast- that's why all the "supersix" guys end up injured ( Just my opinion, by the way.....).

I'm off out in the glorious spring weather for a short run today, as I have a trainig marathon next weekend ( time on legs trainig for the ultra, not goingfor a time), need to slightly rest the legs before that.

16/07/2013 at 10:14

I'm signed up for LN - it will be my 4th time running/walking it although I still would not describe myself as a 'runner'. I'm a very slow runner and often stop for walking breaks but am hoping to improve over the next 10 weeks or so. This time I'd love to be proud of my time (the last few times I've come in around 5 hours) and know that I have pushed myself.

Any tips on how to keep the momentum going on the longer training runs? I'm following one of hal higdon's plans and really struggled with a 17 mile run last weekend (especially since it was so hot and sunny) and ended up walking a large part of it which leaves me annoyed with myself.

17/07/2013 at 23:16

Hi Jen,

Have you tried powergels, they take a little time to kick in but they might help with the energy levels.  Also perhaps reduce your speed and your mileage to a level that you can maintain and then very slowly up the mileage over the forthcoming weeks.  It will really help psycologically if you can do a few runs without stopping regardless of the mileage. 



18/07/2013 at 13:19

Thanks Loz, I've not tried powergels so will give them a shot. I did a 9 mile run on Tues night without stopping so was pretty happy with that. When I checked my time at the end I had finished in 1hr 30 mins so that's given me a bit of courage to up the mileage a little for the next one.

21/07/2013 at 14:17

how annoying -my computer deleted my previous post- anyway- I failed to complete my ultra last weekend- bailed out at 29 miles- and as I was going very slowly, I feel ready to get going again. I am entering another ultra in last week of august, and will concentrate on endurance work until then, with just one tempo/ interval session per week, then try to sharpen the speed up a little in the remaining 5 weeks post- ultra.

In this weather it is difficult to do anything other than run slowly, anyway- the temperature during the ultra last weekend was up to 30 degC, and that was my main reason for stopping..........began to feel quite odd!


26/07/2013 at 00:00

tricialitt, am sorry you didn't manage to finish the ultra but probably wise to bail out if you were feeling 'odd' maybe dehydration?

Hi Jen, sounds like your a seasoned LN'er This will be my first Marathon and my 'A' goal is to finish, 'B' goal is sub 5 hours and can see some walk breaks along the way - any top tips since you have done it before and a similar pace to my B goal? 

27/07/2013 at 03:11

Hi guys... im really sorry contributed awhile back and got some nice replies and only now have came back to look!  HOW Rude please accept my apoligies!

I will look in far more regular I promise

Update, as I said I was looking for a 3:30 as a newbie was I being realistic after going under 50 for 10K. Well done the Stonehaven half, which I can only describe as brutal, well the first 5-6 miles of constant hills  were anyway! Told by everyone not a PB course but as it was my first one so I knew better! lol

Did it in 1.45,32 which I was really happy with. Initial goal was a little under 2hrs if I could. So now the predictor is saying 3.40.01. But im thinking if I was strong enough to finish strong at a brutal half, maybe I can still do under 3:30 oh how it is to have a dream for my first marathon!  Been doing loads of intervals and hills in preparation, and also running free of niggles for now!





30/07/2013 at 21:19

northseatiger, another runner that will have time to go shower, change then be back to see me finish

If my calendar is correct we have a little under 8 weeks to go! Got my first 20 miler this weekend and found a route that looks similar to that last 20 of LN though think the climbs toward the end are more severe in my run. The first 9 miles is along the last 9 miles of my HM 11/8 and probably one of the flattest 9 miles here on Mull so (sort of) looking fowards to it.

31/07/2013 at 23:31

Hi Andi sorry for delayed response, been away on hols! not sure I'm really qualified to give tips but I try to run really slowly to start with just so that I know I won't run out of steam. The good thing is that you start along with people that intend to take the same amount of time - there are markers - so I find that's a really good way to pace yourself is to try to keep the pace of those around you. The only other thing I would say is to relax and try and enjoy it as much as possible. I don't start thinking about timings etc until at least halfway but not sure that's very good advice! 

Hope your 20 miler goes well this weekend, good luck! 

I'm just doing a 1/2 marathon this weekend, it's the helensborough one, I may well struggle having done very little whilst on holiday, but it should give me an idea of how my training is going.

Northseatiger sounds like your training is going really well - well done!

02/08/2013 at 10:12

Hi Andi,

If thats the way it works I will be shouting you home all the way!

Of course until I actually do the distance for real predictor's are only that a possible future event might just happen! Who knows how the body reacts at 20 plus miles  unchartered ground to date. Im closing in on my first 20 miler this week as well, but as im offshore right now it will be done on a treadmill. Have to say the Stonehaven half gave me some confidence as it really was a slog right from the start! 

Thanks Jen D, all encouragement greatly appreciated!

02/08/2013 at 11:19

Unfortunately, I'm out of the marathon this year.  I say "unfortunately" but it's probably a blessing in disguise...

I've no doubt I'd be able to beat last year's time, but the targets I was setting myself and the necessary training to get there were probably way too ambitious!  My running has gone well this year, with a PB in all 4 races (42:52 10k, 97:33 HM, 42:01 10k, 34:19 5m - down from 46:51 10k and 1:54 HM!), but I only started training properly in January and in hindsight, I think I should leave the marathon out of the plan for a few years to build up a bigger base and come back to it when my body will be ready for some proper marathon training...

Oh - the excuse for missing it this year is pretty good.  I'm best man at a wedding on the day of the marathon.  I will be thinking of you all... 

Best of luck with it!

03/08/2013 at 17:10

northseatiger- good luck with the tready 20 miler- been there , done that- it's mind blowing! hope you have a TV screen with a good movie to watch -best way to pass a couple of hours plodding that I could come up with ( although doing my long run whilst watching london marathon on TV was also a good plan- you felt like you were running with the elites!- but of course, they finished 26.2 a VERY long time before I finished 20 miles.

Just been out for 19 blustery miles- now I'm tapering for an ultra in 3 weeks- unusual way to train for a marathon, but at least I will have done a very. very, long very slow run!

03/08/2013 at 19:00

Jen, even pacing round here just isn't possible though a £7 bus ride got to nice flat10 mile stretch today Good luck with your half, let us know how things went. 

northseatiger, am guessing by your username whe know where you are good luck on the dreadmill and as tricialitt says I hope you have something good to watch

Calum, that's not an excuse, it's a (very) valid reason! Your long term plans sound good and building a good base along the way will only do you good when you move up to Marathon distance again

Tricialitt, I've heard some people go overdistance for Marathon training but an ultra! your the second person I know doing that, madness I say, madness but wish you good luck and enjoy the taper.

So, took the bus to Craignure today an waited for the 80 or so cars to leave the Ferry before heading off on the 20 miles between me and my hot bath! The first 10 miles were flat and follwed the last 10 miles of next weeks Mull Half, I won't be fast but feel more confident I get close to my target of 2:20 then. The weather was terribe and after 5 miles the heavy rain started to wear me down and coupled with some strong gusts of wind found myself slowing down a fair bit.

Most of the 445 metre incline came in the next 10 miles so the full run sort of followed the last 20 miles of LN. Target time for LN is anything under 5 hours as it's my first ever Marathon and finished today in 3:54:45, just over 5 mins faster than my target time and with an AHR of 74%. 


05/08/2013 at 22:21

Well I did 15 miles yesterday and felt good.  Will up mileage again next week, then I'm back down to 14 miles for race the train before kicking the mileage back up again from then on in.

06/08/2013 at 08:45

Despite not specifically marathon training, I've decided to try and keep up the distance of my long run at the weekends.  I completed a couple of marathons last year off of terrible training and I reckon the furthest I'd ever ran without stopping/walking before this year was 15 miles.

I trained specifically for 10k, with a longest run of 11 miles earlier in the year, then spent the next 2-3 months building up to HM, with longest run of 15 miles.  Since then I've not been following a plan as such, but just running what I feel like running.  I do have a 17.5 mile "race" in a few weeks' time, so I've been trying to keep up the long runs.  Before the weekend, I'd got up to a 17 miler with no stopping/walking but hadn't done anything particularly long for about 3 weeks.  Set out on Sunday and managed 20 miles with no stopping/walking.  Consistent 9 minute miles (with about 5-6 miles in the middle of 8 minute miles) until I got to about 17.5 miles and then I had to run uphill all the way home.  That slowed me right down to about 12 minute miles, but I kept plodding home!  If it had continued to be flat, I think I could have kept going at 9 minute miles for at least a couple of miles.  Pretty chuffed with that!  Proof that the marathon this year wouldn't have been a good idea - my body isn't ready to do it justice yet...

I did the 17.5 miler last year in 2:39 off of terrible training.  I'm aiming for sub 2:20 this year... It is a brute of a course - elevation gain of 1,325 and elevation loss of 1,299 according to my Garmin stats from last year.  The last couple of miles are downhill though, so that's always good!



13/08/2013 at 00:52

Loz, well done on the 15 miles and good luck for' race the train'

Calum, the fact that you ran faster after a 3 week LSR lay off shows it is a good reason to taper good luck for the 17.5 mile race later this month and be sure to let us know how it goes.

Did my first ever HM at the weekend (Isle of Mull) and came 3rd from last! Nomatter, my time of 2:13:08 means (with the right training) I should 'easily' beat my goal time of sub 5 hours and won't be 3rd from last again lol. Less than 7 weeks to go now guys and gals so just 4 weeks of proper training before taper!


13/08/2013 at 22:02

Thanks Andi, managed 18 miles along the Thames on Sunday so all set for RTT.  Well done on the half, must have been a good field for you to run 2:13 and be 3rd from last. 

16/08/2013 at 22:17

All the best for tomorrow Loz and looking forward to your review

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