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28/07/2014 at 22:13

Booktrunk - wow. 2 marathons in two days. Wow. 

Andy - good to hear you've done your first 20 miler. 

Jo - that's a great time. 

I've got further incentive for the race now. An ex-colleague is doing it and I don't want her to embarrass me as she sails over the finish line 20 minutes before me. I went out and did a faster 10 miles...1hr 27...near 10 minutes faster than last week ITB doesn't hurt this time but my hips do! Lol 

Nurse Ratched    pirate
28/07/2014 at 23:09

Outlaw swim yesterday, 7min 39sec quicker than last year .  

Sleeping (ha!) in a tent and general Pirating - am now knackered! Will post something coherent tomorrow

Great running all

29/07/2014 at 08:45

Well done Nurse Did you buckle your swash!!

29/07/2014 at 15:57

Well done everyone on their weekend runs etc. I had a lovely early morning run, 10k, in the Forrest near my house. I never thought I would be happy to see a little rain, it was a lot cooler today and nice to try my first solo run in the hilly Forrest. It was not the quickest run but I have set myself a target and will try to run the route in under the hour before LN.

29/07/2014 at 19:55

Less than 9 weeks to go. I don't feel as fit as this time last year, but I have had to deal with a few injuries. I'm getting the miles in but feel like my steady pace is 30sec/mile slower. Still can't wait to do Nessie again. 

I think I'm heading for 4:00-4:15. Where does everyone else think they are?

29/07/2014 at 20:19

Alastair - I hope your injury issues are behind you now. I had an injury plagued time of and my training paces dropped off the edge but have battled back since around March this year running my second fastest marathon in Paris in April and setting a new 10km PB in May. It's great once you can get past those injury problems.

Nurse - Well done on your swim.

I enjoyed the drop in temperature tonight. Overcast and slight drizzle made for a much more enjoyable 9 miles tonight.

29/07/2014 at 22:13
booktrunk wrote (see)

Well done Nurse Did you buckle your swash!!

Is that a euphemism?? I've heard about these Pirate parties (almost makes me want to learn to swim lol).

Well done to all for their LSR's at the weekend and especially Andy for a PR PB on Sat and longest ever run on Sunday! And of course our Booktrunk for her 2 marathon LSR's and a weekend total mileage of 52.4 miles (although that;s small potatoes for her these days).

Me? looks like I'm back on the bench with my bad back and not run since my easy 10 miles on Saturday   Mull Half on 10th August and will be (very) lucky to get 2:05 which I 'need' to tell me I'm on target for a 4:30 @LN.

Alastair, good luck with your target time albeit slower than hoped for. I'm going to stick with 4:30 but if I don't get any long runs in soon that will have to change 

Yesterday at 14:49

Well done to all with the long runs and cycles and swims and all - good work booktrunk on the double and AndyRuns on the parkrun PB!

UisageJo have you done the 100mile ride yet? On my five mile bike ride to work I often think I should be allowed to run a bit less that evening!

Up to 16M using the asics26.2 plan. The marathon seems to have come hurtling up really fast, two months to go! I only do 2 x 20milers in this plan which is making me nervous. I normally do a couple of 20s and one or two 20+. But I'm doing more miles and at a faster pace. Trust the training, Suze. 

Disappointed at my efforts session last night, tbh - had the garmin on bike mode by mistake and got the laps all over the place so I couldn't really analyse the data properly. I had 1mile warm up followed by 4 x 1 mile @ 8min/mil with 2mins recoveries and then 1mile cooldown. Think I just about did it, apart from bottling the last one and making it about half way before realising I had nothing left and opting to cooldown instead. Hmph. Still, it's faster for far longer than I'm used to and the LSR on Sunday is 17 miles with 9miles at 10min/mil then 8 at 9min/mil, which will be interesting!

Yesterday at 16:20

Suze - not yet, it's a week on sunday, I'm a little nervous as I've not been out on my bike much in the last month, but my running legs should hopefully get me through!

I had a slower then planned run last night as my four-pawed PT decided it was too hot for anything other than recovery pace. I'm glad she did as I think my legs needed to recoup a little after last sunday still! Heading to the track for some more 800s tonight...

Even more pleased with my time on Sunday after a friend pointed out that the finishing time this year was almost 5 mins slower than last year - I'm interpreting that as the heat got to them, so happy with my performance!


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