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Nurse Ratched    pirate
27/08/2014 at 22:00

Set off for 16 miles today feeling calm and relaxed and really looking forward to the run. Got to almost 13 and my legs just stopped. I stopped, had a wee walk and a talk to myself and tried to get going again. But it just wouldn't happen. I walked the last 3 miles home, trying every so often to start running again, but no joy. 

I don't know what to do. If I'm grinding to a halt after 13 miles, I don't see how on earth I'll manage 26.2 with just two weeks until taper time. My initial plan has gone down the toilet and, for reasons already documented here, I haven't done nearly as much milage as I planned. However, I was feeling confident that I could make it round slowly. 

I've been trying to work out if today was due to not having enough miles in my legs, or if there was another reason. I've been working the past couple of nights 'til 11.30 so not very well rested. Who knows?

I'm wondering if I should try the planned 18 next week (after a few early nights) and see how it goes. At the moment I feel LN looks very unlikely

27/08/2014 at 22:17

Most of us will have had a real bad run where for one reason or another the power to the engine just isn't there and we end up doing the walk of shame.

I think when that happens you need to figure out what the cause is. I think stopping running like you describe it can be hard to get going again no matter what. It''s a mental thing as much as a physical barrier.

I think you can approach next weeks run two ways. One is to set of as you normally do and see if you can exercise the demons of todays run, or you can think about trying a run/walk strategy and see if the works for you. I know people that have run ultras that suggest they don't actually lose much time at all doing a run/walk.

27/08/2014 at 22:34

Am like you Nurse and woefully under prepared for LN! Managed 16 miles on Sunday but only because I did a run/walk and finished spot on my planned goal time.

That said had a painful knee yesterday, probably a combination of the 16 miles then running quickly (for me) doing downhill reps onTuesday. On the treadmill tonight, groin and knee all strapped up and managed a slow,flat 5k with an AHR of just 62% and felt ok.

27/08/2014 at 23:30

I'm sure we have all had runs like that Nurse. I certainly have! Could just be mental tiredness. Try and catch up on your sleep over the next few days. Personally I'd go for a shorter next run - 12 miles ish - get your confidence back and then step up  to 16 - 18 for your next run. Or try a run/walk as Eggy has suggested.

You are a pirate. You CAN do this.

28/08/2014 at 08:18

All of the above seems like excellent advice. Plus I'd look at improving both sleep and nutrition. Maybe you just didn't have the energy in your legs - had you eaten enough on those late shifts and went into the run glycogen depleted? Did you take on board any energy during the run? Were you dehydrated?

A bad run at this stage is very disheartening but also not unusual from listening to many people's stories. I like MacPerky's idea of a 12m run before a longer one the week after. The walk run strategy seems good too, and maybe what you will need on race day, so good to practice it. 

We all want to meet on race day Nurse R Really hope things things get better for you


28/08/2014 at 08:35

Nurse, so sorry to hear you had a bad run. I concur with Eggy - it sounds like it could be a mental barrier rather than a purely physical one. The Wycombe half felt a bit like that for me - was aiming to PB (ideally) but ended up coming in at 1:57, eight minutes slower than intended. There was just no 'push' there - I had nothing left and no more fight. Felt fine, just tired. Annoyingly, felt absolutely fine the next day, no stiffness at all. Harumph. 

Heroine in a half-shell wrote (see)
I did 6 x 400s last week and the last one was absolutely vile, I'd never have been able to do 10, the quality after 5 would've been rubbish! Sounds like you're in good shape KS, going for sub-4?

I flunked out of my group run last night with a severe case of CBAs, got out there this morning for a hilly 8 miles and am now in no state for work at all!

My husband has already got his eye on another marathon! I'm laughing because I knew this would happen and I called it right at the start but he was adamant this would be a one time thing! We are looking at Berlin for next year but I can't work out whether the entries have already been done or not.

eesh, sub 4. I don't know. I'm definitely getting better at long runs and now view them as pacings rather than 'ooh how am I not going to stop', which is a good thing, I think. My leg's really playing up this week though so I'm just going to see. Gold: sub 4, silver: PB (less than 4:12), bronze: sub 4:30.

Berlin sounds good though, might enter that ballot...

Nurse Ratched    pirate
28/08/2014 at 09:51

Thanks all.  Having had my wee strop with myself and sleeping on it, I feel fine about things today.
Looking at the Garmin, my pace up 'til mile 13 had been bang on target at 10:50/10:55, then it just drops off a cliff!  No gradual slowing down, just a lemming leap off the edge!  Which makes me think it was more in my head than in my legs.
I expected to have mega-stiff legs/hips/back when I got up, but I feel ok.  Just been for a gentle 3 miles and my legs are grand.
SO - the plan is a 12 mile run and then the 18, which I'm going to do at really easy pace.  I'd like to get a 20 in (more mental than physical), but we'll see how it goes.  I'm now aiming to do LN sub-5, which is 11:26m/m, and I can do that 

It makes such a difference to be able to think 'out loud' on here 

Yesterday at 12:35

Hope everyone is doing well I their training for LN, been on holiday for the last 2 weeks as daughter started school so been nice to train without being tired all the time!

Got my last long run next Sunday meant to be a 21 miler but decided to run the Glen Moray marathon instead more for the mop may than anything else now my dilemma is do I run it half easy and half at 8.20 mm which is my goal marathon pace or just run it hard from the start and see what happens Decision descisions!.see you all on the start line in fort augustus

Yesterday at 13:24

AbiMac - I'd say pick one as a race and one as a training run. I did Paris and London last year which where two weeks apart. I raced Paris and coasted London, but even then I really struggled in the latter stages in London. The effort of two weeks before weren't out the legs and they decided to complain! 

Yesterday at 15:07

AbiMac - I agree with Eggy; choice your target race and go easy on the other one. However, if LN is your target race, will you find it difficult to be disciplined enough to go easy for. half of the miles? What is the 'mop may'?

18.5 miles in 3hrs today, in some lovely cool drizzle. Legs feel great now so I may try 8m tomorrow to do the 'running on tired legs' thing. I have not seen my times improve greatly through this campaign however, so gold 4.20, silver 4.30, bronze below 4h 40 (pb)

Yesterday at 15:33

Ohh yes we should do our Gold Silver Bronze hopes shouldn't we! I'm playing mine cool until I get to the taper without something falling off!

Yesterday at 16:21

I've been changing my targets almost as often as my running shirts! Groin and knee seem ok right now and am feeling more confident about turning up 

As for the (current) targets I guess being practical then Gold would be sub 4:30, Silver sub 4:41 (PB) and Bronze sub 4:56 (LN last year). Time is irrelevant racing Booktrunk but do think we will spur each other on if we run similar times.

Wind is supposed to be up again at the weekend so might run on the treadmill and if so plan on running miles 18-26 of Loch Ness twice then Dores hill (a 3rd time) to take it up to 19ish miles. 

Looks like there could be a small group of us at the 4:30 starting flag! I should be easily spotted as I'll be the only person with a 'Mull Runners' Club t-shirt on.

Today at 11:02

Good advice think I will run moray at easy pace with a few miles mid race at marathon pace and just enjoy the run as 26 in company is better than 21 on my own.

gold is sub 3.42 (current pb)

silver sub3.45 (best on lochness route)

bronze sub 3,49 (what I run last year whilst not well)

mop May was meant to be more for the company! as all my training is done on my own due to work, family commitments.

I found back to back runs good when I trained for the D33 this year only because they got me used to running on tired legs

I like doing my long slow run then a shorter run the next day at marathon pace to try and replicate the later stages of the race.


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