London Chest Hospital 10K

Sunday 31st July

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31/07/2005 at 17:38
Nice one, Sezz!! Don't knock it; a PB is a PB!!

Surprised I didn't see you as I was at the finish line at around that time. I shouted across at someone who I thought was you only to be on the receiving end of some bad looks! I won't be doing that again!!
31/07/2005 at 17:50
Oh Gosh, I hope that wasn't me! The look on my face at the end probalby said "this girl is 100% well and truly knackered". I didn't hear anyone shout Sezz though and I'm sure I wouldn't have given *you* a bad look!

Very well organised race btw.
31/07/2005 at 18:47
Well done ppl!

Anybody has the results?
31/07/2005 at 20:32
Did anyone else see them poor chaps that fell over at the start?
31/07/2005 at 21:28
A girl fell over just in front of me. It was very crowded.

There was a lady with a kind of walking frame who started very near the front and caused a bit of a problem getting round her!
31/07/2005 at 21:32
great race. yes quite crowded but I started towards the back and it soon spread out.

Only complaint I had was the chap on the water station who snatched a bottle away from me just as i reached out for it!

Plus my garmin said the course was a bit on the long side (6.36 miles)!

otherwise, got a pb and would definitely do it again.
31/07/2005 at 21:39
I think I should have started further back - it felt like the world was overtaking me at one point!
31/07/2005 at 22:49
Are the results out yet? Where are they going to be 'published'? Does anyone know the website address?
01/08/2005 at 09:32
Overall i enjoyed the race despite it being soul destroying laps. reasonable time and "made a friend" on the way round who kept me going for the final 3k. Didnt manage to get her number though. Typical.

I'd do it again which i think is a good sign.

01/08/2005 at 09:39
Got a PB of 45.02 - lovely! :)
01/08/2005 at 09:59
Thought the race was good but I know what Sezz is saying about the laps being a downer.

Had a bout of cramp on saturday morning which was painful, and was still causing me aggro before the race yesterday.

After 5k a pain below my kneecap was killing me, was determined not to stop though, and posted a pb of 54 mins so happy with that. But my leg definately isn't happy!

Have hobbled into work today and am going to take tomorrow off!

01/08/2005 at 10:03
U finished with a PB W14. Thats the main thing. Well done
01/08/2005 at 12:29
Nice one - loads of PBs.

I ran with a couple of mates and all three of us got PBs, too - it's the first time I've run a flat 10k, though, having only done Brockwell and Crystal Palace Parks before this weekend, so I was a bit disappointed not to get under 45mins (was way over, somewhere around 46:30)

Well done though, guys. Hope eveyone's enjoying their hobbling today - you've all earned it!!
01/08/2005 at 14:27
Ghengis and anyone else who is interested - I was the person who 'fell' over near the front at the start. A big thanks to whoever picked me up and said 'that was completely out of order'.

Whovever tripped or pushed me - well I'm sure that it was an accident, but not stopping and saying sorry was not an accident, was it. If you're reading this and you ran over 39 mins I beat you (38:51), so you didn't gain anything.

At the end I found I had quite a few cuts and grazes, and I'd twisted my back, but it feels better today.
01/08/2005 at 14:31
Just had this from the organiser in case anyone's interested, results won't be posted till 8 August, it seems. Quite keen to know my own time as I wasn't wearing my watch and didn't notice the digital clock at the finish line


Heart Cells Foundation 10k event results will be listed by the 8th
August on:-

* The runnersworld web site

* Barts and the London NHS Trust website on:-
01/08/2005 at 16:53
Hi all,

Did the race yesterday with my sister-in-law. It was her first run, and she really enjoyed herself, setting a PB (obviously!) of 52.08.

A couple of quesions... How many people ran yesterday, and how on earth did they work out their numbering system?! My father-in-law was wearing 3118!

01/08/2005 at 17:02
I was puzzled by the numbering system as well. And the colours too: green for 3xxx, blue for 2xxx, yellow for 4xxx. There seemed to be some significance in the numbers/colours but I couldn't work out what it was.

Great race though. I finished in 44.48, which was a personal best by about 3 minutes. It wasn't a short "10k" was it?

Congrats to the organisers for such a well-run, friendly event. Loved the sponges!
01/08/2005 at 17:30
It's certainly not a short course (unlike the London Tri). The Middlesex 10K Championship is held over exactly the same course and is SEAA approved. The course is flat as a pancake and the weather was pretty good, which obviously both helped.
01/08/2005 at 17:45
The mystery of the colour coding/numbering is explained by gender and age groups. When we old boys turned up, we were directed to a different table from those under 40, and we got different coloured numbers. Ours were green and blue, so the pink and yellow ones must have been for the girlies.

BTW, was I the only person running who didn't get a PB?

01/08/2005 at 17:58
I didn't get a PB IRM! (But I did race on Thursday as well, so I put it down to tired legs ;) )
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