Luton Marathon

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02/12/2010 at 08:55
Still forecasting 4°C for Sunday, BUT could be very cold Saturday night, so still chance of ICE.........keep watching
02/12/2010 at 09:13
Well I have everything crossed at the moment - this would be my final race in an unbroken "Marathon a Month" for 2010 so to get this far and then have it all fall flat would be a disaster. Having said that, I see that some folks will be running it whether the official race is on or not so hopefully I can join in if that is the case
02/12/2010 at 09:49
Edinburgh airport say that they hope to reopen this afternoon (although they said that yesterday) so I’m feeling more optimistic that I might make it. Any local weather updates this morning? I did wonder whether some people might run unofficially… That might be a good back up – I’m really worried that might flight is on, but that I get on the plane before the organisers announce their decision on Saturday, and then arrive in Luton to find the race is off.
02/12/2010 at 10:13

I can see the back part of the route from my lounge.  There has been some snow overnight but only a couple of cm.  It would be gone quickly if it rained or got above freezing.

 Of each lap I would say that :

20% is run actually on the road from Streatley to Sundon - This is a busy road so it will be clear and ice free.

50% is run on footpaths inside luton - These recieve some foot traffic so should be clearish.

30% is run on Footpaths outside of luton (A6 towards barton, road from Lower Sundon to Sundon Park)- These recieve very little foot traffic so could be frozen snow on Sunday.   If they are not gritted it would be almost impossible to run on these and I would say too dangerous to run on the road.  

I'm still positive that the paths will get gritted and we can get running..

Edited: 02/12/2010 at 10:29
02/12/2010 at 10:17
maybe the front runners could grit from the front  for the rest of us. ,  level the racing field a bit.
02/12/2010 at 10:19

Could always wear trail shoes if looking icy (or I've got some of the things you put under normal shoes from last year).

Can anyone give me a post code for the start? Where is it in relation to the Thameslink station as this is my alternative to driving.

02/12/2010 at 10:31
In ref to 'things you put under normal shoes'? where can i get some and whats the cost please, am liking the sound of that?
02/12/2010 at 10:38

yak trax? go out doors do em i think, bout £13. wouldnt want to run a mara in em though.

stop flapping everyone, ive told you, theres a heatwave coming

positive thinking and all that

02/12/2010 at 10:40
this'll do the job

02/12/2010 at 10:50

I got mine from Clas Oulsen and have seen them in every paper recently so assume many outdoor shops will stock.

Like the snowmobile idea!

Any response on how close to Luton Central train station start is?

02/12/2010 at 11:06

depends which luton train station you mean, i think there are two?....from wht i know of luton and last time ran the marathon its a few miles away. not walkable.

theres been quite a bit of snow over night, wondering if it melts or freezes into ice...hmmm!

02/12/2010 at 11:10
Statement We would like to give you an update on the current weather conditions in Luton and let you know how we intend to proceed, as we are fully aware that runners taking part in the Luton Marathon would like to finalise plans for the weekend. At present Luton has not been as badly affected by the severe weather conditions as some other parts of the country. However, parts of the course are covered with ice and yesterday about an inch of snow fell. Milder weather is forecast for the next few days, and a lot of hard work is being put in by the local authorities to deal with the problem areas. We will be making a thorough risk assessment on Saturday morning, and will be posting our decision on the website then. We will also try to e-mail as many of you as we can.  Our single priority in making our decision will be your safety. We wish that we could give you a firm decision now, but we do not want to cancel now whilst we still have the hope that we can provide you with a safe course. It’s too important to you, and it’s too important to us. Please check again Saturday afternoon for further news.  The Luton Marathon Team.
02/12/2010 at 11:18

From the website ;- 

The nearest railway station is Leagrave which is 1.3 miles from the Sports Centre. Luton railway station which is near the town centre is 4 miles away. Taxis are available at both stations.

02/12/2010 at 11:24
You can buy Yaktrax direct from their website but probably too late to get them in time now.
02/12/2010 at 11:25

Hmmmmm - gosh the tension of not knowing whether it's on or not is killing me!!  I hate suspense!  I think, on the whole, actually, that it will go ahead.  The forecast isn't that bad and from what I can gather, north London, and the midlands aren't as bad as south london and the south east.  I think if anything causes problems it will be ice.

At least the race starts at 10 not 9 so it has a chance to warm up a bit! 

My main worry is driving from the cotswolds to the start line at 7am when it will still be dark and icy.......

02/12/2010 at 11:33

Thanx Jeff, yep just checked stockists and doesn't seem to be anywhere in Sheffield but they look interesting would have probably given them a go if I could have got hold of some.

Snow coming down heavy again today in Sheffield, which of course means this city is at a stand still and if it had been today was due to travel and not Saturday then no chance, trains cancelled etc.  Lets hope the weather forecase for the friday and Sat is accurate as today is supposed to be the last day of it here which might give things a chance to get moving again 

02/12/2010 at 11:33

Hi Elaine,

If you need any help preparing the course on Sunday (gritting or whatever), I am sure some desperate runners wouldn't mind (myself included)..


02/12/2010 at 11:35

I know what you mean Brookie - I'm travelling up from Southampton, but planning to stay in a hotel overnight just outside of Luton, so I'll have the journey in the evening when it's cooling down!

Trying to think from a glass half full perspective at the moment - at least they haven't postponed it already, and there's still a fair chance of it being on. However, for me a lot depends on whether I can get out of the house - we had about 6 inches of snow last night and if that freezes tomorrow I fear it'll take more than a day to clear.

02/12/2010 at 11:36

Leagrave Train station (on thameslink)  is the closest station, it is almost on the course!

Personally I'd say it is walkable. About 15mins to the start, but there is a taxi rank that will take you to the start. - I can give walking directions if required.

Luton central station is about 4 miles away. Again a taxi will drop you, there are normally plenty.

Be very careful with the Thamelink service, they are badly suffering in the snow at the moment - so check the live updates board (now First capital connect)

 LU3 3TL - is the post code that will get you to the start.

I'm with Dave, there will be people unofficially and completely at their own risk(!) running whether the weather is rain or shine. We run the route weekly anyway on a sunday morning, it'll just be a bit later than normal!

Fingers crossed everyone

02/12/2010 at 11:41
Thanks. I would be on the Thameslink! Would appreciate walking directions.
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