Manchester Marathon 2013

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06/02/2013 at 11:02

Don't worry about the housework RP!  I've got a mug which says "Housework won't kill you, but why take the chance?" and it's the mantra I live by!  I don't so much start the ironing as set up base camp at the bottom of the pile...Running is far more fun, and if you're fast enough no-one sees the creases!

Yes, I've got lots of glute strengthening exercises which I'm trying to remember to do every night, and so far it seems to be working.  I managed some hill reps last night with only slight discomfort, although I think that was more from the massage than the injury!  Hopefully 9 miles tonight if I can make both of my local Sweatshop runs - 5k steady and then 10k a bit more challenging.

With you on the Kendal Mint Cake Slokey Joe - ugh!  

06/02/2013 at 11:12

Mmmmm, Kendal Mint Cake, I love it!

It snowed here last night in Essex so I bottled my run and am going out later today for a six miler.

I love the idea of a sports massage. When is best to go for one, the same day as a long run or the day after or some other time? I've heard they're quite expensive so need to save up before treating myself. Birthday coming up later this month!

Starting to get quite excited about April and have seen a few pounds drop off in the last couple of weeks so am well chuffed!

06/02/2013 at 11:53

Ha ha Smokey 3 miles your longest run of the year?  You must be joking?  I hope you aren't because I will feel so much better if it's true!!

ha...Auntie...ironing? What's that?! I buy clothes I don't need to iron, no shirts for me!  Ironing has to be my worst ever job.  Who cares!!

Birthday Cybarev?  It comes to something when your birthday pressie is a sports massage!



06/02/2013 at 11:57
Hey slokey, I'm looking across the bay at ya. Have you done the cross bay half, did it last year, it was great
06/02/2013 at 11:59

Morning all - I am going to plonk myself right in the middle of your nice chat and introduce myself... 

Running Manchester for the second time (did the hell hole of a race last year, why I am doing it again, God only knows).  It is my third marathon.  I am training for a sub 3:45 and all going well so far.   Following Advanced Marathoning plan 33-55 miles a week (P&D).  Had 2 weeks of illness but kept on as best as I could, 18 miles in the bag last weekend and have 20 planned for Friday.  Just back in from 11.5 easy hillyish miles (9:30m/m).  

Carry on... 

Oh yeah, I am a woman. 

06/02/2013 at 12:10
Redpanda wrote (see)

Birthday Cybarev?  It comes to something when your birthday pressie is a sports massage!

Mrs RR got me some new Brooks Beasts for my birthday in Jan and they came at just the right time when I finally extracted them from the sorting office

It does make me feel positive coming on here every couple of days and seeing how many people are having the same thoughts and conversations

Was told that you should run your long runs about a minute slower per mile than you hope to run the marathon. I've not been running consciously at a set pace but seem to be coming out just above the pace I'd like to run the race at although that's based on running smaller distances than the 26 miles

Anyone have any opinions on whether the Reigel or Cameron formulas truly give you an accurate prediction of your times for the full race?

06/02/2013 at 13:19
RP, I kid you not, longest run of the year! Have already changed my target for the race to be done more as a training run in prep for an ironman in July. I was originally hoping to go for a PB attempt but sh1t happens.

Hi Rob, I think I can see you. Yes the cross bay is a wonderful race. I love it. Did it last year too and came in 6th and won the fastest old fogey prize which is always nice . Not sure if I can do it this year with other race commitments.

RR, those formulas are very ball park and assume you've done the appropriate level of preparation for each event and that you fit a norm. Marathons have a nasty habit of taking you into unknown territory and predictions can be wildly out. If its your first marathon then a sensible approach is to find a pace that gets you round in comfort. Get that one ticked off then on your next go base your pace on a recent HM time ( minutes per mile plus 30seconds is generally a good starting point). As for training paces, run your slow runs slow and your fast runs fast. Slow and low heart rate running develops your endurance more than you'd think.
06/02/2013 at 13:25
AgentGinger wrote (see)

agree with the longer weekend runs being a bit of a time sink. off to a 40th on saturday where i can't really drink because i've got to be up early ish on Sunday morning to do my 18mi run then get back, shower etc before doing lunch for family.

still, it's important to keep up things outside of running, as much as possible, otherwise risk getting running blindness.

I was in exactly this position last weekend.

Spent the evening obsessing over the fact I was on my feet not resting and putting my mates off trying to get me to drink more, ended up having 5 pints.

Went out with the intention Sunday morning of just doing as much as I could but thankfully managed my target distance of 17 miles.

06/02/2013 at 13:41

hi heow...yeay...another woman...we need more women on keep those blokes in check!....You sound bloody fast to me....well done on your last marathon, those conditions were awful, so pleased I was only spectating.

RR...I am not sure how those things work, but I have found that McMillan calculator scarily accurate...check it will have to do a 10k or 5k race to put it to the text then you can work from there.  However, as has been said, it doesn't always apply to marathons....I have known people that are loads (and I mean loads) faster than me over a 10k or half, but oddly, finished marathons slower than me.  I guess it depends on the day how things go, and some people aren't as suited to marathons as others.  Saying that, you are doing everything right, so I wouldnt worry.  Are you aimin for a time?!

Ha ha Slokey, thats cheered me up no end!!!  However, I am a bit scared now you are about to become (or already are?) an Ironman.  That means you must be mega fit anyway.  My brothers friend has done them and he was so fit he used to just turn up for marathons with nothing much more than 6 mile training runs (but he did loads of cycling, swimming, etc).  What time do you think you will get?  Have you a strategy?

I still haven't got round to my housework yet!!! Eek!


06/02/2013 at 15:44
Time for the IM? Should be under 12 hours as a steady effort inc a 1:10 swim, 6.5hr bike, 3:45-4 hr marathon which is slower than my LSR pace) don't want to push it since it will be my first. Only done one tri before which was Buttermere last September and enjoyed it so thought I'd step it up to the big one Bike is the weakest leg for me (got my first bike in july last year) so really depends how much progress I can make on 2 wheels! Of course it's just as likely to go horribly wrong!

Not too worried about the lack of running despite having been off for 4 months. Fitness is still improving and it doesn't take me long to get the legs sharpened up so plenty of time til July. Manchester on the other hand is too close to have a realistic eyeballs out effort so will be going for a plod round.
06/02/2013 at 15:48

Sounds like you are doing really well.

My brothers mate buzzed off the Ironman (I think it was in Lanzarote) went really well, but he said he wouldn't do another as he was worried too many variables would go a problem with the bike or something!  I would love to do one.

YOu are obviously super fit....what time will you get for Manchester do you think? 

A marathon will be a piece of cake compared to the IM anyway

06/02/2013 at 16:14
They are a piece of cake if you run them at or below the right pace. It's when you go too quick (which I have done on all but one occasion) that they become a sufferfest. Blacking out after crawling (literally) across the finish line in Berlin 2011 and waking up in the medical tent with a drip and wires stuck into me was probably my finest example. Ahhh, good times!

I'll either pick the 3:15 or 3:30 pacing groups in Manchester depending on how I'm feeling on the day and use as a faster and longer than normal training run. Strangely looking forward to it more now I've removed any PB pressure.

Lanzarote looks like a tough race. Know what he means about mechanical issues. To have a serious malfunction when you still have a long way to ride would be most irritating after a lot of time, effort and cash invested in your day out. If you want to do one RP just have a go at it. There are plenty of short course tri's to have a dabble at and if you enjoy the training and can find the time then you'll be able to do it. Come to the dark side bwahaha
06/02/2013 at 17:26

....I might just do that...I really want to do one some day.

I am a rubbish swimmer....well, I can swim a long way (must be the stamina thing!), but I have no technique at all, so that is something I would have to master before I even think of anything else.

I would like to do an ultra one day too....I think I could do it, it's just the demands of training that I would struggle with...I am struggling for time as it is!

Maybe one day....

Yeah, how gutted would you be in an IM if you had a nightmare with your bike and you lost loads of time ....then  you missed the cut off time by like one must happen  though....I would never get over it!


06/02/2013 at 20:41
Swim coach sessions don't cost a lot and getting a trained eye to assess you and give you some drills to work on can have a huge impact on your times.

I'm using the "Be Ironfit" book by Don Fink for my schedule. Get a copy of you are seriously interested - it gives a good overview of the training strategy (lots of low HR aero work) and tips on swim technique etc and different levels of schedules

Would love to move up to Ultras too. That's the plan for 2014
Edited: 06/02/2013 at 20:42
07/02/2013 at 13:39

All this talk about Ironman and triathlons is making me feel quite faint.  I'm not a good swimmer (I swim a mile three times a week, but strictly head above water style) but am currently trying very hard to learn front crawl.  I think I've managed about 30 metres so far before swallowing half the pool and thrashing about like a five year old (not my most elegant moment) - I like a challenge though, and just to spice life up I'm attempting this at the same time as marathon training!  Am I mad?

Went out and did 10.5 miles last night - it was supposed to be a gentle 5k followed by a faster 10k, but as per usual I found myself trying to keep up with faster runners and wore myself out too early.  Did my last mile very slowly, especially as most of it was uphill, and suffered all night.  Fine this morning though - maybe that massage has done some good after all!  It was £25 (can't remember who asked!) and lasted about 90 minutes - I'm sure most torture sessions are over long before that!  The lady who does mine is a (very good) runner herself, so is a valuable source of all sorts of info and tips - and trying to remember what she's telling me does help take my mind off the agony she's inflicting...

07/02/2013 at 13:41

I'm a million miles away from an ultra or a tri. I think one of the things that has drawn me to running is the simplicity of it. All i need is a decent pair of running shoes and out I go! Don't need gym membership, to book a court, to get a team together or anything els come to that. Having said that I have just got a Garmin for Christmas so maybe I'm becoming more of a running anorak than I thought!

The other thing thatI've njoyed about running is being part of forums like thiswhere we can chat and share ideas.

Have a good day everyone. Beautiful day for runnning here today......

07/02/2013 at 14:25

Yes, it's nice to know you're not the only one staring wistfully out of an office window planning the route for the next long run and where to leave the extra water bottles.....

Grey and damp here in Stockport, but still good for a run!  Roll on home time...

08/02/2013 at 10:29



I concur, lovely morning here in Lymm, bright and actually quite mild.  No running today, but I will brave 15 miles tomorrow....forecast doesn't look great on the BBC website, but it is what it is.  Spring won't be far away!!!

Yes, these forums are great, I have made some great friends over the years on the other threads, and hopefully will this time.

LOL Cybarev about the simplicity of running the words of my ex husband "I thought running was meant to be a cheap would be cheaper if you had a coke habit!"....Mind you, I have got about 10 pairs of running shoes, a huge amount of tops and bottoms, and 3 coats, 2 caps, sunglasses, running belt, socks etc...I just can't resist it!  ....And then there are the music devices and Garmin!  Still, it's not as though I drink loads or smoke, so I can justify it that way.

Ninja, I had a sports massage when I had that bad hip I mentioned...Oh My God.  All I will say, is, I would rather give birth any day of the week.  The pain was out of this world


08/02/2013 at 11:23

14 miles long gentle run for me today. Actually did a negative split which was bizzare and completley unintentional! It's a beautiful morning and the sun is shinging. Tried a new route though some local woods and round some back lanes which was great until I got overtaken by about 15 army guys all with their massive backpacks on! Lol....

As its my day off its out in the garden now to fit some new fence panels ....... deep joy!


08/02/2013 at 12:54

Well done on your run Cybarev

On a side issue, i just had an email from the organiser of Liverpool Marathon (as I did it a few years ago and am on their mailing list) to say itwas cancelled!!!

Is anyone doing it?  What a farce!


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