Manchester Marathon 2013

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11/10/2012 at 23:41
Toni Oxby Thats great that your hoping to set up your own business and quit smoking aswell, but I have to say the biggest/greatest thing you done by a country mile is quit your job to support your kids. It may not seem good financially but one day you'll be glad you took the time to put all the effort in to your kids, they are what really matters happyness not how much is in the bank. as a child I went without a lot of things other kids had (material wise) because one parent didn't work for 20years but as a result of that I had THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of hours of quality time with my mother which none of my school mates had so I'm happy I went without all the pointless stuff other kids had. your kids will be immenselly greatfull one day.
12/10/2012 at 07:46

Toni - Yes my wife is fine now 7 years on - amazing thing the body her left expanded in size to try and take up some of the work left by the right lung not being there. Has pushed the heart over to the space left by the missing lung and she has about 75% the lung capacity she had with 2 lungs. It means she cannot do the high intensity keep fit classes she used to do but she does does less intensity and walks alot infact she did a 26 mile marathon walk across the Cheviots in Northumberland last year for charity with all the climbs that involved.

12/10/2012 at 10:06

Andy the Deestrider

No excuse now mate!!

Going to take your advice starting next week, warm up then 4 to 5 mile reps, cool down.

Will built it up slowly as i know how easy it is to get injured. The head says do more do more!!! but don't want to over do it.

12/10/2012 at 11:09
That's amazing and an inspiration! Xx
12/10/2012 at 11:10
Ye the thing I found with intervals is exactly what you said, "head says do more" when really if you do say 3x1mile in 6:05 with 1.5min rests but 3x1mile in 5:55 with 1.5 min rests leave your legs wasted then your better off doing them in 6:05. (thats just an example with them numbers) you get the idea though that 90% effort can be better than flat out sometimes. Also I wouldn't hammer it first time because you need to enjoy it aswell.
A good example of this is the book Running with the kenyans- Adharranand Finn I learned how to train properly after reading this book.
13/10/2012 at 13:05

Bearsted Plodder forgot to add that you comment at 07:46 yesterday was great. storys like that are allways good for motivation if people think there struggling.

14/10/2012 at 07:39

Book ordered Andy thanks mate!!!

14/10/2012 at 07:43

Maidstone 1/2 today nice crisp morning

14/10/2012 at 08:09

Bearsted Plodder

Good luck ...  lets us know how you get on ?



14/10/2012 at 09:20
Good luck BP
14/10/2012 at 12:34

Used it as a training run for Luton Marathon and ran with mate who is running Luton with me. Nice and easy 1:47 on hilly course.

14/10/2012 at 12:41

Still a good run mate .. What are you looking for in the marathon???

14/10/2012 at 14:44

Another sub 4 hopefully 3:50 but may well run with my mate and I think he is looking at 3:59 so not sure. My PB for 1/2 is 1:38 but that was on pancake flat course

14/10/2012 at 17:26
Just downloaded my Garmin and even happier. The whole thing about today was to get a good steady run in. The last 3 miles were at 7:35 pace so if I got that in me at 10 miles I am really happy
14/10/2012 at 23:08
Just completed Third marathon in Chester. Didn't get in London so entered Manchester my home town (now living in Leeds). Didn't have a great run in Chester, as I had a bit of a bug but still managed 4:24. Did first marathon Chester 2011 in 3:58 and VLM 2012 in 3:47. Natural target is sub 3:45 and really disappointed after all the training for Chester that I wasn't feeling up to it on the day. Ran 1658 miles this year leaving 354 left to complete 2012 in 2012. You guys sound really supportive. Best regards Andy W.
15/10/2012 at 07:39


I log all my miles and what i do in the gym everyday, never thought of adding them up thats a good idea will make me feel better seeing iv'e ran to Spain from the Northwest!!

I'm so lost without my Garmin should be returned in the next few days!!  been in to get fixed £51 (its a 305) they said they don't make them any more but will relace it with a new one??? 

Asked them if i can upgrade noooooo.

15/10/2012 at 13:18


I love the occasional run without my garmin, or when it's so cold it's covered up with my sleeve, I feel a lot more free, like I'm running because I want to and because I can. If that makes any sense. Having said that, I forgot it before a 5M race last year and missed a pb by a couple of seconds. Gutted.

15/10/2012 at 22:57
I love my garmin 305 too! Though it does seem to encourage me to go faster. I think I'd use the ??51 towards a new 610
16/10/2012 at 14:04

Hi guys,  I ran liverpool marathon this sunday and missed out on my goal of a sub 3.50 by 2 minutes, really cheesed off!! my legs just seemed to weigh 2 tonne each at mile 22!!  i only went up to 20 miles x 3 in training and think perhaps i need to go further to help me cope with the last 6 miles.  Thinking of entering Manchester in April to chase the sub 3.50 or perhaps edinburgh in May, anyone done both who can compare?

16/10/2012 at 14:47

Rdrunner - Yep done both. Hard to compare as weather at manchester last year spoilt it. Edinburgh was apparentlt best yet last year when I didn't do it. Both are excellent Manchester is easier to get to and a smaller field but Edinburgh is a great weekend and first 6 miles downhill

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