MBNA Chester Marathon 2014

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27/08/2014 at 14:22

I'm running Chester as my second marathon. Did I read that the Lucozade comes in bottles? If so, great. Previous one (Barcelona) had bottled water but cups of sports drink - I threw most of it over my face trying to drink it.

Are there are congestion issues at Chester? Am trying to go sub-4hrs (did 4hr11m in Barcelona).

27/08/2014 at 15:30

Hi there

I'm fairly late to this particular party.

I'm quite happy doing about 6 half marathons every year with a PB of 1.38 htis year in Edinburgh.

I've decided to do one marathon, as I know I'll always wonder what it would have been like to do one and gone for Chester as the timing fits in well with my general training as I always do my home town (Wolverhampton) Half in September and it sounds like a nice course (Wolverhampton is 2 laps of a not particularly interesting course).

Anyway, I'm sort of following the Intermediate Programme on the coolrunning.com website. I did 22 miles last Saturday at 8.40 pace, with a mixture of short steady runs and a bit of tempo work (efforts as they call it) with a running club on Tuesdays.

Contrary to most people's opinion and most plans I've seen, this one recommends training right up to the full 26 miles, then tapering. That means I'm aiming for 24 miles on Sunday, which I am dreading as I'm finding the long runs boring.

However, I do see the point, as if you're going to put your bodt through that distance, it helps to know what to expect, especially if you've never done it before.

I'm 47 now so no spring chicken but would like to get comfortably under 4 hours, maybe flirt with 3.30, depending on how the next few weeks training go.

27/08/2014 at 16:58
I think at the most I'll go up to 24 miles. Got 22 on Saturday then 23 two weeks later so it'll be on either of these runs I'll decide to possibly go up to that level. By doing this I can get orrery much a bang on idea how long it'll take me to finish (looking at about 4.45 I reckon. I'm no sprinter).

Did 6.25 miles this morning and felt good, a little speedy too. I'll take that.
27/08/2014 at 17:00

I'd done 23 miles before my first marathon in March. Actually think doing 7 runs of 20+ miles was too much in the training period and so I'm not planning on going over the 20 miles I did last weekend and which I'll repeat another 3/4 times.

If you can do 1hr38 for half, you will batter 4 hours. I'd done just under 1hr50 half prior to doing the marathon in 4hr11, but I tailed off from 17 miles. I'm now at 1hr44 half and will be happy with 3hr59 marathon.

27/08/2014 at 21:37
Seems that I'm not the only one who is still undecided about what time they are hoping to complete this marathon in.

I'm also pondering my strategy on the day itself. I'm torn between:
A) Stick with a particular pace group (ie the 3:30 pacers or 3:45) all the way round.
B) Stay with a certain pace group for the first 13 miles and then see how I feel and maybe kick on abit or drop back depending on how I'm feeling.
C) Run at my own pace for the entirety (I'm weary that by doing this, as I'll keep looking at my Garmin every 2 seconds, which could be detrimental)

As part of my training plan I've done a half marathon in 1 hour 40mins and a 20 miler in 2 hour 50, so I'm thinking of sticking with the 3:45 pace group and take it from there.
27/08/2014 at 23:20

Hi all, sounds like everyone's training is going to plan. 20 miles this weekend for me with another 20 following wknd and last long run of 22. 

Dreading long run Sunday as been a pretty hectic week and feeling absolutely nackered 

Im in awe of the times you guys are hoping for but alas I'm with Lord Boz in the fast lane of around 4.45 ! Would be nice to finish sooner and race predictor is around 4.30 but don't want to get my hopes up so have 3 finish times in mind ! Will prob go with 4.45 pacer. Glad to hear you had a good run Lord Boz !



Yesterday at 08:23

Just back from a rather slow 5 mile plod around Lancaster , took tow path out of town through village of Aldcliffe and out onto country lanes for 2.5 miles before heading back then explored some of streets around town on way back !  Not looking forward to  drive back to Wiltshire took 4.5 hrs up here other day 

Yesterday at 08:30
We'll plod on together Heather (bit of poetry there) in the quest of 4.30 but I reckon after my 22 and 23 miles this week then two weeks later I'll have a fair idea of where I'll be for time.
Yesterday at 08:39

The quest for 4.30 sounds like a plan Lord Boz . I'm not panicking or out  !! .....much !

Yesterday at 11:49

I'm a bit like you Hilly88. I don't want to set my targets too high and try to stick with a group then find I went too fast and run out of steam, but at the same time want to od myself justice as I don't intend to do another one.

I'm toying with the idea of 3.30 and see how it goes. I might change my mind over the next couple of weeks when I've done my 24 mile and 26 mile runs.

Yesterday at 22:49


26 mile training run? Id just do the extra 0.2 and call it the marathon 

Today at 17:34
I'm saving the pain of miles 25 and 26 for race day.
Today at 18:16

Me too !! ....May possibly burn my trainers after it 

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