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16/09/2014 at 21:43
Aleik wrote (see)

Has anyone considered jumping on another marathon schedule after this? I've not felt 18 weeks has been too long at any point. It's easy to say this now, who knows how we'll feel after Chester.

I'm not a marathoner really (more 10k etc however much I'll enjoy Chester), but I can't get into Boston/VLM until I get a GFA time and this really p*sses me off! Wanting what I can't have basically, so I'm after a time in Manchester next April and considering a 24 week P&D after full recovery. This may be too long a programme, but there's only one way to find out...

consider jumping back on Marathon wagon? yes sure ,in fact im trying to stay on it. 3weeks after Chester i'm running SNowdonia marathon. After pacing the 5hr 'funbus' at Chester the Snowdonia run is for fun and another attempt to improve my SNowdonia 4hr59. A couple of days rest cross training, then poss an 8 or 16 and a bit of hill then Snowdonia.

If this is  your first marathon - enjoy,at the end you may say never again - for a few hours and then you'll say , hmmm maybe i can do better

16/09/2014 at 22:02

Hi Wrexhamrob ....amazing ! 

Yesterday at 18:44

Your first running event Hilly? Amazing! Haha, as you say, in straight at the deep end.

Is the only parking close to the event at the racecourse? Im staying in a hotel but its a few miles from the racecourse and i heard the parking is a bit of a nightmare.

Yesterday at 20:20
McTamus - Well apart from a sports relief 10k in March this year...

I've always been quite good over long distances and had a decent level of fitness anyway through playing football 2-3 times a week for the past 15+ years. I know it's not all about winning and events such as sport relief mainly attract 'fun runners' but somehow I ended up finishing first (not quite sure how that happened as I had done no special training).

Anyway that day is what got me into running and I wanted to give myself a good old challenge. My original intention was to run a local half marathon, but (without trying to sound big headed), I felt I could have done that distance fairly comfortably so set my sights on a FULL. It's always been something I'd wanted to attempt so I though, "what better time to do it than now?"

Ps - I hope I don't soon like a 'Johnny know all' or 'Jack of all trades' from the above. I'm not vindicating in anyway that a half marathon is not an amazing achievement. I just opted to challenge myself with my ultimate goal - a full marathon.
Yesterday at 20:27
Thanks Wrexham Rob. My first was Windermere 3 years ago. Afterwards I said never again! But I hadn't done any proper hill training, and didn't unslderstand fuelling and hydration to the point I do now, so with being a total wreck at the end I suppose it would be understandable to not want to continue. I was fine eventually but it was a good number of weeks before really ready to exercise properly again.

I recall seeing the snowdonia marathon on TV a couple of years ago, would I be right? It looked a bloody tough one! Hope you're fresh for it, good luck with everything.
Yesterday at 21:26

Hi All, I've just discovered this thread. I'm doing Chester too. I will be my first marathon since 2006.

Did a 22 miler Sunday just gone so weekend runs will be tapering now - 15 this weekend and 10 the following weekend. Other runs in the weekly schedule have tended to be a 7 mile tempo run, 10 mile comfortable pace run and then another of whatever I can fit in e.g. 6 miles. Also been trying to do some weights a couple of times a week for upper body strength as 26.2 miles is soooo far to carry the body! I just made up my own schedule so hope it will work!

It sounds like everyone is doing really well on their training.

I'm hoping for a Good For Age time. At 42 I think that is 3:50. My half marathon time in Feb this year was 1:34 so I really hope nothing goes wrong and I can get the Good For Age. But it could all go wrong!

Thought i'd add my bit about energy gels too. My guts seem to have changed over the years with regards to how I can tolerate gels. I used to have SIS ones with no problem but now they just don't agree and I need to head more or less straight to the loo! A friend put me onto the Clif Shot Blocks which are like cubes of jelly and very pleasant tasting. I've just ordered a load of Amazon and will take them with me on race day. I've had to cut out caffine on mornings of long runs so no tea or coffee for me and also had to cut out the butter on my usual toast as again it was causing trips to the loo. I'm only putting this down incase there is anyone else out there who suffers from the dreaded 'runners trots' and is wandering whether any of their foods are causing the problem. I kept a food diary for a couple of weeks to work out what to cut out.

Anyway, it seems like all the really hard work is done for us all now and we can enjoy the taper and look forward to the big day. It is taking up alot of headspace for me!


Yesterday at 22:16

I only ever intended to do one marathon, that was back in 2006, and by about mile 22 I was wondering which one I'd do next, I've typically done one or two a year since then, it's definately addictive. I'm also doing Snowdon a few weeks after chester, not sure how that will go Or what running I will do between the two. My focus has been on Chester, and I'll be trying to get a good time ( I'm planning to use it as a qualifier for next years comrades, my first ultra) at the moment my plan is just to "jog" around snowdon, to enjoy the scenery and the challenge and not worry about the time! 

Today at 08:06
I'm looking at finishing... first task! Liz as a man nine years ur junior I can only dream of times like that! Still, ten years ago I was 21 stone so it's not a bad turnaround in a decade! Is it over yet? Thinking about this marathon has been in my head for months!
Today at 08:21

Nearly Lord Boz - can't believe it's so close now!  You will wonder what to do with your life once it's over though

Liz, that's a super-quick half time for your target - if you've put the long runs in I'm sure you'll easily get a GFA

McHilly, like you, I was going to do one, ever.  Loved it, never stopping now as long as I'm physically capable.

My friend offered me a place in the Yorkshire marathon the week after Chester, I was really tempted, but think that might be just a little bit too ambitious!

Today at 16:11

Hi all, great to read everyone's stories ! Treadmill session this morn for 1hr 6mins of threshold and intervals, sports massage this aft 

Today at 18:50

Lord Boz that's very kind but it has taken me years to build up to that time. Not bad for an old bird! What an amazing turnaround to go from 21 stone to runnng marathons. You must feel like a different person.

McHilly, I've heard Snowdon is a beautiful course. Defo scenery rather than speed!

Madbee - thanks I just hope the wheels don't fall off as they say!

Hope the treadmill went well Heather. A great session for a treadmill and a well earned sports massage afterwards!

Off to do 10 miles with a friend in a bit and try out the shot blocks again!


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