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09/12/2002 at 13:03
Well managed to complete my first 10 mile. Thought it was quite challenging even though I live in Peacehaven wasn't expecting it to be that muddy!

Does anyone know of any other runs in the county? looking to beat my modest time of 1hr 31m!
09/12/2002 at 13:17
Cheers PB. Have got magazine but a) haven't got around to reading it and b) I find it doesn't list all the races e.g. didn't have yeaterday's race in it.

Got a real buzz for running in another muddy race, shall look where you've suggested, may just find one not too far away.
09/12/2002 at 14:42
Elaine, you came in just behind me, if fact I have to admit it was me that overtook you on the last downhill road stretch, 8-9 mile.
But then you overtook me earlier!! Well done anyway.

I enjoyed the course, I do a bit of training up round there so it was familiar, although it was not so muddy when I last ran up there. However, after last week's Duckpond this was a doddle on the muddy front.

Well done everyone else, don't think I will ever be fast, but pleased to have got round and not in last place!!

Cheeky am I looking out for you in Worthing next week? In drag?? Christmas Cracker 5/10k if any females are interested.

Sean, there is a boxing day run in Preston Park, 4/5miles, enter on the day if you are interested. Apart from that I don't think there is any local ones left until New Year.
09/12/2002 at 14:53
Dips, I did wonder if that was you passing me and leaving me well behind - well done, I couldn't even hope to keep up with you but at least I could see another runner for most of the last couple of miles, I didn't feel quite so alone and lost. Well done you looked in much better condition than me!

Think I will train a bit more before my next race but very much doubt I will improve my time.

Have to say that the marshalls were all brilliant and very encouraging - thanks to the unknown lady marshall at the end who helped to improve my pace a little bit at the end. Nice mince pies too...
09/12/2002 at 15:15

Thanks for the information, do I just turn up or can I find out any further Information before then?
09/12/2002 at 17:11
I make one comment and it gets taken completely out of context...Lesson here for me, explain yourself better Cheeky!!!!

All I was trying to say was that there do not appear to be any MEN's races left this year...I think I will quit while I'm behind...

Looking at the times that people did, everyone must be well chuffed! So excluding the ladies races, what's the next race on people's diary? I think mine is the Tadworth 10 in January. Tends to be quite tough with a nice uphill on a 2 lap course.

It's also amazing how many first time runners there are and the incredible times that have been run!

09/12/2002 at 17:31
Don't know about men's races, but there's two mixed races in Surrey before Christmas:-

1.Reigate 6
2.Epsom 10K

both on 22 December.
09/12/2002 at 17:41
Thanks Snoop,.
09/12/2002 at 20:26
Dips and Elaine -- I must have been somewhere near you during the first half mile of this race.

My pedometer read 10.5 miles after the race -- is it possible I put in an extra half mile through avoiding puddles and diverting from the course to climb over fence instead of run through small pond that had formed in the fence gateway area? I seemed to be constantly moving side to side in the first 5 miles to try to find less mud and more stable ground (didn't really find it).

Happy with my time on that course -- 1.44.24, new PB (first 10 mile race)! Looking forward to a 10 mile road race where I can smash that time.

I made the comment about passing people by starting at the back to my husband and he suggested that if the race was long enough, eventually I would pass everybody!
Hmmm...I wish.
09/12/2002 at 23:02
Think I was just having a good moment Elaine, didn't feel that strong in places!! If you feel like another race, there is a nice flat women's only on Saturday at Worthing, 5k or 10k, Worthing Running Sisters. No mud or hills!!!

Sean, yes u just turn up on Boxing day, I'll try to find out more for you. I did it last year, came in near the end and got booby prize with the rest of my group.

Linca that last mile was more, some time after the 9 mile marker I saw the 1 mile marker and the course back was the same. It felt like an extra 1/2 so u must be right. Most peeps ran past me, wasn't u chatting about a cheap gold bond place in Marathon was it?

Hope to meet again, well meet for the first time might help!!

10/12/2002 at 09:06
Dips -- wasn't me. I briefly talked to two girls who were in front of me through all the muddy bits in the first half (or really just made random comments -- ooo its muddy, wasn't expecting this, whoa!). Then at the drinks station one of them missed seeing a bump on the road and fell over. Ouch! It looked painful. I slowed down a little but as I was approaching she was saying "I'm okay", so I didn't stop. (Anyone out there admitting to being this person?)
I was pretty much alone for the next mile or two until after the very steep hill when I started to catch up with and passed a small group of women.
Not much talking for me.
10/12/2002 at 21:54
Way too fast for me PB!!!
11/12/2002 at 07:48
Would have said hello, but didn't get there until 10:45, which then involved parking in a different car park, running into loo, running back to car, a few short stretches and running back to start to find everyone starting! I think I might be at the Windsor thing on Sunday. Anyone else on this thread going?

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