Moors The Merrier Marathon 26/21

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17/07/2009 at 18:38
DIRE weather and i cant find anywhere to stay......Bed, shower and decent beer, cant be much more simple than that.
17/07/2009 at 20:46
The rain should have passed over by tomorrow. It should be a grand half day out.  See you soon.
18/07/2009 at 20:11

Well that was hard, but fun. After the long hills and good paths/trails of Osmotherley Phoenix this was hard going with its sharp climbs and muddy, tufty, boggy underfoot conditions. Great event though, well organised and extremely generous with the food stops and buffet at end. Also some great scenery and no long boring drags.

After a 10k race and hard speed sesh midweek and a few beers last night I decided it was wise to drop to the 21m route as my easy effort was slower than usual. Glad I did as could have been out ages on the 26 today! Also sole came partially off left roclite at about 6-7m and by end it was almost all off and heel kept pushing out and getting plenty of bits of grit in shoe  No harm done though and shoes had had a good innings of over 500miles - good compared to other trail shoes I've had.

Dovedale next

19/07/2009 at 00:02

Hi Drunken,

I think I've finally met you. I remember someone talking about their 500-mile Inov8s falling apart today. Trouble is, I bet I can't remember what you look like. I didn't take note because I didn't realise you were a forumite, let alone the famous DE,mmom.

I really enjoyed the 26-miler today. I'm finally recovered and back to strength after Western States 100 -> Osmotherley Phoenix -> White Peak Walk + Manchester-Blackpool bike ride. The cooler conditions helped towards faster times this year, even though underfoot was so boggy and slimy. I was amazed to knock 23 minutes off last year's time to finish in 5:22.

This group always organises a fantastic event. The other one is The Hebden in January from the same location, but different route of course.

19/07/2009 at 06:22

BN - do you EVER stop???? great stuff

well done Euph hopefully will join you on the next one!

Edited: 19/07/2009 at 07:25
19/07/2009 at 07:59

Euph - I enjoyed yesterday. Thought the course was well interesting.....A bit of everything (food & terrain & underfoot conditions!). Think I did 5hrs 40something - though i forget the time the guy @ the finish shouted out as took my soggy shoes off + i was half way thru my post race feed b4 i remembered to turn off the Garmin (i always do that DOH!!). i guess i had mind around 6hrs yday so was quite pleased with end result + i felt not too shattered come the finish & this morn. Echoing BritNick's comments - excellent org indeed & the usual great range of goodies to munch on at the CPoints & finish. See you at the Dipper!

Britnick - Good to see you yesterday - If not on the race itself - You had a good un' yesterday - 5:22 = great time - showing me & lots of others a clean pair of heels. Hope the Lakeland 100 goes well 4u - See you down at Bradwell no doubt. Should be a good one as well.

Clairster - Hope things are looking better. Get yourself down to Dovedale and/or Bradwell - Race or no race it's my round down the pub! Euph & I + one (guy from Liverpool on his first marathon yday - boy - he picked a tough opener!) enjoyed a long cold un' complete with comfy chair after yesterdays exertions. Vnice it was 2....



19/07/2009 at 08:51
Times now on website RegardsAlan G
19/07/2009 at 12:40

Cheers Alan, much appreciated and a great, challenging, event.

Bn - That was me, nice to meet you too, recognised you from pics on your blog, apols I should have introduced myself and my alter ego. Great time yesterday! 23 mins off last year is v.good. I'll definately return next year for another crack at this one, maybe get better prepared and do the 26. I'll have a look at the Hebden too. Good luck at the Lakeland 100

Mark - Yes, under 6 hours around there is quite an achievement, I would have struggled with that yesterday. Pint went down well and very comfy, I thought for a moment they may expell us for not meeting a minimum "smart" dress code and ponging a bit

I got a few pics yesterday, the shoe kept slowing me as I stopped to put heel back in and get bits of grit out. So I figured I may as well get a few mementos of the day, only on a cameraphone, I'll post them up a bit later if any good.

19/07/2009 at 16:30
6.25, beat last year by 51 mins, got lost in the last mile, a left instead of a right after trigpoint. Will be back, I can't understand how others get anywhere near 5 hours.
20/07/2009 at 11:19

HI all

first time for me  and Craig that one, agree heartily well organised and supported specially the checkpoint's, boy was it hilly, coming from the vale of york not seen so many lumpy bits on a course!!.

we got lost going upto CP2 in the dale, and ended up somewhere on the tarmac then running to great rock, oops wrong direction, only cost us 0.7mile, but so annoyed withourselves as the checkpoint turned out to be 100yds in the opp direction. aarrrggg.

if anyone fancies some more LDWA events, try the Smugglers Trod at Robin Hoods Bay  on  August  bank Holiday weekend its 18 & 26 miles on the North York Moors,

also Rudolph Romp, 1st Saturday in december at Brantingham, Brough nr Hull  24 miles

both well organised and well supported


smiggy 1959

20/07/2009 at 12:36

"BN - do you EVER stop????" Course I do Clairster. It's called being at work - five days of (mostly) sitting down at the computer. Cycling or running here keeps things ticking over nicely for the next weekend. It was good to meet you again, and Mark D, Chris B, Graham B, Jenny W, Geoff H, Ian H, Ivan G, Dave S, Carole E, Alan G, etc.....

I ran the 26 miles with Geoff and a 'new kid on the block', Adam from New Zealand. It was Adam's longest event, which he thought was a road race when he entered. The off-piste nature of this meant that it couldn't have been more off-road if it had tried. Well done Adam if you're reading this, a most commendable effort. I don't think you even fell over did you, even though you were wearing road shoes?Oh, the exhuberance of youth.

20/07/2009 at 13:19

Smiggy - Agreed on Rudolph Romp, much easier course than this as only significant hills at start and finish. Though the ice - and I think some snow? - made some bits tricky this year. I'm entered for Smugglers this year, first time, sounds fun. Also did the Scarborough Rock which was mid January and organised by same group as Rudolph, takes you through undulating bits of Scarborough and then into the Moors around to Broxa and back through forest trails. Worth a go as a nicely varied route and a good post-xmas belly-burner!

20/07/2009 at 15:46
Euph you would never have a belly! Not even after xmas and New Year it wouldnt be possible. Well done on your run great time
21/07/2009 at 22:07

I'm finally up to date with the blog. Report is here, with link to a stingy three pictures before a "memory card error" put a stop to it.

It was great meeting you all on Saturday - a most memorable day.

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