National Lottery Olympic Park Run

Is this event real or a phishing attempt?

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03/11/2011 at 13:49
Rejection for me....depressed now...Hope everyone that got in has a cracking time though ;-p
03/11/2011 at 14:14

can someone help me here, my entry fee has been taken from my bank but no email yet. i know tomorrow is the last day for emails so still have bit of time left but has anyone got contact number or email address so i can chase them up

04/11/2011 at 14:38

Hi I got in but I had to email them. Am slightly annoyed as they are sticking to the 'two spectator passes' when I have two children, one of whom is disabled and needs someone to look after her. If anyone doesnt need one of their spectator passes id be delighted to meet them

by the way i didnt get a london marathon place this year either - this is the fifth time!!!!!

04/11/2011 at 14:41

congrats THEBIGONE just out of interest what email address did you use for them?

04/11/2011 at 14:42
Sean Scutt 3 I emailled to find out what happened -i didnt get an official email
04/11/2011 at 14:42
sean Scutt 3-they keep the email adress hidden but it was on the confirmation email!!
04/11/2011 at 14:45
thanks, just sent one to that address too, hope i get quick reply 
04/11/2011 at 15:23
Good luck!!
07/11/2011 at 14:24
anyone else awaiting email still?taken my money no confirmation really annoying
07/11/2011 at 14:32

I think it's been pretty poorly managed if you ask me.

Still people are waiting to find out yet money has gone from people's account's?!

07/11/2011 at 14:35
have just emailed them again see if get reply
07/11/2011 at 20:16

I'm still waiting. I emailed them on Friday to try and find out and haven't had a reply yet. I'm pretty confident it's a no, but I don't see why they can't manage to get the email out about that.

Sean if they've taken your money it's looking pretty good that you have a place, they did say funds would only be taken if your ballot was successful. 

08/11/2011 at 15:20
just got confirmation email (sigh of relief), good luck to those who are still waiting to hear
19/11/2011 at 21:40


A bit late on this one as been on holiday and just checked my credit card bill and the amount has been debited.

I can't find that I received the original email confirming this so have emailed them - but just wanted to check I didn't need to do anything to confirm my place.


19/11/2011 at 23:56
Congrats Sean Scutt 3 -see you on the facebook page in Jan!
20/11/2011 at 12:38
thanks Thebigone looking forward to it, might be able to help you out on the extra spectator entrance. my wife is coming but have found it difficult to find just 1 person for the other ticket due to couples and numerous nieces and nephews so i have got the other spectator pass if we can somehow transfer it. let me know if you still need a spare.
28/11/2011 at 21:46

Sean Scutt 3 sorry have been dealing with some personal issues at home. Id love the ticket!!! Send me email:

29/12/2011 at 14:33
12/02/2012 at 15:36
Dont you think we should start this up again - not long to 31st March! Am on 8-week smart coach plan but geeting over shoulder op so its slow going!
12/02/2012 at 16:28
It would be great to keep up the conversation here, particularly as I am not on Facebook and to get info on the event via the National Lottery Twitter  feed means you get all the other lottery stuff as well! Has anyone made travel/accommodation plans yet?
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