New York Marathon 2009

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09/11/2009 at 21:45
10-10-10 started eating away at mwe yesterday.........
09/11/2009 at 22:01

hi bouncy bunny

i only found the negatives to be minor and the positives to be huge.

arrived at  wavel 1 , 2 minutes late as the directions to the start  were not overly clear and got put in to wave 2 , but as i was never going to win the race it didnt make any difference to my overall time.(in my opinion the waves worked very well)

i actually found the 45 minute shuffle for the UPS bags  probably stopped my legs from seizing up and gave me a chance to gasbag (chat) to some other hobbling runners.

expo was great , although since it was my 1st ive nothing to compare it to.

wouldnt recommend the MARATHON ROUTE BUS TOUR, as it had to cancelled half way through due to busy traffic ,and the guide even had a cheek to say that his boss said it didnt matter as we'd see it anyway during the run(had to laugh though)

 loved the cheering crowds, the bands ,volunteers handing out water and gatorade were really friendly, liked the fact some of the crowd (i think in harlem)had massage sticks to help some runners with aching muscles, loved running through the neighbourhoods  and loved the wall of people that greet you in to central park.

to sum it up it was an OK way to spend a sunday (only kidding it was AMAZING)

09/11/2009 at 22:43
Hi guys,

Just got back today after an awesome week in New York. The marathon itself was a bit of a downer for me. Felt great the week leading up to it but I started feeling ill on the Saturday, flu like symptoms and I felt awful. Tried to get plenty of sleep and medication but to no avail. Was like a zombie on marathon day. Felt awful on the bus to the start and was really feverish leading up to the off. I dosed up on drugs and planned on just getting round..... I got totally caught up in the start, New York New York energised me and I went off at my planned pace. Was really enjoying it up until around 15/16miles then I just ran out of gas. Found the Queensboro bridge horrible, picked up a bit along 1st avenue then just lost it from 20miles onwards. Ran as much as I could bur felt nauseas and faint so ended up walk/ running 1/2 mile each from 20mile onwards. I must sat the crowds all the way round were amazing. They really kept me going. I managed to run the last 1.5miles and was glad I did. Finished in 4.39 which I was happy with given the circumstances. Looking for a marathon soon though whilst I'm still fit.

Overall an amazing experience with the best result I could hope for given my illness. Managed to raise over £2500 which is the main thing.

Just want to say a massive well done to everyone who ran the marathon and thanks tgo everyone who supported up. Thank You so much!!
10/11/2009 at 12:22

FYI: The Fairmont Hotel in Chicago is lovely, well situated, and has an incredible deal from marathon Friday (but not Thursday). Nearly all of my US buddies have booked from 8-12, as have I. You need a credit card to book but can cancel without penalty until 24 hours before you turn up. If you are even thinking about appropriately marking 10-10-10 (US and UK date!), I strongly recommend you book your hotel place today. Registration for the race will probably open early Feb and is on a first-come, first served basis (no good for age places). Last year it filled its places by April, I believe.

gas-man    pirate
11/11/2009 at 09:30

Hi all

Like most people, having said never again, my thoughts are turning to the next challenge! Mr GM is planning ironman Germany but I have decided to sign up  for the local event, Edinburgh marathon May 23rd 2010.  I calculate that is 27 weeks away.  What is my best race plan until an 18 week programme kicks in?  Should I simply be treading water for the next few weeks or working to a programme? Any advice gratefully accepted!

That said, I've not run since NY, delayed slightly more by swine flu jab yesterday, my whole body aches and my arm is swollen to Schwarzenneger proportions


 Mrs GM

11/11/2009 at 09:52

Hi Mrs GM

Feeling exactly the same. NY was totally amazing although time not great at 5:17 but pleased to have finished it considering my injuries throughout the year and as it was my first marathon also a PB.

I was thinking of Edinburgh too as my Dad told me I've to do one a bit closer to home the next time.  I was thinking about basically doing my usual 5-6 miles 3 times a week with the odd longish run about once a month until the training programme kicks in.  Also thought about doing the Edinburgh Kilomathon (26.2km) which looks interesting.  Along with the Glasgow womens 10k in May and half marathon in September.

So many races, I've definately got the bug now

11/11/2009 at 19:59

Yayy... another of my team returns to the fold

It was a great run Padders! Your first marathon shouldn't have a time target because the only objective it to get to the finish and enjoy the experience... you succeeded at both and still in a respectable time Well done!!

Now you have a time to beat

NotCat... 3:09:54 (PB)
Rower... 3:46 (PB?)
achingcalves... 3:19:54 (Huge PB!)
KMac... 4:46:46 (Brill 1st marathon PB!)
Champagne... 3:34
kiwidave... 3.24
tiptree... 3:31:53 (PB)
MWilson... 2:58:43 (Superb 1st marathon PB)
gary jones 17... 2:46:12
L'ardvark... 3:01:04 (PB)
Paul Ward 13... 3:05:09
Kaygee... 4:39:06 (PB)
Hudds Dave... 4:32
Dougie Waller... 3:42:42
theboynice... 3:12:49 (PB)
surreystrider... 4:14:30
djwolf... 3:30:05
Mrs Wolf... 4:37
Tricia... 4:15:55
Rower... 3:45
gas-man... 3:42
Mrs gas-man... 5:22
Dave 101... 3:48:56 (1st marathon PB)
born to go slow... 4:40:13 (PB)
mittybob... 4:20:30
Steven S... 3:25:34 (PB)
chowster... 3:57:54 (PB)
Padders17... 5:17 (1st marathon PB)

12/11/2009 at 00:36

I tried to post something here that RWOL UK could not handle and it won't let me simply delete the post. So,

Hello everyone

Good luck Trin

Edited: 12/11/2009 at 00:38
15/11/2009 at 23:23

*Checks list on wall to make sure everyone is in and accounted for*

*sweeps up, clears away empties, and has a final tidy*

*Picks up pom poms, turns lights out, has a final look back and leaves the thread, quietly closing the door behind*


23/11/2009 at 10:11

*Slides note under door. "Thanks for everything, Trin."

04/01/2010 at 18:40

1st Marathon complete 4:57:12 PB dead chuffed after the training went very wrong (didnt even get to half marathon distance). 

Loved every single second and would love to do it again - thanks to the medics for catching me on the line.

33,939th place, room for improvement me thinks

Which one to do next.............................

Congratulations to you all

17/01/2010 at 20:12

Which one to do next.............................


P.S. Congrats on your PB. Just think what a successful round of training might bring...

01/02/2010 at 09:47
Chicago 2010 Registration started today. I have registered.
01/02/2010 at 20:25
I'm in as well.
01/02/2010 at 22:42
Me too
07/02/2010 at 15:47

Kiwidave. Yay!

NotCat. I know (but yay anyway).

Either of you joined a UK forum worth bothering with?

07/02/2010 at 19:04
There's not much chat yet but there is a thread over here:

I'm supposed to be heading to the Tokyo Marathon in 3 weeks as well but have done something to my calf today so may have to pull out. Will keep an eye on it over the next week.
09/02/2010 at 07:47

Dave. Dang. Sorry to hear about your calf. I kow you'll make a sensible decision about Tokyo but tough call. Thanks for the thread info. Heading over there now.

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