Northumberland Coastal Run

Northumberland Coastal Run

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22/03/2007 at 20:15
Entered this one today. Looks a good run. Anyone else on for this ?
04/04/2007 at 17:36
It's a cracking run - I ran it several times in the early '90s. Where did you see the entry form, Mr Day?
04/04/2007 at 18:06
Downloaded from web site.
07/04/2007 at 22:15
Every year i look at this run and think yes - i must do it.

Apparently it goes from Beadnell to Alnmouth (approximately 14 Miles)along the beatiful Northumberland coastal path, which is meant to be an area of outstandiung natural beauty.

It's just a long way from Manchester without a stop over. Maybe this is the year.

08/04/2007 at 18:58
I'll do it if I'm not working :o)
11/04/2007 at 12:24
See you there!!
11/04/2007 at 13:50

Is this you home territory ?
11/04/2007 at 14:00
Right then, that's my entry form downloaded, printed and filled in.
Done this a number of times and its always a great event.
18/04/2007 at 10:53
Okay how difficult is this, I am a relative newcomer to this game but did Edinburgh marathon and a couple of halfs. Is there a track most the way or do I need snorkles and flippers?
18/04/2007 at 11:00
cd-yes my dad was from morpeth and I have family in Amble, Alnwick etc.

Colin-apparently it is quite hard as it is multi-terrain, but should be treated more as an event and a bit of a laugh than a race. So more of a high speed ramble as cd would say!!

A few days before my birthday so am overcoming this crisis by running slightly further than Im used to.
18/04/2007 at 11:07

See you there.
25/04/2007 at 13:08
Doing my first half in Leeds in a couple of weeks (aiming for 2hrs 15). Thinking I need something else to make sure me and my running partner don't end up sitting on the couch... would this be it? Or will we get trampled in the rush of serious competitors?
25/04/2007 at 13:26
I ran this one a couple of years ago and probably will do it again this year. Very nice event with some great scenery. It is multi-terrain with some parts along the beach and a few hilly bits but I wouldn't say it was overly difficult. Also as its a non-standard distance (14 miles-ish) first-timers are almost guaranteed a PB!!
25/04/2007 at 13:39
Shirley-Im doing Leeds half too. Aiming for about 2:15 too, but had a bad knee and stuff so maybe not!!! I dont think there will be a rush of serious competitors. From what I hear its an event for the scenery and the laugh!!!

25/04/2007 at 14:25
Thanks people (I was Shirley, but really i'm Whirley), that's good to know. I've forwarded details to Nikki the runner Ibbo and you may well see us there on the day.

ps - don't you get bad blisteryness if your feet get really wet?
25/04/2007 at 14:29
More blisters-ooh lovely.

Just been trying to book accomoddation for the Saturday night and non-one seems towant to take bookings for one night. Excellent.Any ideas???

I can stay with family but Im going up with my mates from my club so its a bit cr@p to leave them to pay for rooms when I asked them to join me!!!!!!!
25/04/2007 at 16:10
I've done the Phoenix 14 (as it used to be called) 17 times - still my all time favourite race. Approx. an equal split ; road, trail and beach through some quite remote places.

Usually very hot and oddly no set route - as a marshal said to me "Just keep the sea on your left" so, as you are running south, you tend to only get suntanned down the left hand side.Lots of natural obstacles ; deep tidal pools or soft sand dunes )depending on the tide) large boulders, slippy rocks, barbed wire fences and groynes at the finish - especially if you get lost which is possible, if you lose sight of the runner in front.

Cracking run, it's the only race I've done where people stop to take photographs of the scenery BUT the time of high water is crucial. If the tides in, you can't cut corners and you run nearer 15 miles; if the tides out, miles of beautiful firm wet sand. The 1997 race corresponded with high water and I ran the first and last mile in knee deep seawater.

So wear your old shoes, don't try to break any records and plan to get burned.

See you in the Red Lion Beer Garden afterwards
26/04/2007 at 17:26
Aye well still not convinced tide is out that day though so...
Good pubs in Alnmouth might go there instead!!!!!
26/04/2007 at 17:32
I remember one demented soul actually swimming across the bay rather than run around the beach, probably in Denmark by now
30/04/2007 at 23:08
Oh my word! Having just read some of the comments, I'm not sure that I want to do this now!

I have been out of the forums and running for quite a while now due to one reason and another but hopefully will soon(Hmmm.....?!) get back into the swing of things!

It's hard work but I think I am progressing! The last race I did was the GNR in Sept 05! Frightening really! I have entered the Liverpool 10km Tunnel Race in early June as a tester!

Anyhow, I have booked my accommodation and will be up there for the run. Just hope I complete it! Is a compass advised?! And what about shoes? By the sounds of things I should invest in some trail shoes as opposed to my Asics 1100 series that I swear by or isn't it this bad?


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