Orion 15

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25/03/2006 at 19:26
Hard, hard, hard . . . ! But very enjoyable, despite being bugged with stomach cramps/stitch from mile 8 on.

Huge thanks to the marshalls and organisers - must have been a bit grim in the rain waiting for us tail-enders to stagger in.

Back next year.
25/03/2006 at 20:31
Very tough but very enjoyable. Thanks to all involved for the organisation.
25/03/2006 at 20:53
Cor it was tough wasnt it.

Yep AJH I did it, 2.47! very pleased especially with those poxy hill!

Marshalls were excellent - thanks guys.
Ultra AJH    pirate
26/03/2006 at 09:45
Well done Tilly, yes getting up (and down) those hills was an acheivement. I dont know why I am always so suprised when I do xc and there are lots of hills but I am never quite ready for them!
27/03/2006 at 08:25
We're glad you enjoyed yourselves, folks! It IS a very tough course, with our hills and mud - but Epping Forest is lovely... if you had time to look around. :-)
I was amazed to see that so many folk who missed the cut-off at 9 miles were enjoying themselves so much that they ran on!

For anyone interested, Results can be found here:
27/03/2006 at 09:17
I can see why Roddy loves the mountains, as I thought that is what we were ascending at about the 11 mile mark! He was an absolute star keeping me going (with chocolate and water) as the "last man in" I must admit I was tempted to climb into his rucksack for the last 3 miles though. Very well organised, with all the extra deep mud put round the course especially on the hills!
27/03/2006 at 11:10
Must admit, Im surprised I wasnt asked to stop when going through 9 miles slower than 1.30.

Glad you let us keep going (wasnt at the time). Organisation was excellent - thanks again.

AJH well done you too!
27/03/2006 at 11:29
I don't know how I missed this thread before the race, but I did.

Anyway, I managed 1.54, which I was pretty pleased with. I did 2.09 last year, but I was in the group that got misdirected and ended up doing the Orion 16 on that occasion!

It's a great race, which is why we come back every year. We'll be there again next year!

27/03/2006 at 11:34
I've added some race foties to the website 15 of them (but, of course!).
Slow to load though... even with broadband.
Mostly of the leaders after that 11 mile hill... and a couple at the start.
Ultra AJH    pirate
27/03/2006 at 12:13
How did you know if you missed the cut off?

Did someone say something to you? Didnt hear them if they did!
27/03/2006 at 12:17
Me neither AJH
27/03/2006 at 15:31
If you feature in the results (which you both did) then you were past the drinx station before 4.20. (just after 9 miles)
We delayed cut-off this time, cos the race started a wee bit late. After that, the sweeper removed some trail-paper, and all flags and mile markers were removed; cold, soggy race marshalls were advised they could now go home... eventually our timekeepers timed in the 209th runner just before 5.00pm.
Ultra AJH    pirate
28/03/2006 at 10:40
Ah! Thank God for the trail paper, its the only reason I am still not lost there!

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