Paris Marathon 2010

Allez Allez 2010 - c'est le plus grand

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05/07/2010 at 20:37

DV - if I was on the same land mass, I'd be there like a shot. Would love to help out. Fingers crossed for you.

Here's the video I made of the Tour de France today. There were cars and motorbikes going through constantly for 15 minutes before the riders turned up and quite a few helicopters overhead.  What a circus. Great lunchbreak though!

05/07/2010 at 23:37

Evening all - it's been a while since I've posted on here - It's time to get back in the game, especially with training for Venice in full swing now. 

Great clip TD - I've been watching most of today's stage on Eurosport, very exciting again.  I'm off to La France to watch somewhere up the Col du Tormalet in a couple of weeks, which I'm very excited about.  Running shoes will be taken for some serious hill sessions!  LR - the cobbles stage is tomorrow (Tuesday) - more crashes anyone?!

Training proper for me started last week - after being lazy for a couple of months I feel super sluggish.  But having entered the Great Yarmouth half in August as well (mine and Gemster's first weekend away ), I know it's now time to start getting back into the routine of getting up early and getting on the gear...

Nice blog SE - I'm going to start giving my blog a bit more of a running theme from time to time now, it only seems right... 

06/07/2010 at 09:33

Marc - I voted for the Nertherlands to win the win the World Cup on your blog. Nice writing style, good stuff.

One of my colleagues (who is Chinese but works for a Dutch manager) has come into the office today wearing a bright orange crop top. Showing some solidarity. And a whopping muffin top. Perleze!

Lovely 14K this morning. Not too hot yet. Tomorrow I'm supposed to do a 23K before work. Eeuch.

06/07/2010 at 13:41
Happy lunchtime everyone. I'm scoffing all the bad food in the office!

I tried a run again last night but I didn't even get to the end of my street. Boo. TD, I have read that it's better to keep running but I'm not sure how that goes when it's actually sore - amn't I just making it worse? My physio had me rest for four weeks finally (this has been going on since Christmas with me resting a few days at a time here and there to try to get the inflammation down but to no avail) and then suggested I start a program of 3 short runs a week but I can't seem to keep the inflammation at bay despite vast quantities of ice and ibruprofen. The exercises I've got are to strengthen my core and my glutes and also heel raises. My physio also suggested I try yet more new shoes so I'm going to go and give the shop too much money again at the weekend. I'm struggling to find anything else to try but I haven't done the walking on heels things so I'll try to start that.

DV I'm afraid I'm going to be away that weekend or I'd have offered to help - it does sound like extreme torture but I still admire you. Amazing!
06/07/2010 at 14:29

HS - like I said before, if your lower leg muscles are weak, then you can get shin splints.  If you rest for a while, you weaken the muscles further, so when you do run again, the problem fires right back up.  It's a viscious circle.

If I were you, I'd rest up from running for 10 days or so, and concentrate on lower leg muscle exercises. Every day, 3 x a day. A latex rubber exercise strap for tieing around a sloid object provide good resistance, or a chopped up bicycle inner tube. Then you exercise the foot/ lower leg against them. Something like this will help:

As for running shoes, you clearly need something with good cushioning properties. The shin splints  are more likely to occur if you are on uneven surfaces, with the ankle twisting in either direction (like if there is a sharp camber on the road/ path that you are using). Good luck.

06/07/2010 at 16:55

DV sorry I can't help you I'm away in Dartmouth that week but good luck with it.

I've just started a new training schedule. It's focusing on speed and strength instead of distance so we'll just see if it works.

Warm up then 12 mins of 2 min hill reps with 3mins jog recoveries followed by 2x6mins effort 90 sec recovery between then warm down.

06/07/2010 at 18:50

Nice to see this thread still going.Can i have a "what i did during the holidays" type up date please so i don't have to read back.

I'm happy with my running at the moment.I've not done much over 10 miles lately but i'm doing plenty of short races,which i never did before and along side the speed work with the club i'm finally getting faster.At the moment i'm loving the racing.Not too many pass me and i keep passing runners which is nice.I think that's down to the stamina from marathon training.I'm doing a few fell runs also which i really enjoy.It makes a change from road running and the scenery is better.

I've also been doing my bit for the French tourist trade by telling everybody how nice Paris is.A lad from work is going in September now but needs a bit of info on how to get into Paris from the airport.I've never flew there so can anybody help?

When does the Paris 2011 thread start?

06/07/2010 at 19:18

Well back home in Jersey with my mum - who has fallen in love with basil, reg (again) and Jersey itself!!  Piccies will be posted on saturday!!

Did a lovely 7 mile fast trott on sunday along good old southend seafront!!  Was lovely a lovely trott not a hill in sight and a tri was occurring so some eye candy along the way was a bonus!  Did a coastal path trott mid morning with friend on bike a swift 4 miler in 33mins - very happy!!  Rest day tomorrow and then an early 6 miler for me on Thursday with some beach running.

DV:  really sorry but not around on to help that weekend - try and find a tri on jersey, they do open water swimming ones!  could be of help in preparation for the a 2 a thingy!

NGUG:  what day do you get your results?  Take Mr NGUG with you just for reassurance.  The driving instructor is lovely - glad she offered some advice.

OO: how did the move go?

06/07/2010 at 20:49

Howey, you know I love that type of question. * I assume he's going to CDG* There's no problem getting into the city centre.There are buses right outside the terminals and a train ( with 2 'stops') inside it. Depends where he's going, of course, but I think the train is usually quicker...He'll have to buy a ticket from a machine inside the airport..about 8-9E..before he boards. Go on, give him my email and I'll bury him in detailed itineraries and unwanted info'...

And if he's there on Sunday 12 September he can look out for me and tartanpimpernel representing the Paris 13,000 other the La Parisienne 6k

Are you going to do Paris 2011? * There already is a thread but we're still all lolling around here.. *

06/07/2010 at 21:50
Thanks for the advice TD, I'm going to start on those muscle exercises tonight. Right now I'd pretty much try anything as I really miss my running. I'll keep going and if I can build the muscles up a bit then it might take the pressure off the tendons. Cheers, much appreciated!

Katb, my marathon schedule last autumn had lots of speedwork in it and it really made a difference. If you keep at it you'll soon see the difference.

Howey it's good to hear that you're doing good. It sounds like you're being a speedy gonzales too!
06/07/2010 at 22:59

ATM - not a real Paris 2011 thread?  Couldn't see any real links?  TD/DV are you ready to do the bizz?? We are a bit late this year.. or have I missed the jump.. usual link so we dont lose anyone..

Hey Howeyz - nice to hear from you.. sounds like the club is going well... are you doing 2011.?  How is that granddaughter bet she is talking by now and probably bilingal by the sounds of things

Fi - scan results tomorrow am.. bit of a pain work really busy so not easy.. almost half a day off work.. not surprised your mum has fallen in love with Basil - Reg is a sweetie so who wouldnt love him - look forward to seeing the pictures..

Edited: 06/07/2010 at 23:00
06/07/2010 at 23:07
Yes, a real  Paris 2011 thread  , NGUG. Good luck for tomorrow. I hope you get to the bottom of it all.
07/07/2010 at 08:32

Morning everybody. 23k for me this morning. Lovely and sunny, temperatures were perfect.

A number of people have been asking about this of late, so I've just created a Paris Marathon 2011 thread. The only reason I didn't use the other thread you just linked to ATM was because it was kicking off with a question and maybe it wouldn't be obvious to some who were trying to find us again after a while away.

** Can I suggest we all pack up and move tents over here.**

I'll check back in here a few times to make sure people get where to go. Don't forget you can BOOKMARK a thread on this website itself, so just under your profile name and picture you will see a link "My Bookmarks". Then you can easily find your favourite threads.

A bientôt mes amis!

07/07/2010 at 09:30
ATM - thats not the real one!! Thats just a query thread have jumped on board TD's thread come on!! Hopefully will let you know if the consultant gets to the bottom of things today
07/07/2010 at 10:05

Arrrggg...We oldies fear change...It'll take me the whole day to pack my virtual bags and schlepp over to the new thread.

*Meantime, how about putting a link and an invite on the thread I mentioned, TD? It's always a bit of a concern that anyone running it for the first time might feel shy of such a well-established thread as' ours'. ' Ghastly , if anyone felt it wasa clique..Go on: lure the posters on the other one over. Pssst. Do not mention the stool chart, at this stage... *

07/07/2010 at 12:42

ATM - invitation duly given to the people on that other 'query thread'. Shall I close the doors and the turn the lights off then?

07/07/2010 at 13:54
07/07/2010 at 14:39

R.I.P. Beloved 2010 thread.

* Off to pastures new! 

Dark Vader    pirate
07/07/2010 at 15:53

08/07/2010 at 06:59
Tent packed and gone!!!!
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