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31/07/2012 at 11:22

I've been lumbered with glasses all my days, hate the things. Although I'm an Optometrists favourite patient, as my eyesight is so bad they have great fun in getting me to be able to actually see anything.

I've got 9 miles planned tonight. My leg is feeling a bit better this week, so hopefully I can up the pace a bit before I run the Helensburgh half this weekend.

31/07/2012 at 13:23

Given my fondness for really old cars and things, I might have to go with a monocle..

24th Anniversary today.

Edited: 31/07/2012 at 13:24
31/07/2012 at 13:24

Bonjour Monsieur Robair (DLR)! Comment allez-vous etcetera...?

My plan for Berlin Marathon is to do a lot of cycling, some running and make my mind up near the time whether or not I will run it. No doubt if I do run the race, it will be with no time pressure at all. I even have an open invitation to run round with our friend from Paris Iain Moore 2, who I think paces himself around 4hrs+ and have interesting discussions about architecture and medicine.

31/07/2012 at 14:42

Reading glasses?? what about glasses with rose tinted lenses like me???

Tricky you seem to be doing loads, it doesn't seem that long since your op???

Dannirr - Happy Anniversary.

I wish I was going  to Berlin....... I would be happy to go anywhere............

31/07/2012 at 15:51

had 3 days off, going to try a run later see how it goes, wish me luck! still raining here! might just build an arc instead!

31/07/2012 at 19:05

Think my brain was confused  this morning. I was supposed to be doing a tempo run but when I uploaded the data it definately looks like I was doing intervals!!! But on a good note they were at 4.09 - 4.21km pace although the distance of each varied somewhat - some were 400m, 1km, another  400m, 800m, 400m...........don't know if this is good or bad????

Its been scorching here today

31/07/2012 at 19:16
He hem. I am sunburnt. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun. I am furious! That's the weather gods just taking the p as far as I'm concerned. *Sulking.
31/07/2012 at 19:21
Dannir I feel your glasses pain. Stupid things. Go with the glasses on a string I say, you can pretend to be a mad professor!

Welcome back from your hols TD or should that be goodbye?). How's the knee doing?

Trying to get some running in. Even got up early before today's 6 hour drive but my stomach said no after three miles. I got one 1 mile interval in - does that count?!

Olympics are brilliant!
31/07/2012 at 20:51

HS - sunshine in Scotland is not natural. You're lucky you didn't come out in boils.

Saw my first Olympic contestant over in Greenwich park this evening - no idea who it was but he (or she) had four legs and a tail and was being taken for a walk round the paddock.

Amusing moment - some foreign bloke waved his Union Jack at me and shouted 'Paula Radcliffe!' as I trotted past. Well, we can all dream...

Spam alert - the organiser of the Croydon Ultra is putting on a two day 66 mile ultra from Croydon to Newhaven in October (the Vanguard Way) I'd be quite tempted to give it a go, but I'll be tapering for Amsterdam. If anyone's interested there's more here.

31/07/2012 at 22:18

Sunburn, didn't think it was that sunny! Although I was locked away in the office all day. It was actually not to bad when I went out for my run after work. I managed to get the final few miles of my nine mile run in at a good pace once the leg had loosened up. Might need to try and do some warm up to loosen it up before the race on Sunday, or plan on the first two miles being rather slow.


31/07/2012 at 23:36
Fastest 10k in a couple of years tonight in Morpeth (still not very fast though). Lovely run.

TD - great to see you're back after a fine break by the sound of it. If you do decide to give Berlin a shot, it'd be my pleasure to follow you around.

I'm excited by running again (but could do with losing a stone). I expect Paris will be (as last year) applied for upon landing back home post-Berlin...

Bring on the track cycling!
01/08/2012 at 06:49

Morning all. Sorry about your sunburn HS. If you look at the skin under your arms, that's probably still light blue, some parts of you will still be white and now you've got redness as well. How patriotic! When we get our first gold today, will you run around a bit - sans clothing - to celebrate?!?

Kaz, my op was 6½weeks ago. Still a wee bit of swelling in at the top of the calf muscle but seems well under control now. Took the treadie up to 16kmh for a minute or two in the gym yesterday and it felt comfortable. But got out for my first bike ride last night. Loved it. Took in every hill I could think of nearby. Was a very good workout after I found out how to get the cleats to work!



01/08/2012 at 06:51

Is it still right to say, "Allez Wiggo" even though the TDF is over?

01/08/2012 at 08:30

I'm sure "Allez Wiggo" is fine. If he medals today he'll have done well. It'll depend on how good the form of Martin and Spartacus is, as if they are fit I'd fancy them as Gold and Silver.

01/08/2012 at 08:56

On French TV they kept flashing up 'Here Wiggo again' when running a TDF feature on him.

Does Ben know you've pinched his shorts TD?

01/08/2012 at 08:57

very cool bike TD, and much sypathy with the cleats, but you know it has to be done.

RR, yes, I think I have boils, no, wait its a bit of sunburn... weather very strange, off cycling in Arran this weekend 40% chance of rain, but more worried about the wind.

ATM, you need to practice looking over the glasses with the severe look - as a teacher I wouldn't be without my glasses for student's who are 'not big or clever'. A necessary teaching prop.

Kaz, after reading  your post I have to admit I am not a numbers woman - but I am running!  Looking forward to seeing you in Septermber - tickets booked and training stepping up 

Back from all my holidays now so no excuse out this morning at Kaz o'clock so easy 7 done and now just want to go back to bed!

Dark Vader    pirate
01/08/2012 at 09:25

Nice legs,TD     errmm..   in a manly supportive way....!


01/08/2012 at 10:05

Hmmmm....not  a great start to the day.  For the first time since coming to France it's cloudy, today's run was abandoned after 20 hobbling steps as my right achilles really isn't good* and now our lass has shown me a photo she took of me on 22nd July and I look half the man I am now (then: a sinewy Bradley Wiggins, now: a bloated Auric Goldfinger). 

I get obsessive over not only completing prescribed runs but also going over mileage - it's great in terms of being disciplined but not always helpful in dealing with injury.  When you're limping when you get out of bed or start walking after sitting for a while it's probably not the best indicator of readiness to run.

*Assume that Sunday's hills, the extra weight I'm carrying and spending the last 2 weeks either barefoot or in flip flops haven't done my already grumbling achilles any favours.

01/08/2012 at 10:27

DLR - Take care of yourself. Over training is just as bad as under training. I know it's a balancing act between knowing when you can't be bothered and looking for excuses not to run, and when you shouldn't actually run. More isn't always better, unless your taking about cheesecake in which case more is always better.


01/08/2012 at 12:11


DLR - 22nd July is only ten days ago, get a grip man! I must have missed your achilles injury, but if it stiffens up after sitting or sleeping it's not necessarily a sign you shouldn't run, just that you need to warm up properly before starting, run carefully, and fully stretch then ice afterwards (note this is unqualified advice!). Aren't you on holiday though? Take the time to relax and recover!


TD: nice to have you back. You never answered my question (before your holiday - page 555) about running together - offer still stands. I'm not aiming for any particular goal at the moment, just running for enjoyment (and enjoying it!), so any pace/ distance is ok.


Edited: 01/08/2012 at 12:45
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