Paris Marathon 2012

le marathon en Paris...

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03/08/2012 at 21:44

I agree with yer_maj - you don't get it Orbutt because it would never occur to you to behave so badly.

03/08/2012 at 21:49

Eggy - you're a bigger man than I am  You'd likely kick butt - I'd be butt kicked

Sal - how will you you cope with no voice? Must say, though, you got a lot done.

03/08/2012 at 21:57

Ops, Orbutt - +1 for you don't get it because you're a decent person.  Jim henson has a lot to answer for wih all the muppets that got released on society.

I'm NOT coping.  It was VERY comical trying to sing the NZ anthem, TWICE!  Going to the athletics on Monday evening so it'll go agan then. NZ have a good chance in the women's shot put.

03/08/2012 at 22:29
Shared a couple of whiskys with my dad tonight and he was reminiscing about the 1948 games in London. As an impoverished medical student he worked his passage on a merchant ship from Aberdeen to London and spent a couple of weeks watching the games. He was a bit of a rogue (still is) and managed to gatecrash his way into the athletes enclosure at the stadium. Resplendent in his kilt, he spent hours signing autographs as 'Jock McHaggis the Hammer Thrower'.
03/08/2012 at 22:37

Simon that's a feckin brilliant story 

04/08/2012 at 05:00
RS - wow, fantastic Olympic experiences for you!

TD - very good to have you back, I have to say I am in agreement with the Lactate threshold idea, although, Dannirr, I'd be interested in reading Noakes' theories.

I also have 24k today. I can't sleep - too much coffee last night with friends. So, listening to The Antlers' Hospice (it's not a laugh riot of an album), reading my book and having breakfast. Looks like a dawn start (for the first time ever) for my LSR...!
Dark Vader    pirate
04/08/2012 at 08:38

My view is this...

Genetics plays a more important role than everything else...  some people, regardless of training or scientific analysis, will just never be able to excel at certain sports - especially at a top level.    Choose any sport you wish, and then look at who is the best at it and there will be specific physical characteristics of the best people in that sport.   If you are lucky enough to be in that category then great.  If not..  you do the best you can do, try to maintain a positive mental strength and avoid injury and enjoy what you can achieve.

Someone who is built for the shot-put is, lets face it, probably going to be rubbish at gymnastics....      its not a coincidence that the fastest distance runners all seem to come from Kenya and Ethiopia..    yes, there will always be exceptions...   but I feel that genetics is the most important factor in sports..  the fact that you'll see a 70 year old marathon runner beat you in Paris isn't because all 70 year olds can do that...   that specific person is lucky with their genetics. 

Quite simply, some people can...  and some people can't...

But...  everyone can have a go at everything.   Just be realistic about how good you can get and don't get upset if your limit isn't as good as perhaps you might want...  





04/08/2012 at 08:49

DV - I thought TD was the sage on this thread...! Great advice, appreciated.


04/08/2012 at 09:02

Simon - the dad story is brilliant!

hmm...genetics does play a big part but there's quite a bit of head space input in commitment to training, overcoming set-backs, dealing with achievements and pressure etc.  There are exceptions to the accepted physical norms for each sport...such as one tall lean sprinter, VB isn't a std sprinter form.  The elite marathon runners vary in height considerably.  I think there's also quite a nurture factor.  The 70 yr old has probably been running for years and years and years, knows exactly what their body can do, how they can push it and their thinking, doubts, toughness is sorted.  The nurture factor goes to getting people involved with sports when they're young.

04/08/2012 at 09:26

* 'Looks at parallel bars, sadly, but....coping well...wanders off to shot-putt rink....*

That's a fab story , Simon


Dark Vader    pirate
04/08/2012 at 09:31

I think genetics is by far the single most important factor..  the mental issues clearly can't be ignored, but they are further down the list of relevant criteria. 

Some people will never be able to run sub-3/4/5 hours marathons or whatever..  it will make no difference what training they do, what shoes they wear or food they eat.  Their bodies just can't do it.  

Going back to the Kenyan/Ethiopian distance runners..   I think the top 10 fastest ever male marathons have originated from two villages...  


04/08/2012 at 09:44
This is true, but let's not forget the world's fastest female marathon runner was born in a village near Knutsford .
04/08/2012 at 09:45

oh weel that makes me feel sooooooo much better..........I can now blame my genetics for my short comings!!!

Simon- nice story, made me laugh!!

We  still have thick fog here....its been days of the only visibility being 2-3 hours  in the afternoon, but in that time its really humid In my madness and determination this morning I have spent 2.5 hours on a bloody treadmill. Pure bloody torture but kept the HR @ 75-80% WHR, which in terms of speed meant that the tm was set a whole 1km faster than during Paris training??? I assume this is  good?!?!

04/08/2012 at 10:36

Genetics are our gift. It's what we do with our gifts that make us who we are. I am very fortunate to have a VO2Max score that is almost off the charts for my age. Sports doc told me it is 80% luck, 20% from training. He told me the same with my very high cholesterol. 80% genetics, 20% what I eat. He even advised me not to change my diet suddenly as my body would just synthesise extra cholesterol to restore an equilibrium. So, not such a good gift. Work hard at the things you can change and for the stuff that you can't, don't waste nervous energy on it.

Great story about your dad Simon.

RS - good on you for giving your support to those sportsmen and women.

Orbutt - it's sad that we have to mix with such socially stunted people as you met yesterday. Moral dwarfs.

Iain - tell us how you get on with your dawn LSR. I bet you get some great views and feel very 'worthy' as a result. Loved your defence of the NHS on the Berlin thread!

For the first time in ages, my graphs plotting training stimulus and fatigue (effectively giving me an Indice for fitness), has got a little upward curve in it instead of that incessant decay. Well pleased with that. Maybe an LSR with Neil tmrw will turn it up even more.

04/08/2012 at 10:59
Genetics define our potential - it's up to us to train ourselves up to that and make potential a reality.

Off for a 10 miler around Stone Mountain.
04/08/2012 at 11:01
What a great finish in the women's triathlon!!
04/08/2012 at 11:28

Lovely 16k run with my bezzie mate this morning....she may show her face in here pretty soon as she's going to run Paris with us 

Watching Jess do her stuff!  Mr Maj is conducting a survey of bottoms....sigh...

04/08/2012 at 11:31

TD - good to hear you're on the upswing... you'll be an hour ahead of me again in Berlin!

The dawn LSR was brilliant thanks, the light was just coming through. Ran over the Moor to St James' Park (the closest I have got to the Olympics this year!), through town and across the high-level bridge over the Tyne - a beautiful conceit that appears in Get Carter. I said hello to everyone I met (not that many) and ran along the GNR course into Gateshead to the South Shields turn-off. Then I retraced my steps through Gateshead (it's not too beautful but was peaceful) and came back over the Tyne Bridge - views were amazing from both bridges. I came back through the university and over the Town Moor home. Then went for a swim. 

All I could think was, why aren't all my Saturdays like this? Felt very lucky. First time for a dawn run - I usually aim for parkrun on a Saturday and, as much as I love parkrun, this beat it...

Re: my comments on the NHS. It means a lot and I thought that was a rather short-sighted insult to what still is the best health service in the world. (I'm not saying that simpy because I work in it and appreciate people won't necessarily agree.)

Enjoy the LSR with Neil tomorrow.


04/08/2012 at 11:46

+1 on the NHS Iain. We should be very proud of it.

An emphatic gold for GB in the men's 4s. Great stuff.

04/08/2012 at 11:54
Am becoming obsessed by the athletes abs, male and female. Their bodies are amazing! Also. I may not get dressed today, there's too much to watch.

Love that story Simon!

It sounds like you've had a great day Iain. Sometimes everything is just right isn't it? Lovely.
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