Paris Marathon 2013

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02/04/2013 at 10:13

Cheers ATM - god bless you and your ability to post pictures

Hi Aliya, Chas, MG09, Claire (don't panic)

Danni - can you stick me down for a wristband please? What you going to do with the double booking? Can you defer Chicago?

NB2 - if you've got space, you could squeeze a kettle in your bag. That's my plan, altho I don't have an entourage to pack for.

RS - I knew there was something I'd forgotten

RR - ouch too. Hopefully the calf thing's a phantom pain. I'd stick it in the niggle box and forget about it (it's like the hurt locker, but bigger).

Larri - you win today's OCD award.

Today's picture's especially for the doctors in the house...

Edited: 02/04/2013 at 10:14
02/04/2013 at 10:16
yer_maj wrote (see)

  And probably some more chocolate for your organism.


Wow, that must be good chocolate if it gives you a....oh, typed organism.

My mistake.

02/04/2013 at 10:21

Orbutt - The first flat(that fell through) had a hairdryer, waher/dryer and everything........the one now has making a 8 days worth of packing for 3 interesting.......... But 6 pairs of shoes.......Getting it sorted but just making sure things are not too limited and enough so we don't smell!!!!!


02/04/2013 at 10:26

Think were sorted..........2 cabin size cases, 1 slightly larger and 1 medium........Certainly not travelling light but 1 cabin size case contains running gear only!! so 3 cases for 3 people really........

02/04/2013 at 10:28
Tricky Dicky¹ wrote (see)

Denis is our resident homme français!


Definitely "Homme Français” but I am not sure about resident. I live in the UK so I am not a French resident but you could say that I am resident on this forum, although not very active.

02/04/2013 at 10:37

Denis, depends what you want to buy .... round about rue de Rivoli is good, you have BHV (best DIY dept ever), lots of shops on rue de R heading towards Châtelet and the shopping centre underneath Les Halles just behind.  But then I'm a girl and into H&M, Sephora and Monoprix ...

For sports stuff Decathlon is brilliant for basics, but it's cheaper in the UK for anything else.

Now if it's food, then the Madeleine is where to go, the Maille mustard shop, loads of fancy shops for presents like Fauchon and Hédiard and if you are into macaroons then Ladurée in rue Royale with Pierre Hermé (which I prefer) just round the corner, opposite WH Smith.

For posh dept stores then Au Bon Marché is nice with a fantastic food hall next door, La Grande Epicerie.  If not then Galeries Lafayette and Printemps are good but be prepared to fight through hoards of tourists.

If anyone is into makeup then Sephora own brand is brilliant, made by the same manufacturer as the Chanel stuff and really good value.  Their toiletries are great too.  Chemists are great for face creams at reasonable prices.

If anyone has specific questions, fire away ...

02/04/2013 at 10:54
TartanPimpernel wrote (see)

Denis, depends what you want to buy

Thanks. That is great. It is for my wife and daughter. I have never heard of Au Bon Marché so I will send them there and possibly Sephora.

02/04/2013 at 11:07

Bon Marché is close to rue de Rennes, lots of shops all around that area going down to St Germain des Près, lots of nice cafés too.

02/04/2013 at 11:30

Tartan - we went into Les Halles once. Only just made it out. It's the only place that I've been to where even the maps are confusing - and they're electronic too :~

02/04/2013 at 11:33

I get lost there too ... but know my way to New Look as there is an entrance that's direct from St Eustache.

As for changing trains there .... you can spend hours wandering the corridors ...

02/04/2013 at 11:35

J-5 email just dropped in, but I get the French version so can't snigger at strange terminology .... 

02/04/2013 at 11:41

Well that's my last training run done.  10k...still feeling knackered and sicky but I'm not running again before Sunday.  Decided I'm going to run in the new shoes - they've got 53 miles on them and they felt great this morning

02/04/2013 at 11:42
We used to have a Bon Marche in Chester, Denis ... Where New Look is now opposite Cotswold...

Our apartment is 200m from Les Halles metro, and has 2 hair dryers. ( thank dog as there are 4 wimmin )
02/04/2013 at 11:44

Kaz - we have a washing machine, we're in Paris until Wednesday.  You're very very welcome to come over and do a load of washing!  I might even make you a cuppa

02/04/2013 at 11:54

That's me done as well. 4 very easy miles. Calf and achilles very tight but no pain. fingers crossed they hold out. A quick hour spin class tonight just to keep the lungs inflated and then let the carbs begin tomorrow....bring on the bread....

02/04/2013 at 11:59
Marv Baldini wrote (see)

 A quick hour spin class tonight ...

I tried spinning once but it left me really tired.  

I pricked my finger and  slept for 100 years.

02/04/2013 at 12:01
TP - today's is a particular treat:

'give yourself some pleasure by displaying your nationality with the help of a small flag'

02/04/2013 at 12:02

YM - Thank may regret the offer!

5 miles for me tonight and 4 tomorrow.....that'll be it and no more circuit training either - I canna lift my arms above me head the day.

02/04/2013 at 12:06

RR - I loved this line.

'Put bandages in an X over your nipples as soon as you get out of your morning shower, to avoid forgetting during the excitement at the start.'

Are we sure they're talking about running in these messages?

02/04/2013 at 12:10

Eggy - I think we need to add nipples to one of the lists. I'd hate to forget mine



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