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Non, je ne regrette rien

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13/10/2013 at 20:47
Emmy - Berlin for me, but Koeln's a close second. Lived in Berlin as a kid (forces child) also lived in Jena (nr Weimar) for a while in my student days. Love Germany, end of!
13/10/2013 at 20:54

Definitely agree with you! Am a regular for German races a friend of mine is trying to get me to do the rennsteiglauf marathon next year.. Have a look at it - it's a toughie!

13/10/2013 at 21:19

Emmy H  that's an amazing time! Well done you

13/10/2013 at 23:14

Charlie - great result there. Whereabouts are you? Between us we'll have some recommendations of other good races to enter. Altho when you say it gets warm until April, my Spidey-senses tell me you might not be in the UK.

Emmy - GFA

Emma - you realise you're going to have to give us all lessons in the pub in Paris on the Sunday night

13/10/2013 at 23:43

RR- well done

scott the slightly faster-- I think maybe it was all the lager you drank on Friday night, not saturday that are the root of the problem

Emmy-- you are my hero

Just walked in the door after the long trip home from London.  So what will I do?  dinner, shower, maybe watch the Saints/Pats game?  Nope, a quick 5 miler before the sun goes down.  Sometimes I really think I have a problem.

14/10/2013 at 08:50

Oct 19: Zombie Night Run - HS.
Oct 20: Abingdon Marathon - Steve Duffy. Amsterdam Marathon - Brix, Emmy, Megs, Weedy. Birmingham Half - Odie85. Cabbage Patch 10k - CLR, Nic E, Suzy M. Toronto Half - Danni. Yorkshire Marathon - Malcs.
Oct 20-25: Inverness to Skye 136k - TP.
Oct 26: Beachy Head Marathon - RR, RS, Yer Maj. Great South Run - Smelly Melly.
Oct 27: Bois de Vincennes Half - ATM. Frankfurt Marathon - Emmy. Great South Run - CLR. Marine Corps Marathon - Fanfan, Rick. Northumberland Castles Marathon - Weedy. Venice Marathon - Elizabeth.
Oct 28: Dublin Marathon - Carl D.
Oct 29: Bois de Vincennes Half - ATM.
Nov 2: CLR's birthday. Glen Ogle 3-mile ultra - Brendix.
Nov 3: Derwentwater 10 - OO. New York Marathon - Tiddy. Templeton 10-miler - Eggy.
Nov 6: Danni's birthday.
Nov 8-10: BCRC Cumbria weekender - Jimbob, RR, Yer Maj.
Nov 9: Winter Ballbuster - Engineer.
Nov 9-10: Enigma Fireworks Double - Emmy, Weedy.
Nov 10: Athens Marathon - Wohlf. Louisville Half - Lawyer Aaron. Nice-Cannes Marathon - Elizabeth. Grand Union Canal Half - Odie85. Stade Francais 18k - TP.
Nov 17: Boulogne-Billancourt Half - TP. Kasterlee Marathon - Emmy. Leeds Abbey Dash 10k - CLR. Marathon d'Orleans - PC91. Valencia Marathon - Jimbob, Pottermoss.
Nov 24: Adnams 10k - Keyser Suze.
Nov 25: Jimbob's birthday.
Nov 30-Dec 1: Saxon Shore Double - Emmy.
Dec 1: James B's birthday.
Dec 8: Newcastle Racecourse Marathon - Weedy.
Dec 12: Enigma Marathon - Weedy.
Dec 14: Enigma Christmas Marathon - Emmy.
Dec 15: Corrida de Noel 10k - TP. Weston Super Mare 10k - Matty Warr.
Dec 27: Wiola's birthday.
Dec 31: TD's birthday.
Jan 3: OO's birthday.
Jan 4-5: Enigma Double - Emmy, Weedy.
Jan 9-12: Disney Dopey - BRF, Danni.
Jan 10: Tiberias Marathon - Stewart.
Jan 11: Great Winter Run 5k - ATM, Defender Jo, Defender Ken, HS, Scott.
Jan 12: Orbutt's birthday.
Jan 15: Yer Maj's birthday.
Jan 19: DV's birthday. Naples Half - Lawyer Aaron.
Jan 26-27: Paris-Mantes Overnight 54k - TP.
Jan 29: Kaz's ginormous dog's birthday.
Feb 3: TP's birthday.
Feb 6-9: Quadzilla - Emmy.
Feb 9: Longleat 10k - Benign Murmuring.
Feb 10: Emmy's birthday.
Feb 23: Blackpool Half - Orbutt.
Feb 28: Iain M's birthday.
Mar 1: RS's birthday. Nothumberland Coast Ultra - Weedy.
Mar 2: Paris Half - PF, Suzy M. Silverstone Half - CLR, HS, Iain, Jimbob, Wohlf, Yer Maj.
Mar 8: Jus T's birthday.
Mar 9: Grizzly 20-miler - TrevO
Mar 16: Barcelona Marathon - Emmy, 1T, RR, RS.
Mar 23: Brentwood Half - NGUG. Liverpool Half - James B, Orbutt. Richmond Half - Smelly Melly.
Mar 24: Wholefoods Market Breakfast 16-miler - Keyser Suze.
Mar 29: Eco Trail de Paris 30k - TP. Troi Rocs - 1T.
Apr 6: Brighton Marathon - Iain M. Paris Marathon - Ed, Liz, Dianne, David, Barbara, Philip.
Apr 10: Kaz's birthday.
Apr 13 London Marathon - Danni, OO, RaRa, TD, Wiola.
Apr 21: Boston Marathon - RR.
Apr 24: Audrey's birthday.
May 15: Scott W's birthday.
May 17: Simon Mac's birthday.
May 23: Suzy M's birthday.
May 25: Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll Marathon - Orbutt.
May 26: London 10K -Jimbob.
Jun 1: Comrades - Danni, RR.
Jun 21-22: Hadrian's Wall - Weedy. Wales Trail Marathon - TP.
Jun 25: Keyser Suze's birthday.
Jul 4-5: Enigma Double - Weedy.
Jul 10: RR's birthday.
Jul 20: Wohlf's birthday.
Jul 26-27: Thunder Run maybes: DV, Emmy, HS, James B, Kaz, Keyser Suze, RR, RS, Simon Mac, Weedy, Yer Maj.
Jul 28: ATM's birthday.
Jul 30: Maus' birthday.
Sep 8: Elizabeth's birthday.
Sep 16: PC's birthday, Mrs O's birthday.
Sep 26: NGUG's birthday.
Sep 28: Loch Ness Marathon/10k/5k - Audrey, Eggy, HS, Kaz, Keyser Suze, RR, Simon Mac, Suzy M, TP, Weedy.
Oct 6: Onetit's birthday.
Oct 8: Albuturkey trip: Eggy, Danni, DV, Iain, Maus,

14/10/2013 at 08:51

...Oct 8: Albuturkey trip: Eggy, Danni, DV, Iain, Maus, TD, Yer Maj.
Oct 12: PF's birthday.

14/10/2013 at 08:52

And Slinkz doing Amsterdam this Sunday too...where's the chuffing edit button gone?

14/10/2013 at 08:58

Thats one hell of a list. Reminds me I need to get some races booked. Well done to all racers at weekend - looks like a pretty decent set of performances all round.

10k in Mold, for me. 22nd overall and 3rd in v40 cat. The figures tell the story. 1st  5k 22.20, 2nd 5k 17.36. Now thats a proper neagative split

Truly unpleasant all ends up but hugely satisfying. I had the jib it fairies on my shoulder after the 3rd KM. Lots went past but they had all stopped by the top. Lots of positives from today but the chap I beat pre injury beat me by 2 mins today. I now have a new and very personal target and a lot of ground to recover.


14/10/2013 at 09:24

Oct 20:  Amsterdam Marathon - Brix, Emmy, Megs, Weedy. Slinkx

Brix/Megs: For those running Amsterdam this weekend and not on the list - we are planning to meet up for dinner on saturday and drinks on sunday if you want to join us. PM Me for more information.

14/10/2013 at 09:44

Weedy, could you please add 10 Nov Course nature 18k Stade français for me please.  Ta muchly.  That is some list, very inspiring.

Congrats to all those who raced this weekend and defeated the elements, pain, err hangovers ... and especially to those who picked up a PB.  Yay BRF  

14/10/2013 at 09:48

A good performance from me at the Great West Run yesterday - 45th out of of 2166 finishers.  No PB (Shock Horror!) - i dug in for it believe me, the first half of the race is lining quick and my stats confirm that - i ran PB at mile 1 - 5:53, 5km pb - 19:31, 10K pb 39.40. I didn't go off too quick, it was a quick course, felt fine half way - the second half of the race is just a lot of uphill and it drained the life out of my legs. To put into context - the winner is a regular 65 minute marathon runner came in at 70:02 - i ran past him the other way when he was panting up the last steep hill at Mile 12. So still coming up just over a minute short of PB i am happy and put it down as a sucess - not bad two weeks after Berlin as well. There may have been a PB from another member of the BCRC, but i'll leave that person to reveal the info .....

14/10/2013 at 11:45

Good gracious! Wonderful running from everybody. Congratulations!

We ventured out on the bikes again yesterday in the miserable weather. Sadly, I fell off. Again. I managed to leap off the road into the soft leaves to cushion the fall, but the bruises this morning are very pretty!

The temptation to throw the bicycle in the nearest river and never get on it again is high. But I won't. And the lovely TD will keep nursing me along and hopefully one the far distant future...I might start getting better at this and not feel utterly terrified all the time.

14/10/2013 at 12:03

MMaus - your experience of cleats does not endear me to trying them...

Jimbob... Was it TrevO?

14/10/2013 at 12:15

Hi All

It's been a while! I'm finally getting back into running but need advice and thought I'd drop in and say hi, since there's a wealth of knowledge on this thread

Anyway, simple question: what exercises do people find the most effective for shin splints?

And does anyone have any experience of making the switch to running full time in Kinvaras? How about the "slightly more stable than Kinvara but still minimalist" versions that Saucony do?


MM - just worked out who you are - if you're riding with TD in the forest, don't worry I nearly fell off several times with him as well. Don't feel too demotivated (also if he leaves you going up hills- he's just a natural cyclist/ has strong legs)!

14/10/2013 at 12:26

Maus - which pedal/cleat system do you have? Have you adjusted their release tension? Do they allow for some lateral / twisty motion in your feet? And are you riding trails or on the road?

14/10/2013 at 13:19

Hi Neil - I was wondering how you were getting on.

I'm no use with advice for shin splints, sorry, but I'm sure someone will be along soon.

14/10/2013 at 13:37

Neil I have problems with them. when u have pain, ice and rest are the only things that help. When there is no pain, I have a stretch I do before a run. Put you knees on the floor, feet flat face down, ballet feet, shins on the floor, so basically in the kneeling position but keep the feet straight and flat touching the floor tucked under yer bum.use you arms to support you before and after the stretch. The stretch is your body weight pushing down on the feet / shins .... 

14/10/2013 at 13:47

Neil I think everyone's splints are different but no amount of exercises (or vast quantities of disfferent forms of plastc/rollers/banfds etc) helped me. Neither did stopping running for months at a time or ignoring them or icing them or throwing tantrums or massage or physio or orthotics or cushioned stability/mobility shoes. In the end it was focusing on form and cadence. That was the cure.

I also through out all my heavy trainers and the ridiculously expensive orthotics and now I run in kinvaras and I love them. I did do a bit of transitioning to them, starting with a short run a week but to be honest it was only maybe three weeks until I wore them all the time. They still have quite a lot of cushioning you see so it's not like going straight to vibrams.

14/10/2013 at 14:31

Hello! Just a quickie from me as I'm meant to be no longer on lunch..

Did Peterborough half in 1:57 - wet, windy and cold - I've never done a race in such horrible weather. Supporters were great, marshalls were amazing and the overall atmosphere was a bit of Blitz spirit. Quote of the day was from a walking man dressed as a chicken whose response to my encouragement was: "but it's sooooo wet!" in a kind of helpless/hapless wail. Bless him. 

Another race for my list please Weedy - Fenland 10 next Sunday (20th). Thanks!

Also, my HRM went a bit weird in the race yesterday - any advice gratefully received...It seemed to fade out and back in again, although I didn't move it at all and wore it in the customary place (just underneath the band of my sports bra).


Thank you!


Ooh, and some bonus photos of me doing parkrun in a wedding dress, the morning of our wedding!

 Mennania, thanks for the chapter tips on the P&D, will get on them asap.

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