Paris Marathon 2015

Où la Foch est la ligne d'arrivée?

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Yesterday at 09:30

My dog excelled himself this morning and proved that I am right, he will never protect me from anything! We were running down the cycle path as a bike with a bright light was cycling towards us, my dog took one look at it, let out a massive bark then legged it in the opposite direction! I shouted after him and luckily he stopped, thankfully the cyclist realised what was happening and pulled into the side but my dog still wouldn't come back! In the end the cyclist had to turn her light off before my wretched dog would come past her, but he did it at absolute full tilt and didn't stop until he was about 1/4 of a mile past her! Bloody dog!! Mind you he is only a terrier, he wouldn't be good for any kind of self defence anyway!!

Yesterday at 10:15

Heroine - the worst dogs I know for attacking in protection mode are jack russells/terriers!

Yesterday at 11:43

Well he does like to attack his fluffy toys sometimes, so maybe there is hope, but then none of them look at him funny, jump out of bushes or have bright lights on!!

Yesterday at 12:26

And I think the worst are Great Danes. Big Scaredy cat he is! 

Yesterday at 13:51

List fairy - please could you amend the calendar, the Viking coast double in Jan: I am now doing both parts, and also add 11-12th July 2015 - Race to the stones. Ta!

Yesterday at 15:26

Entered Surry half on 8 March as prep for Paris. Chichester 10K will be only other race before Paris in Feb Perfect timing. Surrey is a well organized race based on the inaugural one this year. I recommend it.

Yesterday at 16:39

Hmmm.. think I might do the Longleat 10k in Feb. Always fun to run with safari animals around.

Yesterday at 20:10

List faerie - please stick me down for Race to the Stones on 11-12 July, eek.

Yesterday at 20:16

Oh lovely list fairy...the NYs day 10km Knacker Cracker for me.  Now what will I wear...

For everyone who's ordered a "where the foch is the finish?" top, the order is going in on Sunday so I'll be back next week with costs.

Yesterday at 22:34
Radar Sal - any chance people who haven't ordered one could order one?

Felt distinctly invisible in the fog tonight, even with two head I've ordered a multitude of LEDs for me and the dog!!
Today at 07:42

Morning ! Yippee ! nights sleep in ages... pain free  

Sports massage from hell yesterday but totally got the spot. Sporting some excellent bruises now but will consider them war wounds and wear with pride 

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2,581 to 2,591 of 2,591 messages
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