Paris Marathon 2015

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Yesterday at 17:54

Oh, and TD, I'll pop off an entry for the Rogue's Gallery some time soon; a very fine idea!

Oh (oh), and I ran in my Paris top for the first time today.  An excellent fit!  More importantly, it made a passing cyclist laugh and got him chatting to me as he went on his merry way.  It's a big hit 

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Yesterday at 18:21
DJC77 wrote (see)

How many of you do core work and when? Not easy to fit that in along with all the running, kids, work etc. What do you do? Planking, sit ups, press ups etc. Keep trying to will myself while watching tv etc but not managed more than a few so far. My understanding is that its importance is to support you as you get more tired in the marathon and your running style becomes more inefficient as you get tired etc. Thanks very much.

I'm a bit behind, but I thought I'd throw in my experience. I've recently set myself up with 4 variated strength/core workouts (numbered 1-4) which I cycle through in order, one workout on one day and will do 1-3 of these per week depending on how busy life gets and do the next workout the next time I'm in the gym, if that makes sense. Each session has 9 exercises. I do as three circuits. I tend to do them after running when I'm already in need of a shower as some of the exercises I've put in the routines are quite sweat-inducing.
-I'm pleased with how quickly my core stability has improved- it wasn't bad before but simple things like balancing on one leg in unbalanced poses I'm pretty solid at now. 
-My running posture, and endurance, and awareness of posture has increased.
-I'm enjoying having variety. 
-Revisiting the same circuits is fun as I can challenge myself to beat my reps/weights the last time I did it.
-Variety lets muscle group recover so you get a better session the next time.
-Variety tests muscle groups in different ways so they're not just getting stronger at specific exercises.
-Doing back work if you do abs work is important so you don't end up hunched over.  Unfortunately I see loads of (usually) girls in our gym, doing masses of crunches and no back work at all.
-Some of the core exercises = bird dogs, donkey kicks with theraband, stability ball bridges, various variations on back extensions, stability ball jacknife, push ups, pull ups (with aids), glute bridges, windscreen wipers, variations using a cable machine. 

Yesterday at 20:03

Hi again. Tried to be a runner today. Set off to do about 20kms at a slow pace. Was doing just fine at 12.35kms, running slightly uphill, not so steep, not fast and PING, got a muscle tear in my right side Soleus (in the claf). So stopped running immediately. It was cold and a bit snowy and as luck would have it, was at the furthest point from my car so had another 6kms walk to do. Ah well. At least I didn't try to do any running on it. Patience patience i reckon.

Some great running out there today. Good to hear people doing so well. Ready to post another couple of pics up on the Rogue's Gallery, as soon as Flickr gets back on line. Meanwhile, email your photo, rough targtet time and how many maras you've run to me, at Just email them to me at running dot richard at gmail dot com

Yesterday at 20:35

Thanks for the core advice. This one of the main things for me that separates marathon training from training for shorter distances. Did 14 miles today which went well and nice that it wasn't as cold in South England as it has been. Don't want to see any more jelly beans for a bit....

Yesterday at 20:44

Oh snap tinkerbel, I managed 17km too today And I don't think anything has fallen off so WIN! Very jealous of you all others clocking up the big miles but I'll get there

Meadower, lol!! Wait until you're past mile 20ish. Every one you pass or who passes you will have a laugh and/or a smile (some more a grimace but the joke goes down very well).

Yesterday at 21:21

Looking for some advice/thoughts...

Training has not gone as planned. I completed my last long run on 30th December - 20k, I had also completed a 15k 24th December. All very comfortable and enjoyable. 

However, I then ran a 5k winter warmer (5th Jan) and 10K  (6th Jan) and thought it went well no PB but weather was terrible. I then, as I previously posted, gained a pain in my left knee. Since then I have not ran any real distance. Managed 5k last weekend  which was painless but sore afterwards. Physio has said I have weak glutes, tight muscles (IT band etc) which has caused this. 

This will be my first marathon, I only started running just over a year ago and ran a half plus a few 10k races and a 10 mile race last year. When should i realistically think about completing another marathon or postponing for a year? I am going back to physio to see what she says but wondered what some experienced marathoners thought.

Apologies for such a long post, hope some made it to the end

Yesterday at 21:23

Sorry to hear that TD. I think the cold weather is contributing to a lot of injuries at the moment - everyone's just a bit more tense and the muscles are colder.

One of my favourite core exercises is staying upright on public transport. Use your core when standing on the bus or the train instead of holding on. Works a treat and you can do it twice a day if you commute.

A probably inadvisably long run for me today but I wanted to test my fitness levels against this time last year. In effect, I did this week's medium and long runs together. Worked OK and gave me a good idea where I am, but I won't go that long again for a while.

Yesterday at 21:28

Cross post EL. See what the phys says but I would have thought you'd have enough time to work on your glutes and ITB to see significant improvement before April. Depending on what the phys says, a few weeks to get your knee right still gives you time to put in enough quality training for a get-you-round plan. I wouldn't give up hope yet. 

Yesterday at 21:30
16.5miles this morning. Was supposed to be 18 but was with a big group. I did 4 before we met up and around 11 with them, carried on after but think I'd tried a bit hard to keep up with them at points. Was all in.

Still, it's all miles in the bank. Undecided on whether to do 18 or a full 20 next week.
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Yesterday at 21:56
Speedy lady from the coast checking in!

Firstly sorry to hear about all the injuries around the place. Tough on you if you want to run and can't. I had a calf tear in Feb last year. It costme my chance of a sub four but I made it to the start line. I think it was Orbutt that said don't be tempted to cut corners or comeback too soon - you'll just cause more damage! I know! Fingers crossed everyone heals well.

Ran a marathon today on a whim - entered last Monday! It was great - lovely to meet thisisnatty, Emmy and catch up with the speediest lady I know HIAHS! Great running girlies!!
Lying in bed with a hugely aching back but chuffed with my run ????.

Good traing this week everyone!

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