Paris Marathon 2015

Où la Foch est la ligne d'arrivée?

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Yesterday at 12:55

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Rest day for me today. Looking forward to my Parkrun with some fine people from here tomorrow and then another of the big runs to tick off on Sunday.

Yesterday at 12:57
Minniemonster wrote (see)

Emmy - thanks for the recommendation. I  find handheld bottles difficult - just feel like putting them down! But yes you're right it's all about experimenting with different things. Re your laces  - have you tried tying them in different ways? Sounds daft but one of the most useful things I found in Sam Murphy's Running Well book were the pictures with ways to tie your laces to make the shoes tighter and looser in strategic places, sometimes using the very highest holes and sometimes leaving lower holes free. Amazing what a difference it can make to the fit of your shoes.

Heilan Coo - like several others on here I also prefer real food - generally easier to keep down than gels. I just rediscovered the Banana Soreen loaf and might try taking some of that out, nicely squidy and I think would keep down all right. Unfortunately it is a case of trial and error, and what is easy to carry! But most people seem to at least be able have something like Haribo or jelly babies with no problem.

Thanks Minni - do you have any recommendations or pictures? I've had a google and adjusted it once already but would be worth seeing others.

Ooh - Soreen loaf. A friend of mine fuels their 50milers on soreen loaf and squash.

Yesterday at 13:26
Am I the only person in the world who doesn't like Haribo? They're awfully rubbery
Yesterday at 13:27

RR - You can hand them over to me if you want?

Yesterday at 13:55
Running Rodent wrote (see)
Am I the only person in the world who doesn't like Haribo? They're awfully rubbery

I don't mind them, but have never seen what the fuss is about them. They're just the same as crappy 1p sweets you got from the ice cream van except they're about five times the price!

Yesterday at 14:49

I'm not a huge fan of Haribo either - always have the little pack from Wiggle cluttering the place up until I get desperate for something sweet one day and cave in... I'm more of a fruit pastilles girl myself.


Emmy - a friend of mine posted this on FB a long time ago and luckily I bookmarked it:

I bunch up my toes when lacing up my trainers and then do them up tight, otherwise I have problems with them being too tight. I think that the extra room I get from doing that is the space I need as my feet to swell up a bit whilst I run. I've got very narrow feet so I tend to pull them quite tight when doing up. If I forget the bunching I always end up with numb / sore toes!

Yesterday at 15:02

Nells - this is awesome! Thank you.

Yesterday at 15:43

I couldn't manage Haribo in a marathon. Way too chewy. Incidentally, my ex-husband used to keep the gummy bears in the refrigerator, so they were even chewier! Bleugh! I should have known it was a sign right from the start!

They do make quite nice liquorice, though...

I love the Bassett's jelly babies best of all. Except we don't have them here, so no point relying on them as a fuelling source.

I'm so sorry to hear your news Eggy. That can't be easy for anybody involved. Nodster and Jimbob: You guys out there? How are you holding up?

Yesterday at 16:30

I'm alright TB - feeling a bit sad for the rest of my clan. MrsJB had it tough this last week or so.

My legs have the right hump with me seeing as I've put lots of miles in them these last few days. 50 miles in 4 days - I don't know how people do crazy high 70-80-100 mile weeks. Or Ultras, or 7 in 7s. Or marathon doubles etc. My legs have nothing to give.

Yesterday at 16:50
Tricky-Dicky wrote (see)
LloydR - I'm not sure I've pulled out as such. It's more like I've never actually done any training for the run and still have a place and might just start and see what happens. Haven't really made my mind up but the idea of not doing it is rubbish.

Oops! Didn't mean to write you off Tricky. As long as you don't cause any harm to yourself then I'm willing you on to take part. I know you have high standards for your fitness so can't image that will hold you back. Sending you knee-strengthening thoughts.

In fact, some time ago I said I was aiming for a particular target in a race and you told me to 'Give it Everything'. I can't remember the race or how I did but the phrase has stuck with me and I now pepper all my training plans with it to spur me on.

So 'Give it Everything' to be on the start line!

Eggy - Sending you positive thoughts to keep you strong. If your cousin has any of your fight and determination he will be better placed than most.

Yesterday at 21:26

Did someone say Haribo ?

om nom nom

If sweeties are provided, and at decent intervals, then I pretty much only fuel on jelly babies and Haribo. I really quite like the "terrific" turtles. But I do have a sweet tooth and can eat sweets all day long without feeling ill. 

Yesterday at 22:35
Eggy - sorry, hope you're alright.

HiaHS - talking about me, you didn't think I'll be back so soon ! Paris is out of the window, I'm turning up at 9h45 see what happens. My objective this year is Amsterdam.

Emmy - I ran on the grass to keep out of the way, and to practice for Amsterdam. ????

I pm'd a couple of friends but I should have posted here. I have been trying to run since December but just couldn't get going. I've been doing 2-3 a week, 5-8k but walking most. The advice was little and often, also a run/walk of 2:1. Seems pathetic.

Yesterday, 8k, 20 mins run, 60 mins walk. Disheartened, contacted mates.

Today, wasn't planning to run, same 8k, 20 x 2:1. Therefore ran 40 mins. Looking forward to next run. ????

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