Paris Marathon 2015

Où la Foch est la ligne d'arrivée?

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Today at 08:26

Morning all,

Jokeybhoy wrote (see)
Has everyone managed to get their medical certificate signed off now,let me know if you need a DIY one.

Not been on for a couple of days as I've been a bit scunnered.Ive felt a bit of pain again on my outer thigh above the knee.I managed a 6 mile run tonight without too much pain.It defo feels like some sort of nerve pain/signal.I feel it coming and going through out the day,even when Im just sitting,Is it possible that I've maybe disturbed a nerve while using the OROD.Im defo not touching the area again in the hope it goes away.

Jokey - Didn't you know that 15West got his officially?  

Strange about the pain. I'd recommend some good stretching exercises on the knee/hamstring. Is it on the side of your thigh? or the front? If the side - it could be ITB/TFL and that's easy to fix with stretching and OROD

Dannirr wrote (see)

PS. please don't anyone take this as general medical advice for when you have an injury/problem. I just think given what she has invested in this trip it is a worthwhile option.  Usually, rest is the best option without meds.

PLEASE listen to Dannirr here... Don't self medicate or use this advice without going to a medical professional first.

Rainy run here but my first run with my new shiny 220. Am really happy with the speed of satellites and upload and am looking to download some training programs from Garmin Connect to play with it.

A huge thank you to Orbutt who answered my "what the hell does this button do" last night

Today at 09:07

Weather for Paris at end of next week is showing 17-18 degrees! I know this sounds lovely...but what a shock to the system having done most of my runs in a jacket/hat/gloves I guess that answers the question about whether to wear shorts.

Today at 09:12
Emmy:yes I remember the celebrations when 15west got certificate signed off.Im sure there was someone else tho,maybe Pete.
I had a bit of trouble last year with my knee that was diagnosed as ITB.It feel a bit similar tho not as severe.The fact that my outer thigh tingles from time to time and has a burning sensation now and again makes me think it's nerve related.I have a massage booked for today,I'm going to get a couple of tight spots in my calf,hamstring and back done to see if that helps,I'm going to leave my quad for now as I feel the less I probe about the area the better it gets

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6,281 to 6,283 of 6,283 messages
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