Paris Marathon 2015

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Yesterday at 14:27

Events List

Apr 9: Self-Transcendence 5k – Meadower.
May 1: Course du Muguet–Montaban 16km – Onetit.
May 2: Edinburgh-North Berwick 20M – Meadower. Strolling Jim 4O miler – Dannirr.
May 3: Hardmoors White Horse - Thisisnatty. Regent’s Park Summer Series 10k – Nells. Three Forts Half – RunClaire.
 May 6: Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5M series – KeyserSuze.
May 9: Bewl Water trail Half/Marathon – Heidi Barr, RunClaire. Penicuik 10k – Meadower.
May 10: Bromsgrove 10k – Jellybum. Hackney Half – Jimbob, Nells. Leeds Half – Andy W. Oxford Town & Gown 10k – Orapidrun.
May 15: Scott W's birthday. Black Rock ‘5’ – Meadower.
May 16: Orpington Marafun - Thisisnatty.
May 17: Simon Mac's birthday. Richmond Park Marathon - Thisisnatty. Windermere Marathon - City Fan.
May 20: Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5M series – KeyserSuze.
May 23 Suzy L's birthday.Gothenberg Half - Lloyd R. Shindig in the Shires – Agent Penguin.
May 24: Brecon to Cardiff Ultra - Yer Maj. Ox Half – Jellybum.
May 25: London BUPA 10k – Heroine in a Half Shell, Jimbob, Nells, Radar Sal, Thisisnatty, MrThisisnatty.
May 30: Kent Roadrunner - Thisisnatty. Stockholm Marathon - Eggy, Heroine in a Half-Shell, Mr Heroine in a Half-Shell, Keyser Suze, Nells, Scott the Walker.
May 31: Comrades - Dannirr, Running Rodent. Edinburgh Marathon - Meadower. Elleker Half – Penny71.
Jun 1: Penny71’s birthday.
Jun 2: Eggy's birthday.
Jun 6: TrailBlazer Bedgebury Forest Half - Heidi Barr. Viking Coastal Marathon – RunClaire.
Jun 7: Regent’s Park Summer Series 10k – Nells. Stour Valley - Thisisnatty.
Jun 13: Little Pig Duathlon, Dolgellau - Agent Penguin.
Jun 14: Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon – Andy W, Orbutt. Perth Marathon – Penny71. St Albans Half – Peter Sting Wray. Swansea Half – Minniemonster.
Jun 21: Nike Women’s 10k – Nells. Seven Hills of Edinburgh – Meadower.
Jun 23 : Nodster’s birthday.
Jun 25: Keyser Suze's birthday.
Jun 28: IronmanUK70.3 Wimbleball – Chunkytfg.
Jul 4-5: Enigma Summer - Thisisnatty.
Jul 5: Regent’s Park Summer Series 10k – Nells.
Jul 7: Methley canal run – Andy W.
Jul 11-12: Race to the Stones - Heroine in a Half-Shell, Orapidrun.
Jul 12: British 10k London – Nells. DRAM Dundee Marathon – Meadower. Challenge Roth - Hatter 88. Leeds 10K – Andy W.
Jul 19: Olympic Park 10k – Jellybum, Jimbob, LloydR, Nells, Running Rodent.
Jul 20: Meadower's birthday.
Jul 26: Outlaw Ironman – Chunktfg.
Jul 28: ATM's birthday.
Jul 30: Tinkerbel's birthday.
Aug 2: Regent’s Park Summer Series 10k – Nells.
Aug 4: Uisge Jo's birthday.
Aug 8: HELP Half Marathon – Meadower.
Aug 11: Boyska's birthday.
Aug 18: Andy W’s birthday.
Aug 22-23: Bad Cow Double – Heroine in a Half-Shell, Thisisnatty (Saturday only?).

Yesterday at 14:27

Aug 30: Severn Bridge half – HeatherS, Minniemonster. Shaken not Stirred – Thisisnatty. Trail Larroque 10K – Onetit.
Aug 31: Cakeathon - Thisisnatty.
Sep 4: Benign Murmurring's birthday.
Sep 6: Bridgwater Half - Heroine in a Half-Shell. Wetherby 10K – Andy W.
Sep 8: Elizabeth's birthday.
Sep 12: Marathon du Medoc – Benign Murmurring. Scotland Coast to Coast - Kaz.
Sep 13: Great North Run – Andy W, Jimbob, Meadower, Peter Sting Wray. Kilmalcom Half – Eggy.
Sep 15: Yorkshireman off road Marathon - Dirty Leeds Rob, Suzy Larkin.
Sep 16: PC's birthday, Mrs O's birthday.
Sep 20: La Sapaicaine Half – Onetit.
Sep 27: Berlin Marathon – LloydR, Meadower, Minniemonster, Nells. Paris-Versailles – Running Rodent.
Oct 6: Onetit's birthday.
Oct 11: Chicago Marathon – Dannirr. Royal Parks Half – Jellybum, Nells. Yorkshire Marathon – Andy W.
Oct 18: Amsterdam Marathon – Benignmurmmuring, Betzza, Emmy, Heroine in a Half-Shell, Jellybum, Jimbob, KeyserSuze, Mattleydon, Nells, Nodster, Onetit, Orapidrun, Thisisnatty.
Oct 24: Beachy Head Marathon – Meadower.
Oct 25: Marine Corps Marathon – Orbutt, Radar Sal.
Oct 27-29: Three Lakes – Thisisnatty.
Oct 30: Orapidrun's birthday.
Nov 2: Leeds Rob's birthday.
Nov 6: Danni's birthday. California International Marathon – Berkeley Runner.
Nov 7-8: Enigma Fireworks Double – Heroine in a Half-Shell.
Nov 15: Leeds Abbey Dash 10K – Andy W. St Neots Half – KeyserSuze.
Nov 25: Jimbob's birthday.
Nov 25-29: Saxon Shore mischief - Heroine in a Half-Shell (Quint), Thisisnatty (Double).
Dec 1: James B's birthday.
Dec 21: Porstmouth Coastal Marathon – RunClaire.
Dec 31: TD's birthday.
Jan 1: Roundman's birthday.
Jan 3: OO52's birthday.
Jan 12: Orbutt's birthday.
Jan 15: Yer Maj's birthday.
Jan 19: DV's birthday.
Feb 10: Emmy's birthday.
Feb 28: Iain M's birthday.
Mar 1: Radar Sal's birthday.
Mar 8: Jus T's birthday.
Mar 17-20: Quad @ Enigma Week – Thisisnatty.
Mar 25: Leggy Mountbatten's birthday.
Apr 3: Betzza’s Birthday. PARIS MARATHON 2016.
Apr 10: Kaz's birthday.
Apr 11: Chris Morgan's birthday.
Apr 17: Brighton Marathon – Meadower, Thisisnatty.
Apr 23: Kirsten Lancs Lass' birthday.
Apr 24: Picklelily's birthday.

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Yesterday at 14:44

List Fairy

14 may Trail of the 3 Rocs please


Yesterday at 18:10

Have got the most incredible DOMS post-VLM, was alright yesterday and this morning.......walking like the tin man now...? Any tips or just wait it out?

Wow, what a beast of an event that is, crowd is relentless, tough one. Give me Paris any day! I will defo enter the ballot and see what happens in 2016 but wouldn't rush back otherwise. Great to see many thread members out there on the course and meet up in the pub afterwards.

Yesterday at 20:19

Great running from everyone this weekend, well done to you all.


Olympic park 10k people do you know if you have to reserve stadium tickets for friends at the finish, or can they just rock up?


Yesterday at 20:31

Well done to everyone who raced this weekend, especially those who reached 100 marathons! I'm amazed by anyone who can do that. I've had two weeks off post Paris and struggled through a 5k this evening.

List Fairy, please can you add me to the two castles 10k on the 14th June. The Edgehill half marathon on the 5th July and the Kenilworth half marathon on the 6th September

Yesterday at 20:39

Hi Mattleydon, are you a Kenilworth local? I grew up there

Yesterday at 21:04

Hi Jellybum, I'm just down the road in Leamington but from where I am I will often do my long runs out towards Kenilworth and Leek Wooton. Do you still live locally?

Yesterday at 21:10

I'm in London now, bit I head up there a lot as my sister and parents are still there. I've only done the Kenilworth half once, but really enjoyed it.

Yesterday at 21:17

This will be my third time, its nice and hilly!

Yesterday at 21:25

List Fairy - please put me down for the Bristol 10k May 31st, Cotswold Way relay June 27 and Dyrham Park 10k July 5th. Thanks

Yesterday at 21:40

List fairy - please pop me down for the Musselburgh 10k on 18 July?  Thanks!

Well done on the half, Onetit!  Damn all these VLMers trying to steal your thunder 

Yesterday at 21:57

List fairy ...while your at it....Please could you slip me in for Chippenham half 6th Sept.

Thanks   Well done to all who ran over weekend... awesome running, hope the legs are recovering 

Yesterday at 22:16
Keeping Natty busy everyone, and probably single-handedly propping up the British economy just with our race fees!!

I survived VLM!! It was MENTAL!! I feel like I've been put through the ringer, the running is one thing but oh my lord, the crowd is just monumental, I don't know how football players cope with that every time they step onto the pitch! I have good for age for VLM next year but I think I may give it a miss, blimey was it hard work, I agree with ORapidrun, I'll take Paris over that too just for a bit of piece and quiet and to be able to run without having my head in someone's sweaty armpit the whole way!
Yesterday at 22:29

Orapidrun and HIAHS. - I know where you're coming from. I did London once, and it was great, but I had a GFA for this year and let it go because I wanted to make Paris my big spring race. London's just too overwhelming for me.

Good work on the bike TD. Maybe you need one of these to get you up those hills at Spa though?


Yesterday at 22:57

Hi everyone.  Time for me to join in the fun here on what looks like a nice social thread!

2016 was originally all about Boston for me (it still is I suppose!) but I was planning on a Boston / London double and was supposed to be banking my GFA in Brighton.  An injury a couple of weeks before raceday screwed me up and I didn't do any running at all in the 16 days beforehand.  I managed to start but in the end I had to give up racing Brighton (at 16 miles I decided to just turn it into a LSR) and hence missed GFA.  Thats when I had the brainwave that I could do a Paris / Boston double instead!  Boston will be 3 days after my 40th so as well as putting me into an easier GFA group is probably the only time I can justify the expense!

I've run 9 marathons so far with a PB of 3:07.  My training suggested that sub 3:05 was definitely achievable with an outside chance at a sub 3.  That'll have to wait until Paris now as for me the focus for the summer switches to Ironman.

Its been good reading back through this thread picking up some good advice both about Paris and training in general.  I hope to be able to give some back too.

For info - and for the poor list fairy my schedule looks like this

24 May - Windsor Trail Half Marathon (said I'd never do this again after the shambles last year but as they gave me a free entry I figured I might as well!)

14 June - Cotswold 113 Half Iron Triathlon

3/4/5 July - Long Course Weekend (inc. Wales Marathon on 5th)

26 July - Lunar-tic Marathon

2 August - Ride London (does that go on here?!)

13 September - Ironman Wales

18 October - Abingdon Marathon

20 December - Portsmouth Coastal Marathon

3 March - Paris Marathon

18 April - Boston Marathon (subject to acceptance of entry!)

Not all of those are '100% flat out racing' events.  Many I'm simply suing for training.  It does look quite a lot when written out like that though!

Anyways, look forward to chatting on the way to Paris 2016!

Today at 00:51
Yes Phil you have plenty to keep you busy on there mate. I just did the Boston London double and it was tough. 6 days apart doing two marathons at hell for leather is not possible (for me anyway). I managed a 3.05 yesterday after the 2.58 last Monday. It was a brave run, out in 1.31 back in 1.34, fatigue got the better of me. I struggled a bit mentally but no regrets as the atmosphere was superb. Went on the beers and was still having a few drinks later on with Jellybum.

If you do Paris on 3rd April you will have two weeks to recover which is just about manageable but perhaps still tough. I'm doing Paris and London so I'll have a 3 week gap.

Having a rest now, but want to say thanks for the great support yesterday from my friends on here (Jellybum, Nells, Running Rodent, Scott The Walker, Yermaj, Stuchbury, UsigeJo, keyzeSuze, Helterskelter and of course the legend Radar Sal who jumped on course and ran along with me and then smacked my arse) and great running from the likes of Orapid, Pottermoss, LloydR, Heroine and my other running pals and club mates. Was just a great day.
Edited: 28/04/2015 at 00:52

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