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15/10/2014 at 10:12

I see the TV show is 7am this Sunday on Channel 4.  Some photo's are up here

hollandasp - good stuff.  York was only my 2nd marathon, so I'm a long way from being a veteran but I felt quite relaxed on Sunday morning at the start.  I think knowing what is coming is a huge help in being mental prepared and handling the tough bits when your mind wants you to stop.

I only ran my first half marathon in 2009 and that took 02:03:54.  As I previously posted, I lowered my half PB to 01:43:20 this year - so the times will come down not only with being fitter but from knowing your body better and training smarter.

I've taken a lot of confidence from the weekly hill rep' session I was doing up to York.  At it's peak I was doing 20 (or might have been 22 as I lost count!) rep's.  It's not a very long hill with each leg being about 150m (so ~300m per rep) but means I feel comfortable when coming to a hill on a race. 

All the best for the Connemarathon - looks like a great run.

15/10/2014 at 12:06

My second ever marathon and was very pleased to knock 15 minutes off last year and do 4.52.58. Last 5 miles really killed though and I wasn't happy when the 4.45 man overtook me at 22.

No complaints with the organisation and the crowd were brilliant!

15/10/2014 at 13:01

Sounds like most people achieved what they wanted.

My plan was to stay with the 9m/m pacer for as long as possible and see how I felt towards the end.

Cruised around to the 19/20 mile point with some fantastic pacing by the 9m/m pacer lady. Felt great and controlled the urge to go faster. Started to find it tough from 20 and dropped off the pace around the 22 mile marker.

Finished in a time of 4:01:24 which is a 5 min PB. Would have liked to have crept under the 4hr mark but missed a couple of long runs in the last couple of months and found it difficult to get my mid week runs in with my dad in hospital since July.

I think I could have got under 4hrs if I set out a little quicker but I know from experience that it’s a fine line between a good time and hitting the wall

15/10/2014 at 14:25

Great marathon, friendly runners, amazing support from the crowds.

I am used to running marathons in the middle of nowhere, or ultras with a few 100 runners, and no locals even know the event is on, let alone come out to cheer (although some b*****ds do nick the route signs)! I found the cheering and support and people shouting your name quite emotionally overwhelming at times, but it was fantastic for keeping you going over the tough bits . A real credit to the friendliness of the Yorkshire people.

My 34th marathon / ultra (I don't bother to count them separately ), and after 3x trail 50mile+ ultras this year I wasn't expecting a great deal out of my legs. Happy with a solid first half in 2.08, aiming for a 4.20-30 finish, wheels fell off on the ever so slight subtle incline / hideous long drag (depending on how you were feeling at the time) between 14-17m, and was getting a little chilly. 17-20 was mentally tough seeing the people in front of you, so I just tried not to look!! Stomach cramp hit at 20m, reduced to a run / walk strategy for the last 6m, 4.30 went out the window, 4.45 quickly followed it when I was overtaken by the pacer , walked up the last hill then at least managed to finish in style and sprint the downhill to a 4.53.

Cannot say I am surprised with my time given I haven't trained specifically for the consistent running required by marathons this year, and in the end was happy to come away with a sub-5 and not too much damage apart from a gypy stomach.

Highly recommend this marathon to anyone. Great for a first one because of all the support and regular water stations.

I saw a young woman suffering at 15m, on her first, saying it was too hard and she never expected it to be this hard. Her friend summed it up well 'it doesn't matter how many marathons you do, they are all hard, and you are doing something most of the population wouldn't even attempt'. Needless to say she finished it .


15/10/2014 at 15:15

Great running by everyone.

I really enjoyed this marathon, great organisation, brilliant crowds cheering your name, and a PB for me of 3:32 which took me by surprise as was expecting to fade from mile 18 and come in 3:45 or so!  No so much a fan of the hill, but the finishing straight was pretty darn awesome and made up for it and the cramp it caused!

Also want to say that the free engraving of the medal was a lovely touch, and I wish more races did this.  I will do this marathon again, although not next year as I've got the Eden Project marathon penciled in for then.  So see you again in 2016!

19/10/2014 at 19:38
Got to do some hill training for next year!

Saw myself finish on tele this morning, what a blast.

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