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16/09/2014 at 11:05

Thanks Reiki - still on a high from the weekend, though back to hill rep's tonight!

A total climb of 190 to 200ft seems to be reasonably common looking at a few random routes on MapMyRun and other sites.  So around 60m which doesn't sound bad.

17/09/2014 at 08:34
Holland & all - I'm bearing in mind that I still had the neural problem when I did the recce with my sister, so my right quads were stiff and numb, horribly shunty on the downhills, so everything probably felt more extreme in terms of hilliness.

We ran from the start at the uni directly to Stamford Bridge [skipped thw town part], and some of that was cross country, kind of nea rather than on the course. We then ran back from Stamford Bridge on the actual coirse but skipped the out & back.

Part of thereason we didn't follow theexact course at all times, as was my plan, was that my sister wasn't hapoy on busy roads with no pavement or verge.

There were indeed some scary moments on blind bends.
My impression was of 14-17 having a slight drag, 17-20 going down but then back up; a climb to 20m, downhill then flat to 25, with that hill at the end followed by the sharp downhill finish that got me a black toenail on the good side [probably assisted by running oddlyish]
17/09/2014 at 13:29


Also doing thr yorkshire Marathon (Obviously as im on here

Did 19 Miles Sunday in just over 3hrs. Would like to get under 4Hrs but not sure if im quite in that shape or not. Looking at the profile it looks fairly flat (My 19M run did almost twice as much climbing).

In Zone2 but will probably stick towards the back of the zone so i dont go off to fast

Hopefully do 19/20 Miles this weekend and get a bit more confidance.


18/09/2014 at 09:00
Hi Quinn. On the day, getting to 20 miles in 3 hours always gets me sub 4, so it sounds like you'll have a good shot at it!
18/09/2014 at 12:57

Secretly looking at getting under 4hrs (Best 4hr 6min way back in 2000). Don’t know whether to try and keep with the 3:56 pacer or just go off slightly slower.

I know if I’m sensible and have a good day I’m in shape for something beginning with a 3. Will be happy to have another good long run this weekend and then it’s just a countdown to the big day


19/09/2014 at 09:37

Tuesday night's hill rep's were hard work - I think I was paying for my half marathon efforts from Sunday.  Cut Wednesday's run down from 9m to 6m and went out targeting 5:20/km pace.  Seemed very hard work and I couldn't find a groove, so I hid my Garmin (rolled it the display onto the back of my wrist).

That seemed much better and I ended up running the last few KM faster but at the same heart rate.  No wonder I struggle trying to run slower on the LSRs.  I can see the question over what pace to go out at nagging right up to the 12th October!

Yesterday at 08:01
Morning all - just waiting to go out on my last long run here but there's a mad storm raging that needs to pass.
Yesterday at 14:30

Did you get out reikirabbit?  How did you get on?

After a week away, I've got 22 miles planned tomorrow, then time to taper!

Yesterday at 15:31

Hi Guys, Hoping all your training is going well?

I am coming down from Edinburgh for this, reading reikirabbit's reconnaissance report the course sounds a little undulating, is that right?


Yesterday at 16:31
I got out at 9, Gareth, and did my usual very long very slow one 3weeks out - 25.24 miles @ 10:28 average/mile.

My left knee was low grade sore throughout, but my right lateral ankle, around the post tib tendon, became seriously stiff and is very sore now.

Not a whole new injury at tis point surely!?!

Don't know if I tweaked it dodging deep puddles on the towpath or if it's the legacy of the AIM exercises I was doing this week - very odd if the latter as I was OK on a much faster effort on Thursday.

Taper time!!!

Nell you'll see some reassuring reports from those who looekd at the elevation stats from last year's downloads if you read back a bit. My experiece was of hills, yes, but I had a neural problem at the time, which may have exaggerated my opinion!
Yesterday at 16:40

Thanks for the feedback reikirabbit, 25.24 miles, wow, long run!

Today at 12:47

Did 22 this morning and although it was tough I'm feeling ready for this now.

Today at 15:24
I ran this last year. The hills are mainly up and over the bridges above the big roads. Rrabbit describes the course well. Green Dykes Lane is not too bad. Great support, knowing you are near the end and the downhill sweep to the finish is lovely good luck everyone.

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