Sunday 16 January

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17/01/2005 at 12:54
Results are up I am told
17/01/2005 at 12:56
They are there honest just checked myself
17/01/2005 at 13:00
They are indeed.

55th woman woowoowoo!!!!
17/01/2005 at 13:03
Great race yesterday!

On the results, what does the numbers mean in the column after the age? It's probably obvious & Im being stupid !!
17/01/2005 at 13:11
I was wondering that too - what do they mean? And how did Tiger work out she was 55th woman - by counting the list? I'm amazed that it must have taken me over a minute to cross the start line! My watch time is much better!
17/01/2005 at 13:11
It looks like age grading on the Racemaster system, please ignore

17/01/2005 at 13:14
What is the date of next years Dartford ten Chunky?
17/01/2005 at 13:16
Yes Mountaingirl I counted the list! (while looking busy at work)

It is age grading, it means the percentage of the world record for your age group. Mine was 65%, the first woman's time was 83% of the world record. How do people run faster?
17/01/2005 at 13:19
We are going to have to plan that now

As you saw at the finish we had some huge hurdles to overcome to do this. On our site a new Football stadium is due to be built and the club house demolished.

We were told that it will be started this year and we may not be able to run the race from that HQ next year. However as I mentioned at the awaards presentation yesterday, a new HQ and a change to the route is going to worked on.

Don't be too disappointed with your time shown on the results, I always use my own time to measure how well i have done.
17/01/2005 at 13:31
Tiger - Have counted myself now! I'm 70th woman - excellent! I just wanted to be in the top 100, so goal achieved. Does anyone know how many women ran altogether - I don't want to count thw whole list!

Chunky - don't worry, the watch time wins hands down!
17/01/2005 at 13:33
The list was more interesting than my work - 307 women :-)
17/01/2005 at 13:42
Well done Tiger! That puts me in the top 25% then - great stuff! And you in the top 20%! And makes me ask - where were all the women then? 307 is nothing!
17/01/2005 at 13:42
Tiger I do not believe you counted them
17/01/2005 at 13:44
Racemaster showed 310 entries
17/01/2005 at 13:44
17/01/2005 at 13:44
Hee hee!

It was that versus doing the VAT return ...
17/01/2005 at 13:48
Where are the results?
17/01/2005 at 13:51
17/01/2005 at 14:30
It got me there!

Thanks Chunky and all at DDR, enjoyed the race and catching up with a few familiar faces! A finish time of 1.20.43 beat my 3 week old PB by 1.01! Can't be bad!

Only thing that marred the day was being dragged away from the bar and off to the chaos of b+!**y Ikea,it was the last day of the sale. :(

Oh well, I did get an ice cream! :)
17/01/2005 at 16:42
Nice one Puffy!!

Give my regards to your dad:-)
I don't get down the Halfway as much as I'd like to. Moomoo + rolling pin are keeping me in check.
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