PUMA Hellrunner: Hell Up North (Morning Glory)

What have I let myself in for!!!

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06/05/2010 at 23:39

Just signed up for this with a few work colleagues. Yikes!

Anyone done this? Am I crazy for entering.

06/05/2010 at 23:48

Don't worry! Think of it as a hard trail race with a few hills & the odd swamp! Nothing to be scared of. Just train lots of hills!

I did last years race. It was bonkers fun.

07/05/2010 at 07:15

Hellrunner is addictive.

07/05/2010 at 11:41
It is indeed. I've entered for this year too. One of my fave races. 
07/05/2010 at 12:58
Did down south last year, in it again this year. Love it and hate it all at the same time

And it's not as bad as you think it will be
07/05/2010 at 19:21
It's great fun, where else will you see 1500 sweaty/muddy/grinning adults on a Sunday morning 
08/05/2010 at 10:34

Thanks everyone

I've done a half marathon before which was relatively flat. I'm expecting this to be much harder. Am I right?

08/05/2010 at 10:40
I think they are both as bad as each other but this one is MUCH more satisfying IMO

It's broken up more on Hell so you don't have the monotonous plod plod plod...and the mud and water make it much more fun. The cold is unbelievable but once you've done it you want to do it again lol I think everyone should do it
08/05/2010 at 13:43

Just throw in plenty of hill training & you'll be fine. And some off road races or training, trail or fell, so you get used to the ground being uneven.

I actually wasn't cold at all last year. I found the Bog of Doom surprisingly warm. Well, maybe not warm, but it wasn't that cold. All depends on the weather of course. It wasn't icy last year.

It's just a good laugh & the atmosphere on the start line is exciting.

Don't go off too fast, as most of the hard stuff is in the second half.

09/05/2010 at 11:25
Bright you get about alot this is another primate at monkey world I have used as nickname just Ash
10/05/2010 at 13:32

Ash, I've only just got used to the name Dinda......

You like Hills Michael, you should try Hellrunner!!!!

10/05/2010 at 19:27
Eyam half on sunday
10/05/2010 at 21:50
That's all very nice Ash deary....but when you gonna get your feet wet on a race, hmm??? What's wrong with a nice muddy swamp!!
11/05/2010 at 21:51
Hepworth Dryad at the end of June now you should do that it is great fun
12/05/2010 at 01:48
Does it have a swamp??!!
12/05/2010 at 19:18
no but runs though fields tracks and roads
13/05/2010 at 14:34
I need to see Ash in a swamp.....   A deep muddy one......
04/06/2010 at 06:24

Thinking to do this as something new, so far only did road runs which starts to be a bit boring... I guess I won't be bored in this one ?

04/06/2010 at 16:49
You certainly won't be bored Darina. Get practising on some hills....
06/06/2010 at 20:46
I have done this twice now and loved it each time. Funny memories of a bloke running past me with only one trainer on and some poor woman falling flat on her face in the mud!! Ace stuff.
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