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17/06/2011 at 16:33
London was pretty toasty this year, but Madrid! phew! i dont handle the heat in marathons at all! Berlins a cracking race, ran it in 2009 aswell, Amsterdams a good alternative though, by all accounts its a pretty rapid course! really looking foward to dropping the pace again and just running long!
17/06/2011 at 16:40
DT2- what time did you do in London?  Probably something ridiculously fast judging by your 10k times....
17/06/2011 at 16:49

2:47hrs, had a shocker of a race though, was going for sub 2:40, went out WAY to fast for 1st 5M then just gradually fell to pieces from 16M, was NOT an enjoyable experience at all! learned a lot of tough lessons from that one! its never a good place to be when youve still got 10M to go and you know exactly what kind of pain is coming!

17/06/2011 at 16:52
Very impressive... to think that it can be done a whole hour faster....  Not in this lifetime I think...
17/06/2011 at 17:06
.... here I am agonising about my little 10k race plans and they're all about their marathon's tales... oh well... . Providing you see a runner with bib 691 passing the finish line with a smile meaning the clock hasn't struck 48.00 yet, that's the main thing...
19/06/2011 at 07:20
Looks perfect out there today  good luck everyone, and if you see a guy in white compression socks and a clapham chasers vest slacking tell me to get a move on!
19/06/2011 at 12:19
DT2 wrote (see)
Looks perfect out there today  good luck everyone, and if you see a guy in white compression socks and a clapham chasers vest slacking tell me to get a move on!

I chased a Clapham Chaser round most of the way, do you think it was you?

Scores on the doors: home in 36:55 and splits of 18:15 and 18:40 so the first two kms were fast (3:31 and 3:34) then 2 nice (3:41, 3:41) and I paid for those fast ones ( 5 through 8 were 3:46, 3:44, 3:45 and 3:49) but brought it home with 3:42 and 3:40 to avergae 3:41.

Wind was a bit of a factor and I didn't like the start and finish on the grass: hard to decide which was worse: the start was very scary as it was full speed on grass and you couldn't see anything and there were trees and potholes and kerbs and hte finish was just sapping,

19/06/2011 at 20:01

Mixed bag for me, felt strong throughout but didnt realy push myself hard enough for the PB i was after, finished in 35:18, 5K in 17:45. race almost went to plan, didnt set of to hard, finished strong, made the mistake of settling in with a group that i thought were running at the pace i needed for the 2nd loop. wind on a couple of the straights was a bit of a pain, as was the unexpected grass start/finish, actually thought the course started/finished before the speed bumps and pot holes section aswell!

Phil, agree with you the start was def a bit of a nerve shredder! not helped by so many people running FAST at the same pace! could have been me to begin with mate, i spent most of the course chasing down a guy in a black and white hooped vest (dont know what club that is but he was pretty tough to catch!?)

19/06/2011 at 23:07

Right, so I said I would be happy with a sub 48, and unfortunately missed my target (BTW don't be fooled by the pseudo, it is still me, Fabrice, just removed my real name). Finished in 48.35.

A bit disappointed, I passed the 5k at 23.20, so thought my target was at reach, but then could not find the markers between 5k and 8k, and found it difficult to keep a good pace running a bit in the void. So I remember checking my chrono at 8k and thinking, mmmmm, still possible but no time to waste. At 9k the marshal told me I was in for 48 but then, not too sure why, all my hard speed work did not pay off: I just could not push as hard as I wanted to. I just managed to carry on with dignity, but superb finish it was not! I agree with your comments on the finish, I thought the grassy bit was just horrible. For the start, I obviously did not start as fast as you guys, so it did not really bother me.

 Oh, well, still some progress from my previous endeavour in the 8.2 miles in Kingston. Maybe sub 48 was just a bit too ambitious. Let's persevere!

20/06/2011 at 08:26

Morning Fab, the change in name there did throw me for a second! thats still a solid time mate, had a ouple of things (markers/wind) not been against you then you'd have to think that your original target would have been on. the missing markers did make a big diff, i rememember trying in vain to spot them myself! ast field, but not such a fast course, maybe just a few tweaks and they'd have a cracking race on the hands, you have to think that next year the potholes will be gone due to the ongoing roadworks down there, and surely they can come up with a better finish!?

20/06/2011 at 09:02
It didn't go well for me at all... a bit of a disaster really... Might've started off too fast or maybe it just wasn't my day (or have been slacking off lately...).  5k in I knew I wasn't going to hit my pb and it all fell apart from then on... Ended up with 49min 40s so 2min slower than my pb from a few months ago.  Very disappointed.  Oh well... even more determined to give it a go next time.  Back to traning....
20/06/2011 at 09:34

Markers were there but hard to see. I had a garmin beeping so knew when to look. I think a few of them were defiitely turned so I guess the idea was that they were hidden for the first lap and then appeared on the second, but I think they may have either forgotten or the wind took them.

I guess the course is fixed but it would have been trivial to assemble on the grass and then move to the road for a road start and if they had the start right at the top then the grass run in could have been a few 10s of metres and not a few 100s of metres.

20/06/2011 at 09:40

Hi Monika (yes, revealing times is revealing real identity!), well, we must have run alongside at some point. The only runner I can vividly remember is this older guy who had a bit of a noisy style: he spent most of the second loop behind me, would produce an effort by huffing and puffing, to en extent that I had the impression that a steam engine was coming from behind, then pass me and slow down, so I would pass him again, and then he would start to huff and puff again. He did it at least 3 or 4 times, and after a while I could not hear him anymore, so I think he's the guy over 60 who finished 1 minute behind me. Noisy, but I wish I can run like he does when I am over 60. You must have come accross him as well! So, I can see your disappointment but I also detect a determined individual who will now train this bit harder a do a cracking time in your next race.

Hi DT2 (Darren!), well, thanks for your encouraging words, I was a bit disappointed just after the finish, but on reflection, I think I was just a tad too ambitious, and it is actually not such a bad result. I only started to train on my own early March, entered the Kingston breakfast run and was encouraged by my time, went on to do a 10 miles in Maidenhead, which was a nightmare, so decided to give a go at 10k. So, slowly building up some experience. Last time I entered races was as a student in the South of France, with no training and sometimes heavy partying the day before. And we could still get to the finish line - ha, those were the days!

Well, anyway, thank you all for helping to set the atmosphere before the race, I do not know what will be my next challenge, but I'll certainly enter the Kingston 8.2 miles in September/October, and hope to do a few 10k between now and then. And a few parkruns in Bushy Park.

20/06/2011 at 10:33

Fab- lol.  I can't say I remember him but I've learnt not to be mislead by huffing and puffing.  Know a couple of guys well into their 60s who sound like they're about to die when running but they still produce amazing times I can only dream of... must be some sort of a cover...

I was one grumpy lady yesterday... I've been running seriously for just over a year and sort of got used to getting pbs every time I race... so it was a massive disappointment to not only not to get a pb but do so much worse... But I do understand that you can't pb every time you run and sometimes things just don't come together on the day.  I also must admit that after the marathon I relaxed a bit and haven't been training as hard as I should.  Will definitely keep at it.  Planning to keep on doing park runs on Wimbledon Common and have already booked a couple of 10k races in Regents Park. in July/ August.

Good luck with your running, I'm sure 48min will be smashed in no time

20/06/2011 at 16:08
Mon77 wrote (see)

Good luck with your running, I'm sure 48min will be smashed in no time

Hopefully - maybe I should try this huffing & puffing technique. Or maybe I've tried it already but haven't realised yet!

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