Robin Hood Half

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13/09/2002 at 15:09
Marmite Master,

Won't be able to make a drink after the race, as I have to shoot off to get to a friends b'day - all day drinking session - not the best recovery!

Looks like the weather is set fair, but I hope this wind dies down. No doubt it will be hectic on race morning, my race no is 10746, and I will be aiming for anything between 1:20 and 1:25, though a new PB (1:23:11) would be nice though :o)

Good luck everyone!


13/09/2002 at 21:17
Good luck everyone.
It'll be my third half-marathon and my third Robin Hood. In 2000 it took me 2:31, in 2001, it took me 2:12 - I'm hoping for 2:08 this time.
It's a good course, except for the hill at 8/9 miles, which has so far defeated me each time. this year i'm resolved to not walk at all ...
Will look forward to hearing how everyone does.
14/09/2002 at 09:26
Running Robin Hood Half for the first time and would appreciate a bit more detail of the course. Apart from the hill at 8/9 miles is the rest of the course pretty flat or are there other hills ?
14/09/2002 at 10:56
best of luck to everyone! i'm doing this one for the 3rd./4th. time but i'm still nervous. at least i'm not going for a time this time; undertrained and overweight! sue w - i hope you pull it off. rainman, my memory of the course is that it is fairly flat with a couple of long drags. at least that beastly underpass is out this time - a real morale sapper.
14/09/2002 at 16:19
Couldn't agree more Chrissiy - tripped up in the bloody underpass 2 years ago. Good luck to all. Weather seems to be about right for the event (well for me anyway I hate it hot)
14/09/2002 at 17:19
thanks Chrissy Boy - I'll let you know. Good luck yourself.
My championship chip hasn't turned up - i've been told to pick it up at the help desk - is anyone else in the same boat?
14/09/2002 at 17:25
Doing Robin Hood for the third time,looking for something close to 1.35.Good luck to everyone, most of all enjoy the race.Hope it stays dry it would make a nice change.
14/09/2002 at 19:26
Hi to you all. Just about to pasta binge before an early night. This is my first half marathon - hoping for 1.55 - just about feasible after my recent 10m in 1.25, but we'll see.

Anyway - good luck to you all and let's hope for some decent weather.

14/09/2002 at 22:59
Hope you all had a good run in the Robin Hood this Sunday. If any of you don't belong to a club please email me. I'll let you into the whereabouts of a great little club who share runs with folk of any standard in Nottm area!
15/09/2002 at 16:40
Dear All,
I'm afraid it all went pearshaped for me today. I was aiming for a finish time of 2:08, but before I even got over the start line, I tripped over a binbag someone else had discarded and fell flat on my knees, grazing both of them. Not a good start. Then my quads started to hurt after That Hill at 8/9 miles (which I did manage to do without walking - something went right!) so finished in 2:15:12. Oh well.
Hope that everyone else achieved their goals
15/09/2002 at 17:19
Managed to achieve 2:03:35. Would have beaten the magical 2 hours but for a dodgy bladder!! Still great day.
15/09/2002 at 17:27
I found between the 8th and 9th mile really hard mentally. I realised my training hasn't been on target for the last month due to injury but I was aiming for 2 hours and got 2hrs 22 mins.
On the up side I am impressed with the level of organisation. The support really helped (especially the family on one of the residential roads that had jugs of juice/water lined up on their garden wall for runners). I wore my RWUFRC vest and met Road Runner who I couldnt keep up with! All in all I am pleased with my day I guess.
15/09/2002 at 17:51
Great day (which I'm now paying for!!!) My first Half and I was aiming for 1-55 and got 1-53 so I can't complain.

Great crowds - especially in Wolly Park, Parkside, Priory Roundabout and of course at the finish - what a great feeling it was to get into that finish straight.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their day.
15/09/2002 at 17:55
Must have been in the finish straight with me then, 1-52 and a few seconds. What were you wearing!
15/09/2002 at 18:11
Disappointing time of 1hr 56 and 20 seconds.

My knee went at 11 miles (I HAD to stop for a wee at an unofficial toilet - a nice bush - and couldn't get the knee working again !!)

I managed a sprint finish though - sorry about those I left standing - but you had passed me when I was struggling!

Great run - great day !
15/09/2002 at 18:26
A fabulous day! I was chuffed with time of 1 hr 46 (my stopwatch!)and very impressed with whole thing! EXCEPT..... see earlier posting from Sue W. Why are people so selfish about discarding their binbags and drinks bottles?? Cups crack up but you can really hurt yourself on a bag or bottle. I thought all runners were a kind, considerate, civilized lot!!Hope you make a speedy recovery, Sue, and thanks to anyone involved in organising today...BRILL
15/09/2002 at 18:30
I had a better run than expected and came home in 1:36. I'm really looking forward to the GNR now!
15/09/2002 at 19:11

To answer your question - blue/silver RonHill gear (like many others!!!)

Some comments made about discarded binbags etc - my sympathies to Sue - not a good way to start. On the subject of rubbish my only criticism of the organisation would be to note the complete lack of rubbish bins - hence loads of rubbish all over Victoria Embankment. Minor detail - but I'm suer this could be sorted for next year.

Have to say I didn't enjoy the early hill in the Lace Market - who put that there?!!! ay the rubbish ets
15/09/2002 at 19:54
Great organisation, good day all round, but the early part of the race was a bit frustrating with all those sharp turns and nasty little hills, in fact it wasn't until after the long hill at 8-9 miles that I was able to start getting regular 'target' mile splits. Good challenge though !

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