Roding Valley Half Marathon

anyone else doing this????

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03/03/2004 at 17:23
Blimey, I thought I was reading about the British 10K for a moment there!

If we aren't allowed to make comments that are construed negatively, then what is the point of having a forum to discuss events? What is the point of RW ranking races? You never know, some race directors might appreciate feedback and use it to improve their races!

Would I be prepared to pay for better races? Speaking as someone who's already ran Robin Hood and the Nike 10K, I don't think that's in question.

Where does this mentality of not criticising anything come from? I haven't marshalled yet, I'm not a member of a running club at the moment. But I would happily do so to put something back into running as I feel I've taken a lot out of it already. I've already volunteered to marshall at L2B.

I said "thanks" to a marshall on Sunday after he encouraged me, for what it's worth.
03/03/2004 at 17:40
it was supposed to be constructive criticism, a point which apparently our dear richard did not pick up on.

i've been a marshall on many occasions and have always tried to encourage the competitors both speedy whippets and not so speedies alike.

as i said earlier on this thread i thanked every marshall i saw but only drew any response from one. most didn't even manage a smile.

cost isn't an issue when i enter a race but it is for some so i don't think making all races more expensive is necessarily the way forward. however in cases where it has been done, to pay for specific improvements to the race, it has generally been welcomed.

we aren't moaning richard. its a good race and as you say it gets it mostly right. but there are things which could make it better and i don't think it hurts anyone to say that.

04/03/2004 at 19:58
I am sorry if it seems to some people that i am against race/marshalling criticism.
I am not and i have done my fair share of it in the past.If i found an event i had a problem with, would i be doing that event next year.
After the race i spoke to a runner who thought that running in road after the brook parade water station was very dangerous.He was surprised that no one was knocked down,although it may be at slow speed.But this is his 4th roding 1/2.
If i felt like that i dont think i would go back again and again.
One of my friends ran the british 10k last year and criticized everything about the race,but he is running it again this year.
If i was a race organizer i would listen to the comments, good and bad because they are important,but would i need to change anything if runners keep coming back year on year.You cant blame an event organizer for offering the minimum they can get away with.And still make some money for their club.
Again i am sorry if people felt i was knocking them, if you knew me you would that i am a nice person.
05/03/2004 at 12:59
The only criticism of this race I would make is something the organisers can't do anything about, the traffic on some parts of the course (the bit past the football pitches & up into Buckhurst Hill in particular). Apart from that, I rate this race very highly. This year was my third in a row, and I'll defintely be back again next year.

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