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14/06/2011 at 08:55

What a load of twoddle.

The race starts through a narrow passage so of course it make take a few minutes to get going if you are at the back of the crowd.

As for slower runners getting in the way - why didn't you just start nearer the front? The organizers had clearly maked posts for anticipated finish times - so not their fault if other runners ignored these. This was also stressed quite emphaticaly in the joining instructions. I'd say it was your fault for arriving late/standing too far back. Take responsibility for your own run!

Finally if you thought the coach back was a shambles you did have other options. Either get a cab or pay £1.50 on the old Midland Red. But if you are too tight then get in line/run faster as loads of coaches waiting when I finished.

If you thought you'd need grub at the end - pack your own mars bar.

I think you lot need to take a bit more responsibility for your own lives. Stop blaming a great race for your own petty issues.

I thought they had great facilities at the start - and what a start location. Scenic route & a challenging course. Plenty of crowd support. Three water stations. Two/three marshalls (in the rain) at virtually every junction. Closed off streets to run in so no worrying about dodging traffic or runnig on narrow pavements (perhaps write to the council to widen the roads if you struggled to get round people!). Unreal finish coming into Kenilworth Castle with a unique medal & alright T-Shirt. Plus all bags ready to pick up & being watched over by yet more marshalls.

Seriously, if you're not happy then 'jog on' as we say down south. After coming up to run this race for the first time this year, I can't wait to tackle it again next June.

14/06/2011 at 09:50

The race has certainly reached its capacity, in fact its good it rained, if everyone who entered had turned up for this race and fun run it would of been pretty crowded.

 I know some people out there are chasing PBs and racing but you got to remember for the majority of runners in a run like this are fun runners, on top of this you have still got your chip so your time isnt starting till you cross the line regardless. There are always going to be people who ignore the ETA markers.

 I got straight onto the coach no problems.

Maybe a cereal bar in the bag would of been nice, but you should consider packing a snack in your own bag for the finish, I certainly did with another drink.

 Great crowds turned out for this run and the officals made sure there were plenty of drink stations, great route with closed roads.

I hope they dont want to increase the number of runners as it is at capacity but it is overall a good run.

14/06/2011 at 14:04

I was a 2 Castles Run first-timer this year & I was really looking forward to this race, being an ex-resident of Kenilworth and having gone to school in Warwick. For me it was like a trip down memory lane - although I don't remember some of the lanes being quite so steep!

I was not dissappointed. I really enjoyed the race achieving a PB in the process (53.42 - so not what you'd call an elite runner, more of an enthusiatic amateur carrying too much weight round the middle!). The atmosphere at the start, during and after the race made for a truly memorable day. Even the rain didn't put me off, although she-who-shall-be-obeyed did grumble somewhat whilst waiting for me at the finish.

Comments have already been made about the organisation at the start but I think that seasoned runners know that this is likely to occur and take this into account when they position themselves at the start. I don't think I've ever been in a race where there hasn't been a problem of some sort at the start (any of you remember the Birmingham half last year - now THAT was bad organisation!).

The run into Kenilworth Castle was great and the encouragement from the crowds even brought out a 100m sprint I didn't think I had in me!

Yes, runners running 2/3/4 abreast can be a bit of a nuisance. BUT let's not forget that this run was for charity and they were not only raising money but they also added to the atmosphere what with colourful wigs, morphsuits, sunflowers, crusaders, Wonder Woman etc etc

A big thank you to all the marshals & volunteers who helped out on the day. At least we were running in the rain which cooled us down they were having to stand around in it all day!

I look forward to being able to run this race again next year.

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