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10/05/2011 at 17:08

This was my first marathon and I 'enjoyed' every minute. Hadn't noticed the problem with the cups until I read everyone else's comments, but not a big issue for me, must have managed to get enough down my throat somehow!

I had two objectives; a sub four hour finish (managed 3.53) and to run all the way (stopped for one quick convenience break but I rekon that's allowed!) so overall very pleased. Thought it was a well organised, good value event and really liked the medal. Only gripe...Mrs bought me a t-shirt to commemorate my first marathon and it doesn't distinguish between the half and the full .

 Given me much more confidence for my Bala half IM attempt in a few weeks and like Peter Hibberd above will be going for an IM in 2012.

 Well done to everyone else on finishing their first marathon / pb's etc.

Kanga (M.) wrote (see)

It was FLM 2 years back, my first (and only other 'normal' mara) and just hung out with Meldy and Holly. Ran this with much younger and faster mate, and my spangly new garmin, so bit quicker on both counts.

Mainly the younger faster mate I rekon, the bleep machine had nothing to do with it

11/05/2011 at 00:10

I just wanted to thank the organisers and particularly the people manning the drinks station at mile 19 who helped me when I faded away. They fed me shortbread and gave me the time to pick myself up again and carry on. I really am very grateful to you. 

I had my first 'gritty' marathon experience at Stratford this year and felt the need to write about it so here's my blog in case anyone out there is interested in reading it

On Sunday I swore I would never, ever run this marathon again... I think I've already changed my mind.

11/05/2011 at 08:38


     I had a similare run to yourself and and only staved off complete collapse only due to someone supplying me jellybabies. I ran this race last year and two other marathons a (PB 3.42). I did not train well,went off stupidly fast and did not carb well. I have reflected on this race and taken the positives from it. I have  had a kick up the backside and hopefully my nightmare will help me in the future. Despite staggering around like a drunk jelly at mile 22 I will be back.The support and the challenge of the greenway on lap 2 are just too addictive. I enjoyed your blog and well done on finishing I know how much an effort I found it. When things have not gone well and your chances of a fast time fade it takes a lot of courage just to finish and not give up. well done 

11/05/2011 at 10:28

There are two ways of looking at most things and I would like to give the other view an airing: I am not saying either is right or wrong but there are a lot more people who read this thread than there are who post in it and I feel it right to debate the alternatives.

When you read about marathons, a lot that is written says the race only begins at 20 miles. I know what this means but I prefer to think of it in terms that by 20 you know where you are. The majority of people who get  to 20 feeling fresh as a daisy will get to the end with no trouble: if you get to 20 and are dead then there will be very few who get better over those last 6.

Most people will have run 20 miles or so in training, once or maybe more. So what is it about  these last 6 that drives people? I have gotten to 20 miles before and stopped when I knew that my target was not achieveable, I have no desire to injure myself when such an injury could mean I couldn't run for a year or so, maybe more, maybe never again. When I have stopped I have been able to adjust my race schedule and set (and achieve) new targets. On Sunday I was aiming at sub 3:15 to get GFA for VLM. If I had got to 20 miles much over 2:30 I would have pulled up at that stage. There are people who have run marathons before and will run them again who did pull up on Sunday and they should be respected for making a wise long term decision.

So in a nutshell, if your aim was to complete at any cost and you did then well done! If you had a bad day at the office and knew things were not to be and jogged in or pulled out then also well done! People should be congratulated for being wise as well as gutsy.

01/01/2013 at 14:30

Can anyone recommend a hotel in Stratford-on-Avon where I can stay the night before the marathon? Somewhere that is popular with runners, and the staff take an interest in the event, and we all get an early breakfast in the morning and get on our way quickly.

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