Rotary Shakespeare Marathon

Gulp !

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29/04/2012 at 16:06
Totally correct mikefrog about people not listening and yes some people looked in a bad way cold wise.However,the PA simply could not be heard. That or I had water in my ears
29/04/2012 at 16:07

Crash- You said it right.

I was using the mara as a long run for COmrades and ran 10 before the start. I was planning on about 3h30 for the mara and there is no way I would have generated enough heat to stay warm, I ran the half as a hard effort and was still cold and struggling to use my hands despite hat#s gloves etc. As I was driving home at about 2h42 into the race I have never seen so many runners run/walking with a mile to go, lots of these being mara runners. 

They would have been in a lot of trouble and the organisers got it spot on.  I was lucky and heard the cancellation.

The marshall were also fantastic too.

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29/04/2012 at 16:12
Ian - brilliant achievement raising the pace on the last three miles. My mile splits completely fell to pieces on the greenway. Huge commiserations to those looking for times who didn't realise the full marathon had been pulled. The late breaking news on the event website declared the race WILL GO AHEAD bold caps, which I thought was rather a hostage to fortune. But the main thing for this one was surviving - I came home to a local road closed by a huge tree right across it; make no mistake, this was a proper storm - there will be much, much better opportunities for pbs to come!
29/04/2012 at 16:40
There was a tree down just by the rowing club building (I think) just by the footbridge in the general finish area. Says it all.

Definitely the right decision not to hold the marathon.
29/04/2012 at 16:47

I'm conflicted, I don't knock organisers making difficult decisions but on other hand wouldn't have made a 200 mile round trip for a half. I know there some people travelled further but this is my post. Having seen the greenway hot, retreat from Moscow, and now seen it wet, retreat from Moscow again, and never seen it somewhere between the two extremes I think I'll give this a miss in the future.

One consequence of running a half only with no thinning out after the split was to make the race more bunched than usual, with groups barging past, I saw a couple of contacts which lead to people pulling up. Hope they finished OK.

Another thing, I saw pallets with bottles of water, but not even a discount store choccy bar? just as well I had food in the car which I ran back to asap. Usually buy some chips and a coffee but didn't even want to do that today so no additional money made off me I'm afraid.

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29/04/2012 at 16:47
I came across 2 blown down trees, the police had to move one as there was no way round it, it was horrendous conditions.

I was spectating as bf was running it, sure he'll speak for himself as he was disappointed that for him that when he got to the end ( after making the decision to run with a slower runner to keep her moral up ) that there were no medals or bananas at the end

I was next to the race director while he was talking to the UK race referee at 9am debating whether to cancel the marathon and just make it a half, I said can you let us know in 10mins so i can tell my bf ( this was one of his 12 in 12 so he now needs to find another marathon )

I went back at 9.10 and the UK race referee who had biked up to the Greenway said there is no way, its just too dangerous and not save its ankle full deep of water

I tried to tell as many people as I could that were sheltering in doorways

I heard them announce it twice on the PA that they may be cancelling it at 9.15 but I think the problem with the weather being so bad, everyone was probably huddled together and just didnt hear it, If i could have shouted to a few more marathon runners I would have done

horrendous condtions, hats off to all those that run it

If anyone did see me I stopped at mile 5 and mile 9 to wish runners luck, I saw and hugged Mick n Phil twice, so great to see them again

Well done hope you are all having a well deserved beverage and putting your feet up!!

and Chris, i'll look forward to seeing you down Aldridge RC


29/04/2012 at 17:01

Have to say that before I got home and read this thread I was still in a dark place about the decision to cancel the marathon.  My hotel room had cost just under £100 and I was looking forward to getting a decent mileage in with support, new surroundings, etc.  So all I've actually done this weekend is scoff masses of carbs (thanks to Pizza Express special offer ) and shuffled a 13 miler that I could have done in my own New Forest back yard.

 HOWEVER, I have never come across such cheerful, supportive marshalls (apart from the odd one or two wearing headphones....), felt so chuffed with myself and my friend's mum for battling through the conditions, experienced such a silent race, we were all just too bolloxed for banter, and, most rewarding of all, seen the Brit spirit of looking out for complete strangers who were worse off than ourselves and helping out however we could with extra layers, hugs and in promptu hot water bottles made from plastic botts and the generosity of the tea ladies.  So, am I disappointed - yes, did I enjoy and will I remember it?  HELL YES!!

Well done us

29/04/2012 at 17:15

Michael, thanks - and well done on your pb too, I suspect that there won't be many of those knocking aorund today. Not that it matters, it was more about survival today.

Add my sympathies to those who did not realise that the full had been cancelled, I only found out by chance when a lady I happened to be stood next to just before the start mentioned it to me.  If I hadn't known and had really held back around the first half, then I'd have been really gutted.  As it was, a PB means I consider it a successful day.

I'd been stood right at the back of the pack, and though I could here that there were things being said over the tannoy, I couldn't make out what they were, and assumed they were the usual countdown/good luck messages.  Lesson learn't, I'll definitely listen more carefully next time!

After all the talk of what  to wear, I went with running tights, armour top with a tech T on top, headband to keep the ears warm, peaked cap to keep the rain out of the eyes and gloves.  And quite critically, I grabbed a pair of flimsy plastic gloves from a petrol station to put over the top of my running gloves, to stop them from soaking up the rain. And sunglasses, to keep the rain out of the eyes too.

And I have to say that I had no problems with being cold at all, with the exception of my feet which got absolutely soaked running through the puddles on the Greenway.  I think that alone would really have caused me to struggle on a second lap.

Anyway, roll on next  year, would be nice to do a 'normal' stratford!

Here my run details if anyone is interested, HRM stopped working towards the end, think it must have got waterlogged!!

29/04/2012 at 17:23
After a 300 mile round trip, I am definitely unhappy. Last night on the website it was definitely ON, even stating it was going to be wet, windy and cold so come prepared. So what changed??
Better conditions than most Dec/Jan marathons.
29/04/2012 at 17:27
Well done on the judgment call, Race Director.  That was a tough one - you couldn't win - but I totally support the decision, depsite it being an unpopular one, and I have genuine sympathy for all who put in all that training, but safety has to (and did) come first on the day.  Sometimes the weather changes on the day and therefore the decision was made at that point.  My sympathies as I say ,  I mean that - I'd be gutted, really.  But My praise goes out for making it a safe event in the conditions, and also I am in awe of the cheeriness of all the marshalls - Genuine praise due there - they're made of tough stuff!!!!  Next year........
29/04/2012 at 17:43
It was the right decision just bad timing, they could of thought of it a lot earlier and put something on the web.

Not worried about the runners who choose to run in these conditions but the marshals who have to stand in the rain for what could of been at least 6 hours if the marathon had gone ahead.
29/04/2012 at 17:48
It was a disgraceful decision to cancel the full marathon. Like many people, I came a long way to run this, spent the weekend in the area, visited Warwick Castle, brought my hard earned to the local economy etc etc. The website states that we run this at our own risk.. It is health and safety gone mad. Are we not adults, capable of making decisions about our own health and risk? When did the race director become empowered to implement the Capacity Act? The greenway was a bit wet but so what?? The conditions were tough but I was relishing the challenge. We'll be long enough in our rocking chairs thinking of how we failed this challenge instead of basking in the pride of a full marathon medal. That medal would have been rightly earned. I saw some guy cheering us on with a sign 'Uncomfortable is temporary, finishing is forever'. How do you feel right now? I didn't finish a full marathon. I feel pretty crap. I won't be back there.
29/04/2012 at 17:48

Hi All,

Got to Stratford in plenty of time (so I thought) but by the time I had parked, got the car park ticket, been to the loo and put my baggage away it left little time.  Got to the start and heard the tannoy system  wittering on about something but thankfully someone recognised me and told me the news.  Knowing this I ran a good race and PBed.  Got showered than waited in the car park for over an hour to get out, which was not clever.  Very tough decision was made. 

Marshalls great,  help with the car park in future would be nice.  Wouldn't travel the distance I did today for an half.

29/04/2012 at 18:05
Well i and my 2 sons were all ready for the full being my 1st full and one of my sons 1st full marathon too. Its all weve talked about for the last 16 wks.weve trained in weather worse than todays ,sacrificed our social lives,bored the arse off everyone,yday stuffed ourselves with carbs,got up at the crack of dawn.mentally ready,physically be told quite casually that it's now just a half.To say we were gutted is the understatement of the year.I do not agree with the decision and think people need to MAN UP! put extra clothes on for gods sake. I will not be entering another Rotary organised event as  i thought that the Cannock chase 10k organised by them was also a bit of a farce.More notice was needed.luckily we heard the announcement on the start line but i can understand why people further back wouldnt of heard it.and i feel so sorry for them running it and not knowing.Now looking for another Marathon asap but judging by comments on here-I'll be lucky..
29/04/2012 at 18:21

This is the 5th time I've raced at Stratford so I'm well accustomed to the course and it's surroundings. Credit to the marshal's as usual very encouraging and great to see the kids handing out drinks..................

 My problem with this year is that I was expecting to run a marathon given the full information from the Met Office of a rain warning and the web site which basically said at your own risk. No mention of the full marathon being pulled. I did chech before setting off. 

Conditions did not change they were as expected ?? 

Basically I'm sure I'm in the same boat as a lot of people petrol costs an absolute fortune £1.40 a litre locally. If I had the information before setting off I would of chosen to save my money on petrol and written off the cost of the entry to the Rotary Club. Not a happy camper !!

29/04/2012 at 18:35
Not happy with 300 mile round trip for a half. Decision to cancel marathon at last minute typical of todays risk averse, no can do attitude. Let the runners decide if they're up to it!
29/04/2012 at 18:35

 Right decision- poor communicatioon at the time. 

 For every diehard doing a 'Shacklton' to the end of a full M today, you'd have had a lot of people in a very bad way and in need of help- let alone Marshalls/volunteers out in it too.  It was never meant to be an adventure race and as organisers they would have to factor in the risk to the greater number of runners(1st timers etc.) as well as hardened runners of old.

 I could hear the commentator but, he was far too brief in passing the single most important message of the day.

A disappointing day for me today, but the pleasures of a 16 week training plan with good friends is worth far more than a Marathon finishers medal.

29/04/2012 at 18:41
I think this was a poor decision. I had contacted the organisation to tell them that I couldn't run the marathon due to having to have an operation. Fair enough they do say no money back or deferral to next year. So I went to support my Mum and Running partner anyway, drove 130 miles, stayed over etc etc. Then to be told no marathon just a half, I could have run the half might have if they hadn't charged me to make the change! I wouldn't be so fed-up if they had allowed me to  defer but they don't (as I say fair enough) but they pull it for some winter like weather! If you can run around half of it why not let those that want run round that course twice? Yes the marshals get cold and that is not fun but that's what they sign up for. Poor in my view.
29/04/2012 at 18:43
I haven't read any other posts yet, but I was so pissed off when they announced it was going to be a half.

I didn't drive 120 mile, train my bollocks off and basically dedicate the last 3 months to run a half marathon. It was going to be my 1st full

Completely shoddy organisation in my opinion, I'll never do another rotary event. Jokers.

Running a marathon isn't meant to be easy, and I've trained in worse conditions than that.

Then there's the car park. A solid hour before we moved anywhere.

If theyd of emailed me last night to say it was off, instead of posting that rubbish on the website, we wouldn't of made the trip.

People have the option to pull away and do the half if they are struggling, and that's the way it should of stayed.

Seriously gutted and p###ed off
29/04/2012 at 18:54

fellow runners

not sure TBH if they called it right or not -

had they have let FM go ahead, and on full length of greenway ( as HM only uses part of it ) if they have had casualites or suffering of hypathermia which they were concerend about, they said their was record numbers of new marathoners who were possibly un prepared  

but, we live here 1.5 miles from start, and it was nothing like this last night at 11 pm

this morning i awoke to a different world,  

but i do understand all your feelings and i to and sorry for u all  

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