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23/01/2009 at 19:45

Mine arrived too - looks like we're really doing this then

Also found the route today, in case you're interested in a peek at what awaits (it is the 2006 route, but I don't think it has changed....) 

You two are speedy - I'm hoping for 4:30 ish, it should be realistic, but I'd be happy at 5 hours.....shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone, if anyone asks I'm just trying to get round!

24/01/2009 at 10:23

thanks for the link RJ, really interesting to see the route from that perspective!

I found a related link which told me that the 2007 race was abandoned after 3.30, because it was too hot! I hadn't expected heat to be a problem when I signed up, hopefully this year will be cool!

25/01/2009 at 17:31

Abandoned at 3.30.....I'd be out, but you should both make it home if the weather heats up......I'm hoping for cool anyway though because the heat slows me right down.

Only 10 weeks to go. It seems too close and yet still quite far away......happy training!

25/01/2009 at 20:13

After my last few runs, I may be tempted to revise my target time upwards! Legs are definitely aching after 22 k today, 12k yesterday... and that was at a fairly slow pace! I've never run more than 24km, and my programme for the next few weeks takes my LSR up to 32k: training is not going to be easy!

 Good luck with your training too!

25/01/2009 at 20:34

30k today, 32k next weekend for me...then a well deserved and looked forward to step back week! But I'm not doing any runs two days in a row. 1 or 2 easy runs, tempo/speedwork and LSR each week. I take my dog on some easy runs; she is up to 6 miles with me now, but we are still building.

25/01/2009 at 23:43

Good link that video. A mate of mine had said the temps were horendous in 2007 and people struggled. I though he was having a laff as I too hadn't expected heat to be an issue.

LSR of 16miles today. Fairly comfortable at target pace so happy considering I over did the wine and beer last night and had spent most of the day in bed! Never again....

Good luck with the training both. Think it's only the 3 of us running

30/01/2009 at 20:48


 I was due to take part in this years event but injury has scuppered my plans and I will now not be travelling. I therefore have two flights departing Luton on Fri 3rd up for grabs. Asking £120 for each flight and am willing to pay the costs attaching to the of details.

If anyone is interested we can arrange the complexities offline.


01/02/2009 at 17:26

First of three planned 32k runs today. I took the 'flat' route, so only 1700-odd foot ascent. The wind was bitter so I finally put my gloves on and that really helped - I didn't realise how much energy was lost just through having cold hands!

Can't help I'm afraid, Clarkie. Hope you heal quickly. Why not just come over and cheer the rest of us on - or if you can't face it, have a long weekend in the 'Dam instead. Don't know how you've injured yourself, but maybe you'd be able to make the start line with a lowered time expectation?

Hope everyone else is still fit and on track.....I'm starting to get quite excited about it all now

02/02/2009 at 10:49

Missed my long run yesterday due to being stuck on the M1 for a few hours due to an accident and got back too late. It 's now planned for later this afternoon, but looking out the window a pair of cross country ski's may be in order.... Don't want to miss it though as I've already revised my plans a number of times and things are going well at the mo and I've the Pukka 20 to be ready for next month as well.

Sounds like you're on target RJ and with all these hills in your routes you should find Rotterdam a doddle.

02/02/2009 at 17:12

Hope it brightened up for you this afternoon Steve. I think I now see the benefit of training for an autumn marathon

I did start a thread on the Training forum - worried that I would find the flat more tiring after training in the hills, but I think I am just looking for things to worry about - that's what the first marathon is about, isn't it!? I'm now moving onto wondering whether compression clothing is worth it - either for the run or for afterward! And still, she hasn't booked her flight or hotel room.......

03/02/2009 at 09:00

18 miles in the snow, done! Only landed on my arse once, but shredded my cosy winter tights... oh well.

I've ordered some x-socks compression socks for recovery, should be here this week, though don't think I'll have the nerve to wear them during a race.

Sort your travel and accom out, then you'll only have the running to worry about and that's the easy part

08/02/2009 at 14:06

Waaaaaay back on page 5  never mind, once a week at least we will bump onto page 1 for a brief spell!

7 miles (about 11.25km) today for my drop back week. Tried to do it at marathon pace, but mostly went too fast, felt fairly easy though so I'm getting happier about my goals!

Hope the weather hasn't been too bad for everyone - it has been cold here, but it was a lovely bright morning today. Shame about your cosy tights Steve, at least they saved your skin from the same treatment!!

08/02/2009 at 23:21

Aye, keep bumping! Lovely afternoon in Notts today meant I got a decent LSR in, 20 miles, just before the snow started again. Managed to stay upright as well!

I did however come in from the run and immediately started watching the rugby and seized up. I've been hobbling around this afternoon - must remeber to stretch off a bit first next time.

Cosy tights have now been binned, but they served me well. Now resisting the temptation to pick at my scabby knee. Easy week ahead now, then back to higher mileage the week after.

 Have you booked your flights/accom yet RJ?

13/02/2009 at 00:41

Bumpitty, bump! Well this I thought was a drop back week, but turns out it isn't. A bit more mileage and an interval session - oh, do I hate those, especially in the slippy snow!

But new cosy tights bought ,along with a new pair of daps that'll I'll be doing the Rotterdam in, so I'm happy and excited

 Flights/hotel?? You know who I'm talking to

Edited: 13/02/2009 at 00:41
13/02/2009 at 08:07

OK, OK!! 

I booked the h2otel, I can either run & swim to get there or book the flights too. 

Blizzard conditions here yesterday so I didn't manage to get out for my tempo session and I doubt I'l make it out today due to life stuff, but maybe I'll make it for a short plod just to get some miles in.

I have put 7 miles on my new shoes - nice and comfy ready for Rotterdam

14/02/2009 at 21:13

On a roll, the flights are booked. I'll be packing next.....

The marathon website says:  "You can find an overview of stand-holders and the map of the Marathon SportExpo on this website."  I can't - am I being dumb or are they ahead of themselves? I want to know whether I need to pack gels or whether I can grab them cheap when I get there! Anyone tried this Extran stuff? I think I'll avoid it as I can't try it out in training.....

15/02/2009 at 09:56


I can't work the webite out to be honest. If I click on the english version I get a non-english version that looks completely different to the main event page. If I click on the french version I get an initial front page in french but links are in english to english pages

I'll be taking my usual gels rather than rely on the Extran stuff as I've never tried it before, just in case it doesn't agree with me.

Missed Friday's run due to weather, but all clear again today so off out for LSR later today. Just need to wake up first.

Edited: 15/02/2009 at 13:22
15/02/2009 at 15:24

I use this link: that should have everything in English, so long as you stick to the menu options at the top of the page. There is some dutch under the headlines further down the page, but the link it goes to is in English again!

16 miles (25.75ish km), 4.5 minutes faster than my last 16 miler and still some gas at the end. Tied my shoes too tight so it must be getting warmer, but boy was that uncomfortable until I made myself stop and loosen them off. Must remember not to tie them so tight in the future.

It is getting closer......and where has Simon gone? Are we down to 2 now?

17/02/2009 at 23:55

 Ta for the link

 Aye it's definitely getting warmer as I no longer miss my cosy tights! Back to shorts - yay!

Recovery week this week so easy does it for me. Then build up to 20 mile race the end of next week, still unsure how to play that one, we'll see.

Looks like we could be down to two, Simon, where are ya?

19/02/2009 at 00:05

..and now it's only me

 Replaced my easy run tonight with curry, beer and wine. Now wishing I hadn't and feeling sorry for myself......

 ... well not really (to feeling sorry for myself that is). Bring on Rotters and post race celebrations!

Edited: 19/02/2009 at 00:12
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