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02/04/2009 at 19:53

their is that name again paddy murphys,  if anything that wil get me from the start to the finish line,                is knowing that their is pub in rotterdam called murphys and it has a point with my name pat on it,           

well it is good reading all your information about rotterdam people.

and i like to wish all you a good run,

all the best

Edited: 02/04/2009 at 21:43
03/04/2009 at 11:47

good luck all

heading for T5 in a couple of hours.

enjoy the fun


04/04/2009 at 08:44
Good luck everyone!
07/04/2009 at 00:13

I hope that everyone had a good race.

I was taken ill during the Saturday night and did not even make it to the start line.  I am absolutely gutted that I couldn't enjoy the day, but I hope you all got what you wanted out of the day.


07/04/2009 at 20:24

oh no, Vixx that's a disaster! Really sorry to hear that, incredibly frustrating, especially since you'd actually travelled out for it. Hope you are better now.

I did manage to get to the start line, and even to the finish line as well. An incredible experience, I had a great time until 30km, running fast and easy, but then the last 12 k was a real battle of will. I was really happy to finish in 3:45, which was exactly my target, but I think I could have found an easier way to get there, if I'd gone off a bit slower!

On the other hand, you do find out something about yourself when you manage to get through the pain, and keep running, and I do feel very proud to be able to describe myself as a marathon runner.

Legs are still very sore two days later, but I should be ok by the end of the week.

How did everyone else do - a better experience than Vixx I hope?


07/04/2009 at 21:21

Very sorry to hear that too, Vixx. Hope you are well now. Congrats on hitting your target Simon

My race did't go as planned. Got caught in congestion at the start and spent 2 miles dodging between other runners and it wasn't until the 3 mile mark that I was able to wind up the pace. Hit target pace around 5 mile, but that had taken it's toll during the last few miles. Still.. finished in 3:06:02, so a new PB and happy with that.

Didn't make it to PM's as I was lured by the offer of free food and beer. The plan was to seek out the pub later, but the beer had taken it's toll.

Hope everyone else is ok/recovering/recovered.


07/04/2009 at 23:59

Hi Steve,

great time, well done!! That takes you tantalisingly close to sub-3.00, think you'll have to do another in the autumn now you're so near!

Yes, I found the start v crowded too, and did lots of weaving. Probably why my garmin claims I did 400m more than the official race length!

08/04/2009 at 01:12

Vixx, really terrible shame you were so cruelly robbed of your dream Rotterdam experience.

We didn't make it to Paddy Murphy's on Sunday night, although we had been there on Saturday afternoon to watch the end of the Grand National live on the TV. GaleForce's luck of the Irish deserted him as 'Irish Invader' faded after having been an early leader.

We did, however, celebrate at a different Irish pub - O'Shea's - on the other side of Coolsingel - led astray by a load of other Brits.

SteveG, congratulations on your PB. Conditions were absolutely ideal. GaleForce and I both got PBs too, as did our party organiser.

So, what news of Mr. Cunningham ? How was the flat, and the do-it-yourself pasta party ?


08/04/2009 at 12:04

(((Vixx))), that is such bad luck! And after you'd got race ready in such a short time....bummer. Hope you feel better now!

Well done everyone else

Race was good. I took it easy and enjoyed the day - met with hubby unexpectedly so stopped briefly to let him know all was going well. 4 hours 42 minutes and 26 seconds.....that's close enough to around 4:30 to make me happy - and I even managed to get a 42 in there for my first 42.2 on my 42nd . Did find it too hot, think I would have been happier on one of the cooler days they had while I was out there, but I remembered the sun cream so I was only a bit browner than before! Enjoyed the street parties! Slapped some children's hands. Won an Adidas shoe pocket with my chip....

We were at PMs, for a while then went for a steak.

08/04/2009 at 12:14

I got 7 lots of that shower gel they were handing out......

I am better now thank you.  I was obviously not meant to run that day

10/04/2009 at 07:03

3;56, 16 minutees slower than Paris last year, and 26 mins slower than my ambition.

Wassn't in shape for a 3;30, but probabl;y coul s have done a 3;45, but my achilles was like a fire ball, and I was limping most of the way. Also found it too hot.

Howeverr if my achilles can finally get better, I am already "planning" 2010 marathon. Probabbly Edinburgh.

Just back from Edinburgh following a funeral..all in alkl, packed few days.

Great thing about Easter, is that I am allowed to eat chocolate, whilst this time last week!!!!

Enjoy the realaxing time guys!!!


10/04/2009 at 08:50

Hi Grant -

yes, I found it too hot as well! My legs ached all week, and I was telling myself never again. But the memory is fading now... & I've also started to think that maybe I could manage another marathon next year!

10/04/2009 at 09:24
Next year????  There's plenty more to do this year.......shhhhh, don't tell hubby
10/04/2009 at 11:16
RebekahJane wrote (see)
Next year????  There's plenty more to do this year.......shhhhh, don't tell hubby

...or wifey (to be). Signed up for 2 halfs and a full this week to keep me occupied. Rotterdam does indeed seem in the distnat past now. First post race run planned for this sunday, then lots of chocolate - it's good for recovery so I hear
10/04/2009 at 12:07

So long as none of them are during the honeymoon you should get away with it

I was caught writing a list last night....2 halfs, 2 10Ks and a 7 miler.......I'm trying not to include the 23 mile Cateran Trail next month......

I'm dying to get out there again, but I will wait until Sunday too, I know it makes sense. I obviously didn't push hard enough as I had only mildly tight thighs on Monday and was back to normal by mid Tuesday! Pass the chocolate!!

10/04/2009 at 12:15

Oh and I must recommend the H2otel if anyone is returning to Rotterdam.

The staff were brilliant - they made a special marathon breakfast for me and all made a fuss generally. The rooms were clean and comfortable and it was amazingly quiet and peaceful for such a central location. If you can get one with a terrace to sit out on of an evening or there is a jetty in front of the bar that you can sit out on.

12/04/2009 at 00:23
hi all,did paris this year in a slower than intended 4hrs 23 so im lookin at rotterdam next year as i think i saw all paris has to offer!!!is it worth a go. Paris was very crowded for the first half and cost me my 4hr target i think

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