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27/03/2005 at 17:10
To all of you, sorry I was late, I must admit I had my own punishment as I had to run the last one on my own.

Brian- you are a Star! you don't know how that cheered me up, I was definitely feeling quite sorry for myself & seeing you there waiting for me gave me the strength to finish, thanks. love the blessing by the way.


27/03/2005 at 19:58
Nick, you're welcome - I didn't envy you your solo third lap. You were looking pretty good when you arrived at my car - How was the final hill?

I was v. wobbly on my last couple of miles, and when I finished I had a stretch and a retch and a v. welcome sit-down. Peaceful and smug, I was able to smile pleasantly as dozens of poor b*ggers trundled by who hadn't finished their runs. Nothing better than looking at runners when you're not running, eh?

What times did everybody record for the run? I reckon that I did 3:26:50 for 22M (to-ing and fro-ing lengthened my route a bit). That's 9:23perM, which I definitely didn't do over the last 5M, so we must have clocked up some nippy miles before we reached my car on the last lap. Well done, Stephen and Stephen and Ross.
28/03/2005 at 11:05
Hi all,
so sorry I couldn't be there. But I've only just surfaced again after 2 days of being struck down by some bug and really high temperature and I wouldn't have been able to run anyway. Did a trial jog on Thursday to test hamstring and had to give up as it was too painful.
So, that's it as far as London is concerned I'm afraid. I'm only slowly coming to terms with it and I think I'm going to go for Abingdon in October.

Well done everybody for doing the 22M and good luck for London and Stratford Upon Avon.
28/03/2005 at 11:10
Thanks for a great run - I really enjoyed the company.
I found the first bit of the last lap really hard. Thank you Brian for staying with and talking to me. You kept me going!
Well done Stephen, Stephen and Ross on some impressive times during the last lap and to Nick for doing the third lap solo.
I finished at 11.41 am so reckon my overall time was about 3:30 - average 10 min miles which was probably about right given that I slowed during the last lap and walked the last hill (as per Stephen V's instruction).
Thanks again and good luck on Marathon day.

28/03/2005 at 11:13
Sorry to hear that MOTR but it's better to be safe than sorry. Is it your own place - if so you will be able to defer until next year. Godd luck anyway for Abingdon
28/03/2005 at 19:50
Mum, sorry to hear about your illness: this is terrible news and I'm sure that you're going to bounce back. I don't think that you should abandon London - you were in excellent form on our towpath run, and if you build up some medium-to-long training in the next couple of weeks you'll certainly be fit for FLM - you might surprise yourself with your time. Anyway, you'll certainly finish and you can treat it as a training run.

Martin, the company on Sunday was indeed excellent and it was a pleasure to run with you. All the best for FLM - let us know here how you get on.
28/03/2005 at 21:04
To Brian,Martin,Ross,Nick,Stephen V - many thanks for Sundays run - enjoyed every minute (just trying to encourage my knees to feel the same!!).

As I train mostly alone it was great to have encouragement of others knowing we are all aiming for the same.

Stephen V did run the last hill!! - well done.

Well done Nick for carrying on the last lap alone - great mental strength.

As Brian says - what a great feeling when you have finished your run to see others just starting out.

Cheers all
29/03/2005 at 09:06
Good effort everyone. The taper has started!

Excellent company - hope to see some of you again.

MumontheRun - Don't give up on London just yet. I have heard very good reports on Abingdon. I am contemplating it myself.

18/04/2005 at 11:05
I watched the FLM on television - looked a bit warm. How did everybody do?

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