Rutland Water Marathon

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26/01/2010 at 12:35
I've entered the Rutland Water Marathon which is on the 7th Nov 2010. I think its a new event as I haven't heard of it before. I'm pretty excited about it as it looks great and I've been looking forward to getting my teeth into something this year. I don't know the area very well so any advice on accommodation would be appreciated.

By the way I found the event at ;
26/01/2010 at 20:22


I glad you found the event.I stumble on it on Monday its includes Grimsthorpe 7 that 70miles and Bourne Wooland Half Marathon.I will enter the RUtland one this Week.Great website?

26/01/2010 at 23:40

I like the look of this one as well. I've entered the Ultra 70 event but am tempted by a couple of the others on the site. The Rutland Marathon and Woodland Half marathon look like they are in interesting locations.I agree about the website as well Speedy, pretty cool.

27/01/2010 at 05:06
Since RAF near Rutland was organise theses events. But now Anglian waters and National Trust and Wildlife save the events.Hopefully there still on the map as years goes by.I interesting to do Grimsthorpe 7. But not yet until I dunn London 50K  next month then I will decide otherwise maybe and 100% will for the Rutland Marathon event. Inwhich By Xmas 2010 will be my 35marathons then?
27/01/2010 at 08:39
35 Marathons is a great achievment,.well done. I haven't done that many,.. maybe 7-8 so far but am doing alot more ultras which I'm really enjoying and this Ultra 70 looks fantastic so can't wait. Any one else doing any of these events?
29/04/2010 at 19:25

Have entered the Rutland Marathon - anyone know of lionks to the course? Is it hilly etc?

30/05/2010 at 18:17

Yeah, the website looks pretty cool, but there's not a great deal of information on it.

I'm kean to do the Rutland Water Maeaton, but there's very little info about the course, closing date, any limit on numbers...

BTW, I've started a thread from the event page here just to link to this thread, as it was already on the go.

31/05/2010 at 08:43
anyone got a course profile?
31/05/2010 at 15:34
found one on Garmin Connect - looks ok. Think I am in, just waiting for my training partner to man up....
31/05/2010 at 16:04

How's it look then, flattish?

I don't suppose you've seen anywhere what sort of numbers we can expect?

31/05/2010 at 16:20
yeah - no worse than BBCHM.... lol.

no idea on nos, I think the website will probably start to get some better info in the next few months!
31/05/2010 at 16:38

I wouldn't count on it, judging by the other, earlier events (including the Woodland HM, which was yesterday!). I guess all the info you get is in the race pack, by which time it's too late to worry!

BTW have you seen the course profile for BBCHM on GoodRunGuide? It's a little bit misleading! It shows two 'lumps', the first of which we go under, and the second we go through!

31/05/2010 at 17:22
imagine the canal boats would struggle if that was anything like a true course profile!

if you open a garmin connect account (don't need a garmin) you can then go into 'explore' and find loads of runs by location/postcode etc. Quite useful if you ever want to know what a particular run looks like!
31/05/2010 at 17:44
Strangely enough, I did just that after reading your earlier post - couldn't find RWM, then it started giving me error messages. Does it always start showing Toronto?
31/05/2010 at 17:52
yeah, normally somewhere far flung but if you type in Rutland Water it brings up a few cycle/run routes. Profile looks ok, but remember Garmins are not the best at measuring ups and downs!
31/05/2010 at 18:15
Not the best at A to B for that matter!
31/05/2010 at 19:22
true! did you just do your first full recently then?
31/05/2010 at 23:53
First full? Shakespeare, April 2008. Four more since (Shakespeare again, 2 x Robin Hood, & Draycote Water).
01/06/2010 at 10:13

oh right, am getting confused! Have emailed FF from their website with a few questions - will let you know as and when they respond....


01/06/2010 at 10:31

Hey guys, did the Woodland Half in Bourne that FF organised - the numbers were stopped at 160 and the race organisation was tres slick so would happily do another event of theirs.

Have cycled round Rutland Water a few times and I would say it 'undulates' but don't know the exact course of the run. It is 17ish miles round the water without doing the peninsular which is an additional 6ish. The peninsular part is probably the hilliest of it to be honest but the actuall surrounding area of Rutland Water itself is generally hills lol

I'm doing the Snowdonia Marathon in October and intend to use the 17miler round the water for some of my long runs because of the scenery which will make the miles easier

All in all it should be a good run if you do it, probably a little more challenging than a pure road race but it depends what floats your boat I guess. Good luck to all of you anyway

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