SaabSalomon Turbo-X Trails, Poppyhill

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28/09/2008 at 13:12
Hoooooolllllllyyyyy Shiiiiiiit! That was pretty tough going - makes Grim look like a flat 10km! The hills in the first half really took it out of me - mind you I had recharged ready for the X-Zone......loved those drops into the muddy streams! Looking forward to the photos! How did everyone else get on? I reckon it was 11ish miles.....
28/09/2008 at 13:50
fanbloodytastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ca't wait till next year loved all of it even when I belly flopped in the boggs must admit it didn't taste to goooooooooooooooood !!
28/09/2008 at 14:03
brilliant! my garmin said 10.70 miles. I finished in 1:48 - 11 mins slower than the one in May at Bordon and this was significantly harder going due to the hills.
28/09/2008 at 14:39

Absolute great race...... i think i'll going for the next one a borden as well!

mdunn77 - u got 10.7miles, I got 11.1miles.

 any other takes??  

28/09/2008 at 14:43

Dam just looked at my trainers I think I have killed them !!! when and where will the results be on line can't wait to see what my offical time and place was . just had a nice mc donalds I think I earnt it not sure if I will be able to move in the morning but it was worth it

28/09/2008 at 14:50
Ok, according to the Garmin 405 - I got 10.6 miles.  Did it in 1:56.  I had to walk on so many of those hills!  I think I lost loads of energy on the first muddy bog before 1/2 mile - I couldn't stop laughing.  Anyway, regret using old trainers that I hadn't run in - looks like I will lose 2 toenails.  I bashed my leg on a log underwater and scratched my leg too.  But what a great fun time - glad I did it even though I am obviously not fit enough.
28/09/2008 at 15:18

bloody Nike Sportband just doesn't cut it....... it still yet to record an accurate distance in any races!!

 save up for a garmin!!

28/09/2008 at 15:25

Cracking event, great course, apart form the mound that you went up and down twice, managed a good time of 1:22. Can anyone confirm the actual distance as I have spoke to several people and got different answers each time.

28/09/2008 at 16:10
well I made it 10.57 miles and my time was 1.45 happy days .1.22 was you on a bike !!
28/09/2008 at 16:26
No, but nearly mug one of them on the way round.....I live in a hilly place , so everywhere I train, its always hills.....
28/09/2008 at 16:39
Took me 30 mins in the shower with a brush to get it off!
28/09/2008 at 16:42
LOL.  Well I have mud stuck underneath my nail polish on my toes, bet you cant beat that!
28/09/2008 at 16:50
BET I can but it would be indecent of me to say. Sorry to here about your toe nails Leisa . I fell in a the bog once no twice nooooooooooooooooo three times a little more four bloody times nearly gave up and swam over them , 1 guy helped me back to my feet only for me to fall straight over again what a muppet
28/09/2008 at 18:09

Great race.  Pitty about the glitch in marshalling just after the start but, hey, because of that I was in lead!.  Great feeling but it didn't last long.

Some mean little hills, especially the one they made us go up/down twice in succession!  Was expecting more in the 'Turbo Zone', but perhaps that was due to the recent lack of rain.  Will wear my Garmin next time as it's nice to know how you're doing when there are no distance markers.

Overall?  Well organised race, good atmosphere, great value for money & a nice touch to include a kids race too.

28/09/2008 at 18:10

I recorded 10.75 miles in 1.14, although I was one of the fools who managed to take the wrong turning at the start so the real distance was prob nearer 10.5 or miles per my garmin.

What a laugh the bog in the second half of the turbo zone- ended up crawling through it on my hands and knees.

28/09/2008 at 18:17
Just had to cut my toe nails off - though luckiliy polish isn;t a big problem for me......
28/09/2008 at 18:51
Aaaaargh !  What a belter !  I did it in 2hrs 8mins which I'm really pleased with despite falling in the forrest on a long straight bit and landing HARD on my right knee about 3 miles before the end. I ended up kneeling in a cool stream of water as some rudimentary first aid.   My knee is still hurting now despite Panadol and an Ice Pack.  Anyway, the hills were ok, a sight more steep down than up !  I naievly thought that the X - zone was a straight mile with no obstacles.  I know better now !  I gasped and groaned my way to the finishing gantry after muttering, 'oh no you don't' to the girls marginally ahead of me as I overtook them.  I apologised to them later.  Great goody bag, best of any run I've done to date.
28/09/2008 at 19:17

looks like you all had a blast today, well done.  mugdock next week for me, can't wait now.. although I will admit to being a bit nervous.

28/09/2008 at 21:09
I got 10:54 on the Garmin... This was part of Marathon training for me and I hope there are no puddles like that in Hastings!! I loved the x-zone... so much fun not to know how deep it is!! when are the results and piccies up?
28/09/2008 at 22:55

Very good fun, i got 10.90 on my Nike+ managed to go head long into the bog near the end. Managed 1.34 which considering the terrain / bogs was ok.

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