Santa Dash 5K

Who's up for this one then?

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10/10/2006 at 13:00
The photos on-line look brilliant - a sea of Santas!! It's a long way to Liverpool from Durham tho!


10/10/2006 at 13:04
British Heart Foundation are doing on in Manchester on 17th December. It looks like this is most likely to be the one I'll be doing now.

BHF are also doing Ruddington (near Nottingham), Birmingham and Cardiff on 10th December.
10/10/2006 at 13:39
I'll be back for a third time
As well as those listed above, there's also one in London, and there's been one in Isle of Man in the past, but this has got to be the biggest and the best.
Don't expect a PB - the Big Dig continues, so who knows where the course will be this year. The only thing guaranteed is the Fun part of Fun Run
10/10/2006 at 16:00
Exactly RwandaMan! It's not an event to get het up about but one to be enjoyed!

Thanks W.Dave for posting about the BHF event in Manchester - might look into that!
10/10/2006 at 16:12
But you get a PB dressesd as santa!

granted you won't beat the real one.
The speed he goes xmas day :-0
10/10/2006 at 20:47
Now seriously training for this one. I need to put on 6 stone in 8 weeks (want to be authentic) so I can get a PB dressed as the fattest Santa (it's the only PB I'll get this year!!)......or next.

Pass that pie.........
10/10/2006 at 22:06
Yep - I'll be doing this one too. This year, however I will be running in an adult suit - ran last year in a child's suit which was certainly 'interesting'!!

The only problem I also discovered is that if you lose your mates whilst running you haven't a hope of finding them as everyone, or course, looks the same!!
10/10/2006 at 23:11
Think ive got roped into entering this one with a few family members! i wont be taking it seriously tho as its the l&d xc race the day before so will probably just jog round... I wasnt given an option on sizes when i entered, do they just send out a one size fits all santa suit?!
11/10/2006 at 13:26
Yup, that's right toffee, so you might have to be nifty with a needle and thread, depending on how big you are!
12/10/2006 at 16:20
I did this last year with my son - terrific fun and lots of brilliant photos.

He did a couple of 2 mile runs beforehand at a respectable 9 minute mile pace but he struggled with the hills in the city centre on the day and got very hot in the Santa suit so our time was more like 35 minutes.

This year he wants to do a few more training runs and beat 30 minutes - I think he might be influenced by his Dad?

Castle street was jam packed and it was almost impossible to get into any of the coffee bars to meet up before or after the race. Both my Wife and Mum came to support my son but they couldn't find us in amongst the thousands in identical suits. If anyone wants to meet up for a coffee or perhaps something stronger after the race then it might be a good idea to decamp to the Albert dock or somewhere away from the thick of it - but you must still wear the suit!

My wife took a sponsorship form into work and most people were impressed that a 12 year old was running 5k - he earned quite a bit of money for charity.
14/10/2006 at 14:54
Does anyone know what the nominated charity is for this year? It helps, when asking people for money, if you can tell them what it's for.

Looking forward to the atmosphere anyway.
17/10/2006 at 11:09
Hi, does anyone know what time the Santa Dash starts? Is it in the morning?
17/10/2006 at 11:11
Daft question but when do i get my santa suit and what if it doesn't fit !!!!
17/10/2006 at 13:35
It's an early start - 9:30 for the last couple of years, so if you're planning to come from outside the area, you may struggle

In contrast, suits arrive late ! Usually just a week or so before the event. They are one size - if it doesn't fit you look even more ludicrous. Unless you're handy with a needle and thread. There are prizes for 'best' santa outfits, so you are allowed to alter them
18/10/2006 at 14:00
Thanks for the info RwandaMan.

20/10/2006 at 01:26
Yes, it was early last year,i remember having trouble getting a taxi there. it was funny seeing everyones faces with 3 santas in a taxi, lol. 9;30am sounds about right. and dont worry if your santa suits dont fit, we all looked great last year, baggy suits and all.
Ive got about 10 doing it with me this year,i'm really looking foward to it
25/10/2006 at 21:58
Hi, looks like i'll be doing this one alone, can't get any of the family or friends to come along for what sounds like a fantastic day. Never mind their loss, really looking forward to this one.
29/10/2006 at 21:01
I'm doing both the run in Liverpool on the 3rd and the run in Salford on the 17th. I have talked my sister and a couple of work colleagues into joining me on both runs, it should be great fun, and will keep us going with our training until after christmas as well as raising money for a worthy cause.
03/11/2006 at 10:26
I am running this for the first time. Sounds like loads of fun.
06/11/2006 at 19:07
I've just entered online and it cot £14.50. It says only £12.50 on the website- can anyone shed any light on this? Has anyone else been charged that amount?
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