Sheffield Half-Marathon

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11/08/2009 at 22:01
will be entering this race again  just love running sheffield    and Leeds aswell   my times are very much the same at both races
12/08/2009 at 21:21
will be in again but first must get Nottingham out of the way
12/08/2009 at 21:44

good luck for that

just done saddleworth 6 tonight in 41 mins

15/09/2009 at 21:58
Completed Notts half marathon on Sunday it was my first half marathon. I am looking at Sheffield and at Silverstone> Do you reccommend any.
15/09/2009 at 22:09


there is Bradford 10 mile on 18th October    the route is part of a course for the new mararthon next year

also there is liversedge half mararthon second sunday in Feb

16/09/2009 at 08:06
Also Worksop and Clowne coming up. Both seem to be highly regarded.
27/09/2009 at 19:21
just done  the netherthong 10k today   in 46 mins   very tough race    but fun with great support at the end
Keep Plodding On    pirate
01/10/2009 at 21:48
Got into VLM next year so won't be doing this one (why do the organisers have to put this on the same day ) but its a great run, you'll all enjoy
01/10/2009 at 21:54
one of my best races at sheffield   just love the support  you get   at the turnround point        will be entering soon   as well  as Leeds       just entered Clowne   half next month
02/10/2009 at 12:57

Unlike KPO I now CAN enter Sheffield again this year, damn that VLM ballet 

Still, like you say, it is a great race

Keep Plodding On    pirate
03/10/2009 at 10:13
Sorry to hear you didn't get in Hill1, i think i only managed it this year due to the previous 5 years rejections hence having a guaranteed entry.
14/11/2009 at 15:22

just entered this great race   along with Leeds aswell    hope to be back on form   by then

doing Bransley 10k tommorrow

15/11/2009 at 18:39

Whats the minimum age for the half marathon? Haven't been able to find anything about age catagories...


15/11/2009 at 19:42
I think it is 16 for half mararthon   and 18 for the full mararthon  if you do any full ones
15/11/2009 at 20:04
says on entry form runners must be 17 or over on race day
15/11/2009 at 20:35

well nearly right

did Bransley 10k in 44 mins     good hilly race

24/11/2009 at 21:47

just entered - only done Great North Run 3 times....   and a full marathon in March this year which near killed me - i swear never again .... done NOOOOO  running at all since - but need to stay fit and feel like a slob, so half marathons i think i'll be able to get back to.

(bearing in mind when i say i've done 3 - the first i mostly walked - the second i did 50/50 walk/run and only the third one did i do without stopping - time 2 hr 06.  the marathon - totally different ball game in hlly connemara - not recommended for first timers!!!! i got around in just over 5hrs...  (about 100 behind me just..)

 You Sheffield runners.. tell me  abit about the course - is it mostly a roads/flyovers?? whats the best/worst bit of the course?  Which are the killer bits?  And soooo cruel that bit around the stadium at the end ????

24/11/2009 at 21:52
not many hills  but great support   at the turnround area    starts and finishes in Don Valley statdium   not many killer bits
24/11/2009 at 22:41

Little Whippet - do you know Sheffield at all? If so I can tell you the exact route, but a bit pointless if you've no idea what I'm talking about!

It's pretty flat really though (flat for Sheff anyway) - a couple of little climbs, but overall a quickish course I think.

01/12/2009 at 12:38

im in this again just entered after being let down by the vlm ballot and slimmingworld team

their loss is sheffields gain, i say

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