Shrewsbury Marathon

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23/06/2013 at 20:09

Ran the marathon today, will never run it again!!

Was like an obstacle course, dodging OAP's in the middle of the road, people queuing for coffee in the park, push chairs, mobility scooters and others runners on the zig-zag section, 2500 runners in 1.5 miles does not go!

To top if off a wall of random people stood on the finish line??? then a queue for your race pack!

The only good point was a PB with a sub 3 Hr which was a miracle as the route is hilly and narrow with cobble like surface in parts.


23/06/2013 at 20:09

Looking at the lack of marshals and the delayed start, I'm wondering if we came close to not running at all. Fair play to them for eventually getting it on.


23/06/2013 at 20:16

Gareth, when I was finishing there was an old fella just strolling down the middle zig zag totally oblivious to what was going on. Unbelievable at times.

23/06/2013 at 20:55

I ran the half today and enjoyed it just for the fact that I enjoy running events. I found my way without any problems. I agree with everyone else about the course, it really was too narrow and the switchbacks in the quarry were terrible. I don't like a switchback at the best of times but today took the biscuit!  The finish was a shambles but thats an easy fix.

My time was 1:49.18 (401st place!) which I'd say was a reflection of the conditions and course, my PB is 1:43 and I'm aming for sub 1:40. My training has been affected of late though with a bad knee so all in all I'm happy.

I'd imagine the course was very much dictated by the coucil and police, as it was the first year I'd put money on them not wanting too much traffic disruption and the route kept small scale. I hope this was the case as I'd like to give the organisers the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure that now they know that numbers wise it was a success next year will we the course opened out into one loop and organised far better.

Not that I think any runner has to justify their place in the event but I'd guess that as it was Shrewsbury's first even I think plenty of locals entered who perhaps don't run much. This would account for the early walkers however the course only helped to magnify the obsticles.  We all need to stick together as runners whatever our level.

I'll look forward to seeing the course for next year and with changes I'd be happy to come back to Shrewsbury. Its a lovely town and I enjoyed a bit of shopping post race and a bite to eat!

23/06/2013 at 20:58

Nixe one foz agree with you

23/06/2013 at 21:24

wow what a day - on the whole very enjoyable for my 26th time around 26.2. I've blogged a bit here; (apologies for the formatting , i ve not used the blog for a while).  I finished in 4hr29 pleasing - My fastest since about 9 races ago a 4hr24 in LLanelli March 2011.

Great to have lots of banter with other marathoners on lap 3 & 4 - i must have had a boost from my caffeine gel on last lap - didnt slow as much as others- thanks Shrewsbury Chris, Chap in Shewsbury Town FC shirt , group of runners with Rosemary (?) , Rooney top, Lampart top, and others.

... till next time 


Overall i'd give the organisers a 7.5/10 for effort. I quite enjoyed the laps and switchbacks- once i'd got my head around that Quary one - its a great way to see other runners. 

Yes they could gain a lot from the organisation of Chester- but i thinks laps like this is a nice change.

There are LOTS of oo what if etc - as the lanes were narrow, as others have said there were some bits unmarked - top of the quarry, i was really nervous that runners in the half would take all the water- a dister on a hotter day. But despite all this it seemed largely ok.

If it was run again on the same course- yes i'd probably give it a go. I didnt realy know Shrewsbury as a town - looks a nice place to have a wander.

Oh yes please improve the finish - have a funnel , yes it may have seemed  a nice idea at the time to shake hands and meet the mayor - but right at the finish - what were they thinking, and just after that , i was haunched over deciding whether i was ok - and various ? of his flunkies were just standing around in the way !.

Will i get an official  time - the timing chip is here at home - (yes it was on my shoe for the race) having stayed on my shoe all way home ! Chip on number please.

Baggage storage - seemed to work - very busy to drop off, quiet when i reclaimed . Would Not work with a few more runners. 

23/06/2013 at 21:30

Was only spectating and really felt for the marathon runners who had to dodge all the people exiting the quarry, many of them having run the half and then having no decency to leave space for marathoners to pass on the inside line! There had been marshalls there when the number of runners was high but they seemed to dissapear as soon as they thought they weren't needed.

Well done to all who completed.

23/06/2013 at 21:42

Was there any official photographer? link?

23/06/2013 at 22:55

Not one to use this site but hearing reports of lots of cheating & wondered what it was all about ?

23/06/2013 at 22:56

Wrexham Rob, many thanks for ya encouragement today - much appreciated buddy. Great time for ya there and hey hope to catch up again soon.

24/06/2013 at 11:45

Only cheating themselves if it is the case Foxy.

24/06/2013 at 11:47

very sad indeed

24/06/2013 at 12:16

Cheating would have been easy, and its best to remove the possibility - I'm pretty sure I lost 2 places in the first time through the switchbacks and no one overtook me there.  Must admit it was tempting, especially the state I was in, as I was going for a good for age time and wasn't too bothered otherwise (just have to go for a charity place now , good for the sole I suppose ) - mind you I would have won a prize then (were there prizes) and I couldn't have lived with myself for that, one thing cheating yourself another thing cheating others

To avoid some of the possibility of cheating having a timing mat at each lap would have been good and no switch backs.  It was difficult to judge where you were supposed to be on the road, must admit I just keep as close to the inside as possible.

And Shrek, you are absolutely correct its the course that was at issue, though a little curtesy leaving some room from some of the larger groups going 3 abreast would have been nice.

Mile markers were terrible as previously stated, in that lost seemed to be missing, I thought they were reasonably accurate though.

On the plus side, everyone was really nice, marshalls, hotel etc, lots of support during the race an sympathy for my limping sorry carcas afterwards.  Great to have bottles of water, but you could tell they were going to run out, people at the beginning just grabing a mouthful then chucking it, pretty wasteful but there was no choice, I can see why most events use cups (hopeless for me, I just spill down my front).  I'd suggest smaller bottles next time. 

I hope they do it again, it could be a great event, the elements are there.  Thoughts a bit of a treck for me so probably wouldn't be back.

24/06/2013 at 12:37

On radio this morning organizer said they wanted to do one next year but would alter the course

24/06/2013 at 13:09

Overall I thought it was a good marathon - for a first attempt. Lap courses are either love or hate, personally I like them, mentally helps on the maths side. though the switchbacks weren't good at all, but at least you got to see people and say hello to a few you knew. Cups would be fine with 2-3 water stations each lap, bottles not really needed or maybe lap 3 or 4 only.

I did say hello to Shrek on lap 3 and also hello to Welsh Rob as he went past in other direction. I was pacing someone (see Darren above) and we were bang on aim with 3:44. I think the 4 lap course helped a lot.

Interesting Foxy, noticed in the switchbacks that the tape was broken in 2-3 sections... would be obvious place to cheat and wondered if any had done that. Ditto the little loop out at 4 miles, cutting off 1-2 miles. Just cheating yourself though. Silly.

24/06/2013 at 14:26

Anybody get a Garmin measurement on it?

Any pics yet?

24/06/2013 at 15:36

my garmin came in spot on 13.1 miles

24/06/2013 at 16:04

Ran the half yesterday and beat my last half marathon time by 12 minutes woohoo! 02:18:58! 

Thought the start was bad not being on time, especially when people have fuelled ready for the start time. 

I would have liked more mile markers, i feel like i only saw 2, 6, 12 and 13!

Course very narrow in parts, found myself going up kerbs or i would have ended up going flying over the traffic cones!!

Apart from that i liked the route (apart from the quarry bit?!) felt challenged on the hills and chuffed that i seemed to be passing others on the hills who were walking. Felt like i had done the right training!

I will be back next year hopefully!

Anyone know where there are some photos?

24/06/2013 at 16:19

Photos will be on My Bib Number

24/06/2013 at 16:22

Thanks tony smith 21

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