Snowdonia Marathon 2009

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25/10/2009 at 14:34
Oh....and I've renamed your little hill at mile 23!!!
25/10/2009 at 14:52
Great time FF. I knew you'd go sun 4.30

How did it go. You're a bit quiet (by your standards).

I'll take the bait, what's waunfawr renamed?
25/10/2009 at 16:11

lol! Thanks Daymion...think I suprised myself.

The new name.....well I thought, 'when in Wales' so the name generally wouldn't fit on one piece of signage, has lots of unnecessary letters ..... and if Wales can get away with beginning the name of a town with the letters 'P- E- N- I- S' then my new name for Waunfaur shouldn't be too offensive    But as I made it up whilst trying to walk, chug, bounce, up it, I can't remember how it went now!! lol!

Have to say though, I really enjoyed it! Smiled all the way round.  Actually got to mile 21 at 3 hrs 5 so was going really well too...the support was just fab....don't think I annoyed too many people asking 'are we nearly there yet'  and as for the lovely bloke at the top of the nasty hill by the gate who lent over his wind break saying 'hot brew love'.....and then let me sit in his car and drink it!!!  I'd like to let him know I love him very much

The two miles down to Llanberis hurt really knees and quads just didn't want to do it and the pain....but then I say my sister and my other friends screaming at me in the town and it gave me just the umpf I needed to up my pace and pass the finish line with a grin...

Oh...I did try to bring the sunshine but it flatly refused, and next time I get told to 'stick it where the sun don't shine' I know exactly where they mean!

Still....very pleased with my time and my first mara! Was nice to meet Mr Britnik in Petes Eats too....the Carrot and Coriandar soup was just what I needed

25/10/2009 at 16:38
ff - Trex and I missed you by a whisker-we sat and had a brew with brit-nick too at Pete's eats- apologies for missing Brit Nick off my earlier list he was great company and stayed out supping til the death (Hope you got back safely BN)
25/10/2009 at 16:39
Thanks RGR Next Year dude!
25/10/2009 at 16:45

Ooh, I feel like I was really there - it's soo nice to read all these reports, especially from a warm house. Well done to you all!

Well, while you were all circumnavigating Snowdon, I've been trying out new long run food. It's exceedingly excellent. The only problem with it is that you're inclined to eat it all at once.

Ginger goodness:

  • 1 1/2 packets of ginger nuts (depending on size of your packet, no sniggering)
  • 1/2 tin condensed milk
  • bit of butter
  • bit of sugar (not too much)
  • sultanas/raisins/dried fruit as you wish 
  1. Pound the biscuits (tip: do it in a teatowel or something or the bits of biscuit just go flying everywhere, which is fun but not useful)
  2. Heat up condensed milk and butter
  3. Add nuts, sugar and sultanas
  4. Let it cool down pressed flat in a tray
  5. Slice it and eat it!

Guaranteed so far only up to 18 mile runs, which is my limit this year, sorry. I'm not responsible if you go beyond that.

And so, Snowdonia 2010 beckons ...

25/10/2009 at 16:54
Well done to all.  See you next year! 
25/10/2009 at 16:59
well done everyone yesterday,now the countdown begins for next year i got 3h21.44 a new pb for the coarse well happy after just 6 days from my abingdon marathon
25/10/2009 at 17:14

sd - i'll be at clowne...its the start of my running revival

reading all your posts it does make you realise what a great race and a great crew we have here...come back everyone in 2010..i promise i'll be there...barring death by swine flu in the interim're in charge now lad!

25/10/2009 at 17:39

I have a Tough guy, London Marathon and hopefully a half iron man in September next year CD, so not sure I'm up for 2010....but definately like to attack it again.  Although I'm never gonna run that nasty hill ..... LLan unfair bastid feckin waunfaur mor.....

Sorry to have missed you SZ, TRex....I was probably still in the cafe eating my soup whilst you were still there!!   Had a bath and got tarted up to meet you all at the Padarn Lake, but passed a really nice looking pub and we were hungry so sort of stopped and ate there....then I hit the wall and had to get back in the bath. 

I'm pretty immobile today.... but well done everyone. kicked ass!!! BRer...well done hun... Aren't we clever

25/10/2009 at 17:54
Well done everyone!! I'm glad I wasn't the only one swearing at the bloody mountain at the end. My knees doth protested at that monster downhill...

Any tips training wise so I am not reduced to tears on that part next year?
Edited: 25/10/2009 at 17:59
25/10/2009 at 19:04

Well thats that then , Snowdonia Marathon.  Found the campsite up the hill form HQ Ok, finally found a flat bit for the van, a few folks got stuck in the mud. Had a meal in the town and saw some runner but no one from here. Got to the HQ for 9am and put the van right by the in ramp of the carpark. We saw Daymion but I couldn't find anyone else, I had put all my wet weather running stuff on and a tracksuit over the top as it was raining that badly when we got on the bus. At the start the rain got worse and wrose - I asked at the varuious crowds huddled by the bag buses but my inquiries met with bemused looks. RW shoud have a downloadable patch we could all wear to tell us apart. !

25/10/2009 at 19:05

PART TWO -Everyone around me was soaked and shivering by the time we finally got started - I met up with still dreaming but saw no one else. For all the S4C coverage and the obvious popularity of the race it was a shame there weren't more marshalls, more buses etc to get everyone to the start in good time - marshalls top keep the bus turning area closed etc.

The first hill was fine and the veiws superb regardless of the gale force winds, we had a good laugh about it. The down hill was great and I had no problem with my knees on the down , I met another RW friend - The Juicer as she was running and said hello , Stilldreaming had long powered away by then. The downhill went so well I probably overcooked it but it was superb and the views immaculte regardless of the weather.

By mile 17 and the hill before it many around me were flagging, the water stations seemd chaotic and personally I was worried about the littelr we were leaving behind to blow all ovewr the countryside - I'm sure they probably picked most of the cups up but the winds must have blown many miles away. By this time I was flagging a bit myself and fell in with a young lady running clean 11 min miles, so we moved through the field till we made the final hill at waunfawr - did anyone see Betws GARMIN on the way there? The lady I ran with told me in 5 yrs of running it she'd never ran up the final bit of the hill - she was right - we made it till the real mountain bit started then had to walk to the slate quarry.

I had started to cramp a little - I'm not that good with road running , prefering XC - I couldn't make the transition from flat to steep to walking. I just couldn't get going again. When I finally reached the top with my calf cramoing badly I was glad of the downhill - I was away , running quickly and choosing my footing carfuly, this was the best bit - I was flying along , all those miles of XC proved their worth. However reaching the main road I collapsed with cramnp in my calf again , falling heavily against a car and was helped by bystanders - I had to walk but carefully - then there was thgat bkloody loop arounf the town! I walked up the hill but got running again for the finish - cheered ibn by the tannoy bloke as I was seconds from the gun time of 5hours - I fell again at the finish grabbing anthing handy to stop falling , which so happened to be a small old welshman who was giving out coasters. Pity about the power cut - I couldn't find any water in ther HQ. Foprtunalty the van was near and I had a brew on in a few minutes.

I knew the race would take about 30 mins on top of normal marathon times - so 4:57 was just right  for me. I was exhausted to be honest , more so than when I ran 35.5 miles a few weeks ago. It's more challenging than it looks - I have various pains in then legs from trying to run with cramp, I'm concerned about long term injury, I haven't had such cramps before and never have I stipped in 5 yrs of racing. I've been out all day working and feel tired out. There is only so much Ipobrufen you can take!

All in all a great day out - I shall be looking out for the S4C coverage from all those cameras, can't find it on the S4C *wath again* service - saw SS on the side of the hill but I don't think he took a picture - I was 630.

Good Stuff - Beachy Head next year - *probably*

25/10/2009 at 19:06
lol! Mr FF is crap at taking motion shots!  But I have a feeling Brer that we started together if you're are the little lady with the blue sheep head this picture I am the one with the long socks...the man with the orange coat is a man I met called David from a club called Almost Athletes (who, by all accounts....I beat ) and I'm thinking thats you nearest the camera???
25/10/2009 at 19:07

ff - thats no excuse for not coming back in 2010. give your head a shake..all that training and events will make snod '10 seem like a doddle..kind of...get signed up gal!

kirst r -  rx kenyan hills. lots of them .

25/10/2009 at 19:11
by the're on the box tonight at 9pm. hope you smiled for the camera
25/10/2009 at 19:15
FF - I laughed at your Welsh name for "that" hill. Nice pics there. Hope that your legs are 100% again very soon. See you on the thread for the 2010 race!!
25/10/2009 at 19:17

Well done Mike....if it's any consolation I can hardly walk...I have pains in my knees and achilles.... I was the same after the Meon Valley Plod but went on to run a pb at Fleet Half Marathon two weeks later and another PB at a 10k a week after that

Ibuprofen is probably best left alone for now..... according to my physiotherapist friend NSAID's (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs), interfere with the chemicals that whilst cause inflammation, also help the healing process.... so whilst you may feel more comfy, you could actually be slowing down the healing process.  She recommends leaving it a few days before starting NSAID's (including Diclofenac).  Also, warm baths and hot compresses before going for the ice.... 

25/10/2009 at 19:20 have a! Dare I??? Mr FF will kill me!!

JB....I'm fluent in Welsh now   Have to say, the locals were lovely...they all smiled and gave me eye contact and shouted some really encouraging stuff....when I stop hurting I may think about 2010....

I can't get SC4 down here...I have cable rather than Sky and I can't find it

Edited: 25/10/2009 at 19:20
25/10/2009 at 19:26
FF - I'm hoping that my brother in law will be taping it onto DVD. Hopefully it will have subtitles on it as I've told a couple of my non Welsh speaking friends I'd copy it for them. If you (or anyone else for that matter) want a copy please let me know (I've got a shed load of DVDR's)
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