Snowdonia Marathon 2011

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24/10/2011 at 00:12

Putting you back in the "also running" category, jason.  You don't need any pressure on Saturday.  You've put yourself under an extremely intensive training plan for, what is it, two years?  Have a rest and one very easy run midweek - you won't lose any fitness but could do yourself some mischief.  We'd all like you to be there at the weekend.

Fenland Runner - were you at Abingdon as well?  That makes 3 of us on here now.  What sort of time did you do there?  Have you had any ill effects?  Might give some sort of indication what you're likely to be able to do at SNOD.

David S - hi.  You're camping as well, aren't you?  Which site?

24/10/2011 at 07:04

Morning all

I echo T-Rex JD, you have done a MASSIVE amount of running/racing last 2 years and have been a constant inspiration to myself and many others!!! Take it easy mate and God willing, will get to see you running of into the distance on Saturday!!

Rou Well done on 2nd and negative split......would be good to to both of them........well got a chance of doing a negative split anyway!!!!!

Chimney That some assent mate!!

6 mile for me this morning, legs felt the best they have been since Chester

All excited here now!!!

24/10/2011 at 07:52

Morning All,

 After the weekend took a rest today. Mrs C went out for her run around the block this morning and got a PB, I went out with the dogs for just a couple of miles of walking. Legs were definitely feeling a little stiff, hams were tight. Everything started easing after a mile or so until I was striding out so hopefully no ill effects from the weekend. Plan for the week is:

Tuesday - Warm up, 2m at MP, warm down.

Wednesday, 4m steady with maybe the odd surge thrown in

Thursday, 3m easy

Friday a little leg stretcher around Llanberis.

Saturday - Give a Cheetah a run for their money (It's fine, it's a stuffed one.....)

24/10/2011 at 09:08

Well I didn't get much sleep last night, my mind was far too active trying to think of everything I needed to do today before leaving for gwynedd tomorrow.  I thought it would help to write a to-do list, the first bit of which was a kit list for saturday.  Eventually fell asleep, but woke up suddenly at 4am realising I hadn't put shorts on my list and consequently spent another hour trying to think if I'd forgotten anything if you see an oddly dressed runner on Saturday then I probably did

 Also I woke up this morning with legs feeling as if they'd already run the marathon hoping a couple of gentle plods this week sort them out!

 Take it easy JD, as the other's have said you've done so much over the last year or two, and were rightly rewarded with your sub-3 at Chester, it's probably not surprising your legs are feeling it, take it gently this week, and hope to see you at Snod on Saturday..

nice to see the wind and rain have returned

24/10/2011 at 10:06

Might we miss the rain on Saturday?

Don't get too excited, but current BBC weather forecast says:

Wednesday will be a day of sunshine and showers, with the showers most frequent and heavy towards Wales and the southwest.

Pressure will then build across the country towards the end of the week with showers generally fading away. The winds will fall light so any overnight clear spells will allow a touch of frost in rural areas, along with some mist and fog patches.

24/10/2011 at 10:55

Cheers, guys- probably more in my head than anything- disappears when I run anyway- so will probably be there

Eric- better off checking the mountain forecast- but not until Friday!

panad- I remember someone turning up at the Llanelli mara 2 years ago who had forgotten to bring his running shoes!!! He got round in a pair of "normal" trainers, but his feet were in a mess afterwards!

24/10/2011 at 10:59
Hi all, weather at hq waunfawr.....hope its not like this on saturday! Jd get better quick mate. Go steady all, that hill looks as gruesome as ever!
24/10/2011 at 11:17

During your week in waunfawr do you think you could 'remove' some of the hill for us Brer?  In a kinda of reverse of putting more rocks on top of a hill to make it tall enough to be a mountain scenario...

Don't worry JD packed the trainers   two pairs in fact just to make sure!

24/10/2011 at 11:31

Well a very wet and windy 6 miles done for me this morning......the wind was so stron at times my garmin wanted to go backwards.....hope its not like that on the day

Frodo huge congratulations to you and mr Frodo...hope you had a lovely day

Brer......loving the forewarnings ....keep them coming

JD...hope the niggles subside real good to see you there

All that needs to be done now is to shake of this cold Ive got

24/10/2011 at 11:37

Here is a bit of moral encouragement for all those still  training (why aren't you resting),panicking or just plain scared about Saturdays frollick around stunning Eryri.

At just gone midday on Saturday last i pulled into the Shell garage just outside Penmaenmawr and who was parked next to me in his silver Skoda estate none other than 1991 winner Emlyn Roberts.

There are not that many people i would care to spend an hour or two discussing current events but Emlyn is one decent chap who i would certainly go out of my way to help.

I thought he did a 2-33 way back in 1991 to win that gorgeous trophy but he told me it was a 2-31 ( Blimey sub 6minute miling on the old much harder course is almost beyond comprehension) and the reason he felt so strong and confident was due to his extensive training on the mountains.

You could tell by his casual talking that when he was running really well there were very few runners who could stay with him.

Crumbs even the great Jeff Norman that ultradistance runner of huge fame has only run it three minutes quicker.

2-31 for what is regarded as one of the most challenging 26.2 milers in Britain if not Europe.

Blimey i do not think i could go faster than that even if i cheated.

Will Richie get close to the magic 2-30 on Saturday, we will have to wait and see.  

DEEP RESPECT  and he is an Eryri member aswell.

24/10/2011 at 12:02
Morning all

The joy of coaching means that I will only do sessions this week when I am working with other people. Cool planning or so I thought. My comedy taper will produce a blog later.

Take care, chill out and stay injury free.

Are people meeting for dinner on Friday night ?
24/10/2011 at 13:29

Looking forward to this (still!)

Sub-4 is the hope for me.  If the day goes really well might sneak a sub-3:50

24/10/2011 at 13:50

Haven't read the whole of this thread (yet!) but some brilliant comments and advice throughout!

Second outing at Snowdonia for me this Saturday (did 4:13 last year) and the target is sub 4 this time round.  Would love to get under the 4hr mark (3:59:59 would be fine!!) and based on last year I know for me the toughest bit was from Beddgelert upto about 20 miles (had a bad patch from about 15-18 miles but luckily got myself together before the really steep bit!!).

Always difficult meeting up with groups of people on the day due to the large crowds but if there's anyonewith a similar time target in mind I'll keep an eye out for them.  Looks like I'm #587 and I'll be wearing a Help for Heroes base layer (white) with a red Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund over the top, two charities that I'm supporting for various reasons.

Massive respect to anyone who tackles this race, whether they're at one end of the field or the other, and lets hope the weather is a little bit kinder this year!!


24/10/2011 at 13:54
6.3m no niggles All in the head...
24/10/2011 at 14:03
good to hear JD
24/10/2011 at 15:26

Si, I also find that long undulating stretch from Beddgelert to Waunfawr really tough.

I've previously done 4.16, 4.24 and 4.17. Like you, I'd love to get under 4 hours.

Perhaps if the weather is kind this year we will. That stretch in wind/rain/hail just saps my will to live, never mind run.

BTW, how do you know your race number? I can't see anything on the site - am I missing something obvious?

24/10/2011 at 15:34
T-Rex - 3:35 at Abingdon for me
24/10/2011 at 16:31
Eric Davies wrote (see)

BTW, how do you know your race number? I can't see anything on the site - am I missing something obvious?

Ignore my comment - seems I'd found an old 2010 entry list rather than the 2011 one!

I think the reason I find that Beddgelert/Waunfawr section so hard is it's comparatively dull compared to the first half of the race and there's parts where you can see runners way ahead of you in the distance which I found demoralising (that, and the fact the mile markers just seemed about 10 miles apart at that point!!).  I had a good run down to Beddgelert last year and went past the 13 mile mark in 1:51.  The hill out of Beddgelert seemed to go on forever and I think mentally I hit a wall at that point as my legs weren't feeling as responsive all of a sudden.  Did a lot of jog/walk/jog/walk/walk for a few miles and that definitely slowed my pace down.  It really was a tough mental battle at that point and it's times like that it becomes as much a test of character as it does your fitness.  Luckily for me I went past 18 miles and started to feel much more with it.  What helped, undoubtedly, were the odd pockets of people you kept coming across who would cheer and clap and encourage you to keep going.  That helped loads and with a few jelly babies consumed I managed to jog up into Waunfawr before the right turn onto the road that leads up to the quarry.  That last hill seemed ten times steeper than the day before when I'd driven up it but by that stage everyone was encouraging each other to keep going and I dropped in with a little group that managed to jog/walk/stagger upto the 24 mile marker.  That was a massive boost and knowing you were pretty much there by then i.e no more steep hills going up, kicked my legs back into life for the last two miles.  The descent was slightly painful due to calves, quads and hamstrings on both legs all deciding to cramp at various stages (!) but to be honest I was past caring by that point and the boost of adrenaline knowing you're only a few minutes away from the finish line just kept me going. 

Having decent weather would definitely help this year but in some ways the wind and rain are all part of the race for me and all help strengthen the fact it's one of the toughest marathons in the UK and Europe!


Edited: 24/10/2011 at 16:34
24/10/2011 at 16:36
si , i am also looking at 4 hrs ,4.43 in 2008 i know it is a big ask but my training has gone well so i will see how it goes..will look out for your race no.
24/10/2011 at 16:37

Regarding race numbers they are usually posted on the website a few days before the event.

I am surprised i thought they might be there by now but in my case i already know my number from year to year 108.

Ive spoken to the organiser jayne lloyd a few times this year during various races and its always a relief to be told that no 108 is safe as houses.

1995 was my first ever marathon and because the Snowdon had such a grizzly reputation and being a local runner of sorts it had to be Snowdon and not London.

In 1995 The National Trust used to be the organisers and their head office is in Trinity Sq Llandudno just down the road from where i live.

My first ever race number was 108 and almost as soon as the race was over i was in their office asking for 108 which they gave me every year.

In 2003 by accident they issued it to a chap in West Yorkshire and they had to phone him to explain their mistake.

As long as you know your entry has been accepted which it has if your name is in the entry list just turn up on Friday or early Saturday morning before 10am and collect your number but do not ask for 108 as i am likely to get very emotional and angry both at the same time.

Have a cracking bit of excercise this Saturday  

All the best


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