Snowdonia Marathon 2011

Camaraderie Rules ;o)

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01/11/2010 at 18:19
You can count me in again for this one and T Rex you can put me down for a 3:40 finish for 2011
01/11/2010 at 19:09

yes DinaMo, v chuffed with my time annoyed everyone at work this morning grinning away to myself!

definitely up for it next year again, and even if life has other plans and i can't do it for any reason I'll be hanging around on the forum - it's definitely the place to be

I spose after this year you'd better put me down for that sub 4 for 2011 TRex 

01/11/2010 at 20:56

Whoo hoo Roll on next October.

Forewarned is forearmed......

01/11/2010 at 23:18

I don't normally start the list until about August/September. 

This is the only events thread, that I know at any rate, that seems to happily keep up all year round.  Now in its fourth year.

01/11/2010 at 23:23
01/11/2010 at 23:46
I'm in going for sub4 again T-rex
02/11/2010 at 09:32
Pops her head around the door to say up for it again.....the pain has subsided into happy memroies!!!!!!  Another sub four for me aswell
02/11/2010 at 14:40
02/11/2010 at 21:37

I take it that's a yes then, Andrea?

02/11/2010 at 23:14
Anyone know the date for this in 2011?? Thinking of doing Dublin on the Monday 31st oct, so hoping it's on the sat 29th then can drive up and ferry across to Dublin. Fingers crossed, could just work out!?
03/11/2010 at 00:11
I reckon it will be on 29th. That's what people used to do with the "triple" when SNOD was on a Sunday. (Having driven from Beachy Head Saturday afternoon .)
03/11/2010 at 08:30
That's very presumptious of you TRex!!! But yesssssssss of course!!
03/11/2010 at 12:28

As long as I don't stop at the same pubfor dinner on the Friday night or stay at the same hotel I should go under 4....... 

03/11/2010 at 13:06

I'll be there and fantasising about a sub-4 again. If I actually train I might just achieve it one day.

Interestingly I didn't get any muscle soreness after this year's race. Does that mean I didn't try hard enough?

I've started my Karaoke list. I shall start with "It's Raining Again" by Supertramp.

03/11/2010 at 13:44
Every time I think of the 2010 race it makes me smile.
I didn't think I'd get to the start line, but I did. And I got round.

In a moment of hubris, I've decided that i'm going for sub 5 in 2011.
03/11/2010 at 13:45
Every time I think of the 2010 race it makes me smile.
I didn't think I'd get to the start line, but I did. And I got round.

In a moment of hubris I have decided: I'm going for sub 5 in 2011.
03/11/2010 at 13:47
How did I manage to say that twice? Sorry
03/11/2010 at 14:10

Yes, the 2010 race certainly had its elements.

There seems to be a very large sub-4 group already.  Can I join?  Who's doing the pacing?

03/11/2010 at 14:43

The Mighty P - what time did you get this year? It's just sinking in with me that I got round. The guy on TV said it was the hardest marathon in Europe - nobody told me that BEFORE I set off

Oops shouldn't be on this thread if I'm not doing it next year

Edited: 03/11/2010 at 14:44
03/11/2010 at 14:47
I got 5.16, to my great surprise. Was thinking of 6h, but obviously got distracted.

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